16th December 2013

These Kites cushions by Kangan Arora are awesome, athough somewhat overpriced at £60 each!


Deadwood Creative

10th December 2013

These colourful Skate Bangles by Aussie company Deadwood Creative are pretty rock and roll.

Every bangle is cut, sanded and finished by hand from a piece of wreaked skateboard, and the colours of each bangle depend on the brand and design of the board, making each piece unique.



10th December 2013

Hello friends!

Meet our new nephew Luca Eli Joy.

This foxy little dude is baby brother to Maddox, #1 world champion of sleeping and quite possibly the coolest baby ever to be born.

Isn’t he amazing?

erin x

Let’s Appreciate The Planet

9th December 2013

I love this poster series by Ukrainian graphic designer jDstyle.

See the whole series here.

(via We and the Colour)

RIP Madiba

6th December 2013

“In War: Resolution,
In Defeat: Defiance,
In Victory: Magnaminity
In Peace: Good Will.” 

– Winston Churchill