Toffie Food Festival

17th August 2011

toffie food festical cape town 2011 Toffie Food Festival

Just found out the Toffie Food Festival is on from the 3rd-4th September at the Cape Town City Hall.

It looks awesome and there’s going to be a talk by Julie Powell from the film Julie and Julia! Too bad we’ll be away – I really wish I could go.

Loving the poster too. It would go perfectly with my other 2 Toffie exhibition prints…

Gandia Blasco

15th August 2011

Gandia Blasco mangas pouff ottoman globo MP2 Gandia Blasco

I wish I had one of these beautiful Mangas Pouff Ottoman’s to lounge around on this Monday morning.

That would be a perfect start to the week.

Lens Shot

15th August 2011

camera lens shot glasses photojojo Lens Shot

How cute is this little lens shot glass? Brought to you (of course) by the cool kids over at Photojojo.


11th August 2011

banksy rioter with flowers Peace

Thank goodness it looks like things are finally getting sorted in England.

This is one of my favourite stencils by Banksy – how appropriate.

Type Guide

10th August 2011

noodlor type guide infographic Type Guide

This simple infographic explains typography rather nicely I thought, and I especially love the end quote “Don’t try to be original, just try to be good.”

(via FastCoDesign)

Happier with a Hoover

10th August 2011

advertising seventies hoover kenwood tipalet Happier with a Hoover

How awesome are these 70s advertisements? I love the old illustrative style.

It’s amazing how much things have changed though. Blow in her face today and she’ll probably slap you…

Matt Setchell Creative

8th August 2011

matt setchell creative branding logo design Matt Setchell Creative

The all new Matt Setchell Creative is up and running with a brand new logo designed by yours truly.

What do you think?

Alberto Oviedo

5th August 2011

alberto oviedo photographer Alberto Oviedo

I’ll leave this awesome shoot with you to end a Happy Friday!

Check out more work by Cuban / Colombian photographer Alberto Oviedo here.

960 Grid System

5th August 2011

960 grid system web design development2 960 Grid SystemThe 960 Grid System is an effort to streamline web development workflow by providing templates (12 or 16 columns) with commonly used dimensions, based on a width of 960 pixels.

It makes sense, it simplifies things and although it’s more of a Si thing than a my thing, I can appreciate how it would work for the benefit of everyone – designers and developers alike.

I will definitely be giving it a go with my next web project.

The Simple Life

5th August 2011

simple is beautiful keep calm gallery The Simple Life

And don’t you forget it. Check out the Keep Calm Gallery for more posters.

Vogue Australia

3rd August 2011

vogue australia septmeber 2011 robyn lawley Vogue Australia

How nice to see Robyn Lawley grace the pages of Australian Vogue.

She’s the first plus size model in 52 years to appear in the magazine – although apparently size wasn’t factored into the decision to cast her. It was simply because she’s beautiful.

Fork & Cream Sauce

1st August 2011

fork and cream sauce cable tidy lufdesign Fork & Cream Sauce

While I’m at it, you can also find Fork & Cream Sauce over at Lufdesign.

More of a statement than Great Balls of Wire or Leaf Ties and lots of fun, the thing that’s super cool is when you purchase one of these Save the Children will provide one meal for one hungry child with the profit.

Tidy Wires, Tidy Mind

1st August 2011

cable tidy leaf tie lufdesign great balls of wire bald bang Tidy Wires, Tidy Mind

Ah! These cable tidies have made my Monday afternoon! After spending time over the weekend organising and trying to tidy about 20m worth of leads, I realise these were the missing link.

Great Balls of Wire were designed by Søren Refsgaard and can be bought here.

Leaf Tie won a Silver Award at the 2010 Design for Asia (DFA). Buy a pack of 12 here.

Both excellent examples of simple, elegant design at it’s best.