Pantone Eggs

19th August 2013

I know we’re not even close to Easter but these Pantone Eggs are so pretty you could make them at any time of the year.

My DIY list is getting longer every day!

(via HowAboutOrange)

Colour Cord

19th August 2013

Be still my neon heart.

If you read my blog a lot, you’ll know I have a thing for pendant lights. Everyone seems to be jumping on the pendent bandwagon – and why not when these lights are so awesome?

Even Yuppiechef has added Muuto’s pendent lights to their site.

While searching for DIY projects for our new flat (we have no ceiling lights on the mezzanine level) I stumbled upon these coloured electrical cords by Color Cord Company and they are currently at #1 my DIY list. My dream of pendent lights in our bedroom may come true after all. Hooray!

I’m just waiting to hear back if they’ll ship outside the US … (fingers crossed!) … and if they do, the dilemma of choosing colours begins!

Laura Jordan

16th August 2013

I saw a print by Laura Jordan through the window of a closed gallery in London one night and loved it from afar.

Her sketchy collages map the political, social and architectural landscape of contemporary London, New York, Hong Kong and Rio de Janeiro and are something quite different, and definitely very cool.

Jed Henry

16th August 2013

I’ve had the tab for Jed Henry’s Rickshaw Cart Woodblock open on Chrome for over a week now.

Backed by Kickstarter, the Ukiyo-e Heroes project is a collab between illustrator Jed Henry and traditional Tokyo woodblock carving studio, David Bull. The materials and techniques used are authentic to those used centuries ago in old Edo.

Amazing (and added to my Christmas/Birthday/Anniversary wishlist).

Signe Yberg

16th August 2013

If only these Ceramic Cups by Signe Yberg came in some funkier colours, they would be winging their way to Cape Town as I type.

Still quite lovely though.

It’s been a while…

16th August 2013

Sorry I’ve been ignoring you guys.

In between working and making plans to move, I’ve been getting a little obsessed over DIY projects for our new place, scouring gumtree for fridges and couches and trying to sort out some personal projects on top of my work work.

I also need to sit down and edit my Namibia photos once and for all.

The list is long my neon friends…but I’m getting there.

Thank you for your lovely patience.

xx erin

Ellie Malin

30th July 2013

Melbourne based artist Ellie Malin’s work is gorgeous.

Her Geometric Woodblock I Series is my favourite. Scratchy, bold and dark. Love it.

Michelle Williams x Louis Vuitton

30th July 2013

Behind the scenes with Michelle William’s for Louis Vuitton.

She’s beautiful.


29th July 2013

…thinking about booking tickets to Rocking The Daisies.

…getting excited (but not too much yet) about the possibility of a new flat.

…making a list of some DIY ideas to try out in said flat.

…experiencing blog envy.

…counting down the minutes until dinner here.

Grow Bottle

29th July 2013

I love a good upcycled product and these Grow Bottles really made me sigh this afternoon.

Aren’t they lovely?

Brushstroke Quilt

26th July 2013

This Brushstroke Quilt over at Anthropologie looks cosy and inviting.

Especially on such a grey Cape Town Friday.

Hey Shop

25th July 2013


I’m back from the bush and ready to rock.

Love Hey Shop’s ‘Hey E’ print today.


5th July 2013

Sorry for the lack of posts this week guys, work has been crazy and on Sunday morning we’re embarking upon a 4×4 Namibian adventure!

See you in a couple of weeks – wide eyed, desert wizened and bronzed by Africa.



2nd July 2013

After 2 months away I have to admit it’s nice to be back.

Hello Cape Town! We missed you.

Dip-dyed Neon

2nd July 2013

Neon + dip-dying + kitchen utensils = a fun DIY craft project + sweet gift idea.

Here’s how you can make your own.

(Thanks Miche)


2nd July 2013

Exactly one year ago my friend Yael lost her mum to cancer.

I can’t even imagine what she must have gone through in the last year, let alone while her mum was sick.

Over the last couple of months she’s spent time photographing still life scenes to express her thoughts and feelings and they are, as her work always is, beautiful.

What a simple and graceful show of creativity and love.


28th June 2013

Just a little shout out to our favourite new parents – Miss Cellandia and Mr Dine Recruitment.

With so much love and joy gorgeous Olivia has been welcomed into our world.

You guys rock! x


28th June 2013

Last Friday night we went to Bob Bob Ricard for dinner.

I’ll have to write a separate Between Meals post about it because it was cool beyond belief, but before I do I want to share Penhaligon’s Quercus Candle.

It was burning in their bathroom and’

Is it to early to start a Christmas wish list?

Ray-Ban Baby

28th June 2013

Oh guys, I know I’ve been slack with posting and I’m sorry.

London (and that cool little dude up there) have been keeping me so busy.

We’ve been eating, drinking, working, shopping and spending as much time with the Munchkin as possible.

This was us yesterday in St. James’s Park. How awesome are his new Ray-Bans? I’m also quite in love with the Mr Bean bear that we found in Hamley’s.

One more London weekend to go.

Lost My Name

24th June 2013

I’ve been waiting to post about the most amazing Lost My Name book so I could surprise our little Munchkin with his when he arrived today!

These books are incredible. They are absolutely gorgeous. They’re sweet and funny and beautifully illustrated and I’ve already bought 2. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love them ♥.

The story is based around a child (choose a little girl or boy) who must embark upon an adventure to discover the letters that make up their name. Whether it’s an A for Aadvark or a R for robot, each story is unique and tells of a magical journey.

Simply. Stunning.

You Are My Happy

21st June 2013

Happy Friday clouds by Southern Sky Art on Etsy.


The Design Files

21st June 2013

I love this Mother’s Day Gift Ideas shoot over on The Design Files.

How awesome are the colours and styling in this shot?


19th June 2013

Rando is an experimental photo sharing app without all the fuss and the glory of most of today’s photo apps.

There’s no one to appreciate your photo except the person who receives it.

A rando must be sent in order to be received, you’ll never know who received the rando, and they will never know who sent it. All you’ll know is the location of where it landed, and the receiver will know where in the world it was taken.

I like it.

(Thanks Luke)

The Magic Of Mexico

19th June 2013

This morning my favourite online shop Yuppie Chef sent me an inspired email about The Magic of Mexico – a new range of cooking supplies they stock.

Perfect timing for our Spicy Vegetarian Tortilla Soup this evening!