It’s been a while…

9th May 2014

So it seems like I’m apologising once more for being a terrible blogger. Oh dear.

There are a bunch of excuses I could use – some relevant (I’ve been crazy busy with work), some not so much (I’ve been away / I’m actually quite a lazy person / I haven’t been feeling inspired to blog) and they’re all true.

Arriving home from Hong Kong earlier this week I found myself super busy with work again, but I also realised that I need to give my personal design stuff a bit more time, love and energy…because you should live what you love, right? My mantraband reminds me of it every day.

So, I know BTN needs a serious update both in design and content, and that’s next on my list. Perhaps it can be the first thing I cross off my List33? Which I’ll explain about later…

Stay tuned my neon friends (and thanks for sticking around ♥)

erin x


  1. rena


  2. Elisabeth

    good to see, that there is still somebody at the other side of the world.

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