25th September 2014

I have a bit of a thing for images of mouths by Rankin so I was happy to find these (2012) ads for French WeightWatchers.

So stylish, sexy and French. Although they make me want to eat sweets so I’m not sure how convincing they work as advertising.


iPad vs Paper

14th March 2013

There’s just some things technology can’t replace…

(Thanks mum)

Miss Levis 1970

2nd October 2012

Sexy 1970s Levis.

The Histories Of 11 Super Famous Logos, From Apple To Levi’s is a great article over on Co.Design and well worth a read.

Why don’t they make advertising like this anymore?

Dr. Seuss

10th August 2012

This early advertisement by Dr. Seuss for Schaefer Bock Beer is amazing. It’s definitely selling it to me!

You can find more of Dr. Seuss’s earlier advertising work on The Advertising Artwork of Dr Seuss.

(via LaughingSquid)


Non-Sign II

20th July 2012

This ‘billboard’ caught my eye this morning and at a first glance I thought it was a Starling murmuration.

Designed by Seattle-based art and architecture firm Lead Pencil Studio, Non-Sign II (on the US-Canada border at Blaine, Washington) was built with stainless steel rods and is meant to resemble TV static.

The somewhat ‘anti-advertising’ board has been created as a frame to look onto the world beyond, rather than taking attention away from the landscape as a typical billboard would normally do.

Unique and beautiful.

(via DesignTaxi)

Coca Cola Security Cameras

12th July 2012

There’s hope for us yet.

(Thanks Justin)