Sneak Peek

26th April 2012

I’ve always been a massive Peeping Tom. I absolutely love looking through people’s windows when I’m walking down the street to see what their front rooms look like and it usually ends with Si dragging me away. These days there are so many awesome sites that let me spy into people’s homes and lives and get up close and personal with everything from the bathroom to the bedroom sheets – all from the comfort of my own computer. Yay!

Here’s a few of my favourite sites for awesome home inspiration.

Slanted Mansion
“A deep interest in emerging and established creatives and inspiration arriving from other non-styled, creative interior blogs and books…”

This is how the creatives roll in Cape Town.

The Glow
Can these woman be any more stylish? Wow.

Cute, quirky and colourful sneak peaking.

Alice Stirling Design
The posts are a little few and far between, but when they do come they’re always awesome.

(How amazing is the tablecloth in the image above?)

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