Michael Elion

13th March 2013

Michael Elion is the South African artist who hung a gigantic, crystal covered heart between 2 palm trees in Camps Bay last year. It went up just in time for our wedding and featured in almost all of our guests photos at some point!

He’s also the artist who created a man-made rainbow in the middle of the city for Creative Cape Town.

This morning I saw a photo of him in a cherry picker hanging crystals from street poles. I’m guessing it was outside The Dog’s Bollocks as the photos were by yard_ct on Instagram. I’ll go and find them on the weekend and report back with pictures.


  1. steffi

    is the heart still in camps bay? x

  2. Terrance

    On Friday walking home from work in St John, a sparkle of light caught my eye and I have now spotted the crystals in and around the gardens area. #BeautifulArt

  3. erin

    No, it’s gone :( But it was sweet while it lasted!

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