Africa Day

25th May 2011

Today my adopted continent is celebrating Africa Day, which commemorates the 1963 founding of the Organisation of African Unity.

Here’s a design I made for a christmas card last year…colourful and appropriate!


[UPDATE: Rainbow Africa is now available to download as a neonGIVEAWAY so feel free to get your fix here.]


Oh I do like to be…

24th May 2011

How sweet is this Whitby Wallpaper? Check out more Mini Moderns wallpaper over at Bodie and Fou.

Happy Friday

20th May 2011

This made me smile this morning. Lost of Cuddles 2 by Genevieve Gauckler.

Emil Kozak

19th May 2011

My favourite illustrator in the whole world, Emil Kozak has just launched his new site. For a little bit of vector heaven check it out here.

How to steal like an artist (and 9 other things nobody told me)

18th May 2011

This article is based on a talk made by Texas writer and artist, Austin Kleon about 10 things he wish he’d heard while in college.

How to steal like an artist (and 9 other things nobody told me) is enlightening in the way that it reinforces the fact that we know this stuff already. It’s common sense. It reminds us of the important things to remember when working creatively, because it’s easy to get a little lost occasionally.

24 Hours of Neon

17th May 2011

24 Hours of Neon – how appropriate. Check out more of Philip Bloom’s work here.

David Gilliver

17th May 2011

Spoilt for choice with neon this morning. David Gilliver is a light art photographer whose unique style of creating light based photographs captures a whole new world of psychedelic cool.

His colourful images make me want to dance!

Time 100

16th May 2011

I’ve just watched Martin Schoeller photograph 3 of the Time 100 Honorees. He takes awesome photos in quite difficult situations – making them even more impressive.

Check out the full 100 here.

Moby Dick

16th May 2011

Wow – I’ve just found the Moby Dick blog by Matt Kish. He set out to illustrate every page (all 552 of them) of Moby Dick and his drawings are beautiful, delicate and lovely. I especially like this one.

Tin House Books have published the full book, Moby-Dick in Pictures: One Drawing for Every Page and you can find it here.

Miss Moss

13th May 2011

I absolutely love this photo of Kate Moss – one of the many that will be on show for a new Paris exhibition, Kate Moss, par les plus grands photographes.

The exhibition will be on at Galerie de L’Instant from 13th May – 14th September and is a celebration of her career as one of the most beautiful and fascinating models of our time.

Made a Mano

12th May 2011

Whoever knew it was possible to fall in love with titles?

These beautiful designs are by Made a Mano and I’ve just discovered they’re stocked at the Tom Dixon shop in the Wharf Building in Ladbroke Grove. Another excellent reason to visit Portobello this weekend! Yay!

London Transport

11th May 2011

Mornings in London aren’t always fun – squashed on the tube or waiting for a bus, but one of the nice things about Wednesday is that people hand out Stylist Magazine. It’s pretty, designed well and always has a cool selection of articles to pass the time on the journey to work.

This morning The Style List featured loads of bright things including an awesome bird feeder from Indish which unfortunately I can’t seem to find on their site. The good news is that they have heaps of other fun stuff on there including this cute London tea-towel.

Another one for your collection Sherm?

Hello London!

10th May 2011

Apart from the awesome fact that London has been sunny since we arrived yesterday, the other amazing news is that the Tate Modern is having a Miró exhibition while we’re here! Horray! He is my absolute favourite painter in the whole world.

Cannot wait!

The potato who wanted to be a truffle…

5th May 2011

I love these images by Erik Wåhlström for NOWNESS of Massimo Bottura’s deconstructed dishes. Beautiful.

I also LOVE Bottura’s interview when he explains his idea behind the dish he calls “The potato who wants to be a truffle.”

“This dish is a message of hope; the dream of a humble potato to become a rare and desirable ingredient like a truffle. If a potato can dream of becoming a truffle, then all our dreams of becoming anything we want to be can be possible, too.”




4th May 2011

These guys are super cool…5 Spanish artists that make up the awesome collective Boa Mistura (“a good mixture” in English) and in March they were busy decorating the crumbling streets of Cape Town.

Developing their styles in different backgrounds and combined with the influence and perspective of each member means this celebration of colour and life is brightening up the streets and making life a little bit more fun and a lot more colorful. Horray!

‘Discover The Diamond Inside You’ is on one of the back streets in Woodstock. Stay tuned for ‘We All Have Roots’.

“5 heads, 10 hands, just one heart.”

Together Forever

3rd May 2011

Horray for ♥ love ♥ (and Emil Kozak)!