Something Peach

27th October 2014

I stumbled across Jinny Park’s blog, Something Peach a couple of weeks ago and have been meaning to share it with you guys since.

This Melbourne based designer has all kinds of sweet things on her site, including these awesome wrapping paper designs to download.




24th October 2014

I’ve been having a bit of thing for knitted things recently (which is slightly bad timing seeing as we’re heading into 6 months of 30• Cape Town summer days and nights) but that’s ok. I can still look and well, knitted cushions are good all year round, right?

Uimi is a Melbourne based knit studio and I am absolutely loving the colours and patterns on their homeware collection.

Their online store is set to open soon and in the meantime you can find other online stockists of Uimi here.

The Dog Street

1st October 2014

I’m so excited to share this post with you guys today! It’s been a long time in the making but one of my most favourite projects to date is now up and running!

The Dog Street is a serious labour of love by one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met – a kiwi girl called Margot. Some people would say she has a bit of a thing for dogs (to give you a small idea the tables at her wedding where named after dogs which I designed and made graphics for…!) and she really does.

While living in Hong Kong she took home 2 rescue dogs, Stanley and Rosy, and when her family moved back to New Zealand last year she thought nothing of taking them with her. Sadly Rosy is now in doggy heaven, but Stanley Keegan (General Dogsbody at The Dog Street and the inspiration behind the brand) is alive and well, if not a little grumpy in his old age.

Yesterday was the official launch of

Margot and Stanley’s online store sells stylish but functional dog collars and leads and the WET DOG™ Collection is a waterproof, stinkproof range for all the cool dogs out there. Margot’s passion for dog rescue is tied into the Forever Home design, as well as through their promise to pay $1 from every collar sold to a monthly dog rescue charity.

I’m really rooting for this little startup and I hope you guys can spread the word to any dog owners out there. These collars aren’t just colourful and fun, they’re also super practical and the $1 for a collar campaign is awesome. PLUS they ship to anywhere in the world.

Because dog’s are for life. Not until they get too big, you have to move house, or you have a human baby.

Check out The Dog Street here and if you want to see what Stanley’s up to, you can follow his mutt-erings on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Super Green Smoothies

25th September 2014

Here’s a little shout out and congratulations to the lovely Maha on the launch of her and her sister’s new book!

Maha and her sister Sally Obermeder, founder of awesome Aussie blog swiish have just released their e-book, Super Green Smoothies. It’s full of colourful photos and yummy sounding recipes, and after buying a copy this afternoon I’m so excited to try them all out.

These 2 gorgeous ladies have somehow managed to make kale, spinach and brussel sprout smoothies sound sexy. I’m impressed!

Buy your own copy here.


Ollie Lucas

16th September 2014

Don’t you think this painting by Australian artist Ollie Lucas is very Between the Neon and the Sea?

Check out more of his work here.

Dion Horstmans

11th September 2014

I meant to write about Australian sculptor and artist Dion Horstmans a long time ago but at usual, got distracted somewhere along the way…

The good news is however, that yesterday one of my all time favourite websites The Design Files featured Dion’s home and reminded me to show you guys how awesome his work is. I absolutely love his geometric sculptures and the fact that are a lot of them are neon is an added bonus!

If you have a minute take a look at Dion’s work (Bub, I’m thinking 3rd year anniversary art…?!) and be sure to check out the amazing stuff happening over at The Design Files. The designers, brands, products and homes they feature are the ultimate in design inspiration.

Deadwood Creative

10th December 2013

These colourful Skate Bangles by Aussie company Deadwood Creative are pretty rock and roll.

Every bangle is cut, sanded and finished by hand from a piece of wreaked skateboard, and the colours of each bangle depend on the brand and design of the board, making each piece unique.


Mister Moss

15th November 2013

Oh my!

I’ve been seeing hanging plants more and more often over the last few months and I think they’re great.

In Cape Town we have Opus but if you live in Melbourne you can order one of these Fibonacci Stands, complete with hanging Lemon Tree from Mister Moss.

How cool is he?

