Between Meals / San Julian

16th October 2012

On Friday we went to our favourite Mexican Restaurant in Cape Town, San Julian. It’s probably the most authentic Mexican we’ve had outside of Mexico (except for Wahaca in London), the tortillas are sooooo good and the chilli sauces hot, hot, hot! The best bit though is that we always reminisce about our Mexican travels over tequila and cerveza and get to practice our Spanish with Arturo = Perfecto.

San Julian on Rose Street – Cape Town

What we ate:
Nachos (yum!), Ceviche (yum!) and Sinaloa Chilorio Pork Tacos with lots of spicy sauce! Yum!

What we drank:
El Jimador shots washed down with Sangrita and Coronas.

Best bit:
Dreaming of Mexico while sipping on tequila.

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