Hello Neon!

14th October 2013

Oh wow it’s been a while dudes.

I don’t even have a September folder which means I did ABSOLUTELY NO POSTING AT ALL during September. Yikes.

Last post 21st August. The shame.

I won’t make excuses that a lot has been going on over the last couple of months (it has!), but I realise now how much I missed my neon.

So here’s a quick run-down of what’s been going on before I get back to the design love ♥

1. Namibia. We visited another awesome country, even more awesome friends and spent 2 weeks in the bush.  That photo was taken in the Kaokoveld, miles from anyone in the middle of the night, while we danced under the stars with glowsticks. Yes seriously.

2. We took a couple of trips out to the Winelands. I will definitely be making a separate post on our stay at Majeka House which we were lucky enough to be given as a gift.

3. We flew to England and Spain to visit family, to see our sweet friends and to work. It was hectic but awesome.

4. We came home and moved flats from here to here. The morning we got home from London we had to move and needless to say the day was a little bit mental. It all worked out ok though and man, did that bottle of bubbles taste good at the end of the day.

5. Rocking the Daisies. The following Thursday we went daisy rocking in some fields up in Darling. I lost my phone that weekend too so I’ve been feeling a bit out of touch since then. Luckily my sexy, new phone kicked in today. Hello Instagram, I’m back!

6. DIY. Our new flat is the first unfurnished place we’ve ever moved to, and although unfurnished is a little daunting (250sqm of warehouse nothing) it means my creative juices have been rocking. I’m dreaming of tables and lights and new pictures for the walls and fixer-upper furniture and homemade curtains, and … the list is endless and all consuming!

7. Work. Over the last 6 months I’ve been the busiest I’ve ever been in my whole freelance career. It’s been challenging but I’m just rolling with it and everyday I’m grateful that I’m able to work for myself.


So, phew… that’s what’s been happening (amongst other things) and so you see why I haven’t posted since August.

My list of things to do continues to be long, but to be honest it’s always long. I’ve got heaps of stuff to still share but I’ll be back tomorrow, and I promise to never make you wait so long again.

Thanks for your patience my lovely neon friends,

erin x


  1. thelittleaustrian

    helloli!!!!!!!! you’re back and better than ever ;-) lots and lots and lots of neon looooove!!!! x

  2. han

    Yay!!!!!:) xx

  3. Love it and missed it x x x

  4. Still smiling your back
    thanks with loads of love:)

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