(via TheDesignFiles)


13th November 2013

4 years ago when we lived in Sydney we went to watch Murray Fredericks’ doco (as they say in Oz) Salt.

I was reminded of his work this week, and thought there could be nothing better than waking up to a selection of his absolutely exquisite images shot at Lake Eyre in South Australia.

Take a look at more here.

Happy Thursday friends! x

Bjorn Vases

30th October 2013

These sandblasted glass Bjorn vases are beautiful.

Take a look at the whole range on super cool Australian store Milk&Honey.

Heart Shelf

22nd October 2013

How sweet is this Heart Shelf by Australian company Bride&Wolf?

They make it in a range of colours and style them up so beautifully to be photographed!

(via TheDesignFiles)

Ellie Malin

30th July 2013

Melbourne based artist Ellie Malin’s work is gorgeous.

Her Geometric Woodblock I Series is my favourite. Scratchy, bold and dark. Love it.

Kirra Jamison

4th June 2013

Surrender Star by awesome Aussie artist Kirra Jamison is making me happy today.

Little Pieces Photography

26th April 2013

Little Pieces Photography is a newborn photography studio run by Australian photographer, Kelly Brown.

Her sweet images really captured my attention and although she’s been compared to Anne Geddes, another famous Australian baby photographer, Kelly’s images are simpler and more natural in their composition. Watching how she gently manipulates sleepy little babes into these postions is really quite stunning.

On May 9th – 10th – 11th, Kelly is running a course at CreativeLIVE in Seattle teaching the art of newborn posing. It’s free to watch online for anyone interested – all you need to do is enroll beforehand here.


12th April 2013

I came across these guys, Penny Farthing Design House the other day and I really love the things they sell.

Custom neon? Yes please.

South Beach Stripe

2nd April 2013

I am also crazy in love with these South Beach Stripe Rugs by Xavier&Me.

Black and white please!

The Wave

18th March 2013

Si and I decided that it would be a cool idea to buy a piece of art each year as an anniversary gift and this is #1. A print by Tasmanian surf photographer Stu Gibson.

We bought the file from Stu and printed it big (it measures just over 1m) at Orms on Metallic Lightjet paper.

It’s been making me smile all weekend.

Wheely Bug

13th March 2013

The weekend we were away for our anniversary I saw a Wheely Bug at the place we were staying. Designed in Australia, they make the perfect transitional ride-on toy for kids who aren’t big enough to jump on bike yet.

Isn’t it awesome?

Take your pick from a wheely fun bumblebee, ladybird, pig, cow, mouse or lion!


14th January 2013

Everyone knows how much I love skulls especially my sweet little sister, and when she gave me this amazing bottle of wine for Christmas I completely fell in love with it.

Skulls 2008 was produced by R Wines (a collaboration between winemakers Dan Philips and Chris Ringland) in South Australia. It was then imported to Vancouver where she bought it and took it back to Hong Kong. Then she gave it to me for Christmas and I brought it back to Cape Town. How’s that for around the world?

The best bit about this wine though (aside from it’s 16.3% alc./vol.) is the AMAZING label by Hungarian designer István Orosz, entitled Ship of Fools. It’s surreal and beautiful. Orosz is often compared with M. C. Escher because of his forced perspectives and optical illusions, so spend some time seriously checking it out.

As Eat Magazine says: “This wine, and its label, is not for the feint of heart.”

Think we’ll have to save it for a special occasion.

Fireworks In Reverse

10th January 2013

Whoever imagined fireworks could look even cooler in reverse?

Please tell me pyrotechnic engineers are working on it!

Steve Back

22nd November 2012

Very occasionally I come across images that blow my mind, but these arial shots of Hutt Lagoon have just gone straight to the top of the list. Steve Back’s photographs have seriously left me breathless.

The Australian engineer turned photographer’s images were taken over a 3 year period in Western Australia and the colours are a completely natural result from an algae bloom that produces a pink pigment called beta carotene. Wow.

One of his limited edition prints has just gone on my wishlist. Sigh.

(via Trendland)