14th January 2013

Everyone knows how much I love skulls especially my sweet little sister, and when she gave me this amazing bottle of wine for Christmas I completely fell in love with it.

Skulls 2008 was produced by R Wines (a collaboration between winemakers Dan Philips and Chris Ringland) in South Australia. It was then imported to Vancouver where she bought it and took it back to Hong Kong. Then she gave it to me for Christmas and I brought it back to Cape Town. How’s that for around the world?

The best bit about this wine though (aside from it’s 16.3% alc./vol.) is the AMAZING label by Hungarian designer István Orosz, entitled Ship of Fools. It’s surreal and beautiful. Orosz is often compared with M. C. Escher because of his forced perspectives and optical illusions, so spend some time seriously checking it out.

As Eat Magazine says: “This wine, and its label, is not for the feint of heart.”

Think we’ll have to save it for a special occasion.

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