HKDI / The Colours Of Asia

8th January 2013

Over the holidays I stopped by the Hong Kong Design Institute. The campus was designed by French firm Coldefy & Associés and although it looks somewhat out of place plonked in between the high-rises (which is weird for Hong Kong – usually all the crazy architecture works well together) it was an amazing building.

I missed the D&AD Awards 2012 Winners by a couple of months, but I found 2 other great exhibitions that were on in the ground floor galleries:

German Design Standards – From Bauhaus to Globalisation and The Colours Of Asia.

The Colours Of Asia focused on the 5 dominant colours of red, blue, green, yellow, black/white and their significance throughout the 13 countries that were represented.

There were big baby heads from China, Vietnamese army packs and funeral offerings from Laos, mixed in with crafts, spices, tea, clothing and festival decorations from the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Lebanon, Hong Kong, Thailand, South Korea, Taiwan, India and Indonesia. The colours were gorgeous and the packaging and products on display were really cool.

Unfortunately the exhibition has now finished, but I’d definitely recommend checking out what’s on and taking a visit to the HKDI if you’re ever in Hong Kong.


Beached House

31st August 2011


This is my kind of beach house! Built by BKK architects and hidden somewhere on the Australian coast, they say that “Beached House continues BKK Architects interest in the curation of the domestic as a sequence of unfolding spaces that deny, and then release views.” Nice.

(via dezeen)

Change it!

18th August 2011

I think I’m a little late with this one, but I’ve only just seen Russian Interior Designer Amirko’s Change it! wall and I want one!

Such an awesome idea.

Prefab Monday

4th July 2011

One day I would love to be able to build a prefab house. ‘Sommerhaus Piu’ by Patrick Frey and Björn Götte would be an amazing weekend getaway.

Clean lines + elegant structure + white walls + wood + massive verandah = Perfect.

(via designboom)

Dash Made This

11th February 2011

I want this Dash Marshall bathroom please. Pretty please?