Blu Dot

21st August 2013

This little guy would look great in any room. I especially love his legs.



  1. thelittleaustrian

    ok my love … i reckon it’s about time someone reminds you to update your design blog!!! i know you are super duper busy, but hey … i am a big fan and your blog is about the only design input i get, so off you go and bring me (design) joy :-)

  2. Hi Erin, I’m Laura’s cousin, Joanna! We had a wonderful gathering to celebrate her mum, Christine’s being, inspiration and creative talent on Sunday at Richmond Park.

    It was Andrea who signposted me to your exquisite blog. Thank you for showing me that blogs can be succinct, visual and meaningful. Welcome your return view of my blogs … I’m upping content
    My latest celebrates the FA’s 150th anniversary.

    Well done, I’ll keep rockingn’rolling!

    Love Joanna x

  3. erin

    Hi Joanna,
    Thank you for the sweet words! So glad you enjoyed looking around my blog.
    I’m off to check out yours now!
    erin x

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