Pumpkin Love

31st October 2013

I feel a little bit cheated every October because buying pumpkins to decorate at Halloween just doesn’t work in Cape Town. Wrong hemisphere, wrong season, I get it.

This year I didn’t even try to find one so I’ve been admiring other people’s instead. Here are some of my favourites…

Studded Pumpkins

Painted Pumpkins

Ombre Pumpkin

Pantone Pumpkin

Chalk Pumpkins

This was the last pumpkin we made. Doraemon – Hong Kong stylee.


Happy Halloween

31st October 2013

In the spirit of Halloween I thought I’d share this 2000 year old skeleton mosaic discovered in the doomed city of Pompeii.

It’s thought to have once been the emblema (which is an ornate floor centrepiece) of a dining room and a reminder that one day we will all be dead and so we should eat, drink and be merry while we can, or ‘memento mori’ – meaning literally ‘remember that you will die’ in Latin.

Skeleton images were found all over Pompeii, in frescos, mosaics, sculptures and tableware, as a reminder to ‘seize the day’ and live life to the full, since death could be just around the corner.


(Thanks Cellandia)


30th October 2013

This unbelievably awesome Calypso chair is on my Christmas wishlist. Please.

Bjorn Vases

30th October 2013

These sandblasted glass Bjorn vases are beautiful.

Take a look at the whole range on super cool Australian store Milk&Honey.

Adventure Is Calling

29th October 2013

Today I love this video by photographer Shane Black.

Black and 2 friends left their jobs and went travelling for 2 months – covering 32 states, 13 national and state parks, and drove nearly 13,000 miles, capturing these beautiful timelapses along the way.

Our world is pretty amazing hey?

(via Gizmondo. Thanks Dad)

Side note: I very much liked the comment on Gizmondo by Captain Jack. Take a moment to read and think about it.

GoPro HERO 3+

22nd October 2013

I’ve always been a big fan of GoPro cameras and their latest ad only makes me want one even more.

The quality is unbelievable.

Heart Shelf

22nd October 2013

How sweet is this Heart Shelf by Australian company Bride&Wolf?

They make it in a range of colours and style them up so beautifully to be photographed!

(via TheDesignFiles)

Lisa Congdon

21st October 2013

I just read this article on Fast Co. Design about illustrator Lisa Congdon’s work being stolen (let’s call it how it is) by an American wholesaler called Cody Foster & Co.

Multi-million dollar companies should pay for designs they use or make their own. Stealing work from independent artists and designers is not cool and should not be tolerated.

Please help spread her message to help her bring those motherf***ers down.

Lady Lynn’s Car Boot

18th October 2013

If any of you London kids fancy picking up some unique car boot stuff tomorrow, head down to the Princess May School in Dalston between 8am – 3pm.

My lovely lady Lynn (of AMS and O NÓ fame) is going to be selling a tonne of amazing knitwear, vintage and antique bits and bobs that will need to find good homes.

Wish I could go!


18th October 2013

I love when I can post about neon and this one in particular is pretty awesome.

Neon is a Cornish based wetsuit company that lets you customise your suit in the colours you want.

A little bit hipster but so very cool, I can totally imagine them catching on here in Cape Town.

(Thanks Lynn x)

Weekend DIY / Hanging Airplants

18th October 2013

If I get some time in between more unpacking this weekend, I want to try to make some of these awesome hanging airplants for our kitchen.

What a pretty way of displaying our little Tillandsias … which are looped over racks on the wall and looking a bit sad at the moment!

Check out the DIY project on Design Sponge.

Nino Sarabutra

17th October 2013

What Will You Leave Behind? was an interactive exhibition in Singapore by Nino Sarabutra where visitors to the gallery were invited to walk on the 100,000 miniature porcelain skulls covering the floor. Unfortunately it finished last week but I love the idea, and of course all those cute little skulls.

Made by a range of people including her friends and family, Sarabutra asked that they meditate on their lives as they moulded the skulls.

She said ‘I want people to ask themselves how they live, what are they doing – if today was your last on earth, what will you leave behind?’

(via LaughingSquid)

Jesper Ståhl Stockholm Cutlery

17th October 2013

I am totally in love with this cutlery set by Jesper Ståhl for Design House Stockholm.


Molly Jacques / The Art of Modern Calligraphy

16th October 2013

A few weeks ago I signed up for the talented Molly Jacques’ The Art of Modern Calligraphy course on Skillshare.

The self-study course can be done at your own pace and teaches you how to compose a one of a kind alphabet. This is the first time I’ve done an online course and I’m pretty excited.

I just need some internet in the new flat so I can get started!

O Table

15th October 2013

Lot Modern’s upcycled surfboard O Table is pretty awesome.

I know Si would love one.

Simon Roberts

15th October 2013

Saunton Sands, Devon by English photographer Simon Roberts.


Cable Lights

15th October 2013

These Cable Lights by designer Patrick Hartog are beautiful, plus the design is quite clever as you can adjust their height to suit.

If you feel like getting your hands dirty though there’s a great tutorial on Brit&Co on how to make something similar yourself. I suspect if you used the right bottle as a mould they would work out great. Concrete Pendant Lights tutorial here.

** Did you notice the awesome coloured cord on the Cable Lights? Love it!

Hello Neon!

14th October 2013

Oh wow it’s been a while dudes.

I don’t even have a September folder which means I did ABSOLUTELY NO POSTING AT ALL during September. Yikes.

Last post 21st August. The shame.

I won’t make excuses that a lot has been going on over the last couple of months (it has!), but I realise now how much I missed my neon.

So here’s a quick run-down of what’s been going on before I get back to the design love ♥

1. Namibia. We visited another awesome country, even more awesome friends and spent 2 weeks in the bush.  That photo was taken in the Kaokoveld, miles from anyone in the middle of the night, while we danced under the stars with glowsticks. Yes seriously.

2. We took a couple of trips out to the Winelands. I will definitely be making a separate post on our stay at Majeka House which we were lucky enough to be given as a gift.

3. We flew to England and Spain to visit family, to see our sweet friends and to work. It was hectic but awesome.

4. We came home and moved flats from here to here. The morning we got home from London we had to move and needless to say the day was a little bit mental. It all worked out ok though and man, did that bottle of bubbles taste good at the end of the day.

5. Rocking the Daisies. The following Thursday we went daisy rocking in some fields up in Darling. I lost my phone that weekend too so I’ve been feeling a bit out of touch since then. Luckily my sexy, new phone kicked in today. Hello Instagram, I’m back!

6. DIY. Our new flat is the first unfurnished place we’ve ever moved to, and although unfurnished is a little daunting (250sqm of warehouse nothing) it means my creative juices have been rocking. I’m dreaming of tables and lights and new pictures for the walls and fixer-upper furniture and homemade curtains, and … the list is endless and all consuming!

7. Work. Over the last 6 months I’ve been the busiest I’ve ever been in my whole freelance career. It’s been challenging but I’m just rolling with it and everyday I’m grateful that I’m able to work for myself.


So, phew… that’s what’s been happening (amongst other things) and so you see why I haven’t posted since August.

My list of things to do continues to be long, but to be honest it’s always long. I’ve got heaps of stuff to still share but I’ll be back tomorrow, and I promise to never make you wait so long again.

Thanks for your patience my lovely neon friends,

erin x