Hong Kong Microapartments

22nd February 2013

This interesting article over on Co.Design highlights the lack of housing in Hong Kong by the Society for Community Organization, whose mission is to promote equality amongst citizens.

Photographs taken from above of Hong Kong’s illegal microapartments help give a sense of what it’s like living in such a small space, as well as most likely helping you appreciate the space you do have.

The cost of property in Hong Kong has always been crazy though and this isn’t really a new thing. My parents live in a flat that’s roughly 150 square feet and it’s amazing what you can do with space if you’re clever about it. We’ve had 8 people (admittedly one was a little munchkin) quite comfortably eating dinner in there.

(via CoDesign)


  1. Han

    And three people and a cat at one point!!!:)

  2. rena

    yes, but even at 700 square feet their flats are completely full. They have so much stuff that the window ledges are packed high. If you ever get a chance stand at the bottom of the high rises and look. I have been inside many so it is a matter of how much stuff you have and how well you organize it:)

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