Koalas To The Max

9th November 2012

I don’t want to give any of it away, so all I’ll say is please go and visit koalastothemax.com.

I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Happy Friday!


Between Friends ♥ Vanessa Brady

22nd October 2012

Between Friends
Vanessa Brady

Super stylish and extremely creative, Vanessa is my Aussie / (honorary) British artist friend.

This talented lady is an artist and an art curator – and when she’s not painting she’s organising exhibitions for various galleries all over London.

Her larger than life canvases (which I’ve written about before) are gorgeous, her Interiors work is seriously divine…and she loves Pugs which makes me love her even more!

To check out more of Vanessa’s work take a look at her site and if you fancy getting something beautiful commissioned you can get in touch with her here!

Happy To Serve You

18th October 2012

Lots of lovely benefits to drinking coffee designed by the awesome Melbourne based coffee blog, Happy To Serve You.

Keep that latte art coming!


29th August 2012

Calligraphuck are my kind of cards.

1. Letterpressed.
2. Beautifully designed.
3. Dirty as *&#$.


Linus Boman’s exquisitely profane greeting cards are very, very cool. He’s working with an independent letterpress studio in Melbourne called The Hungry Workshop and has 7 days left to reach the $5000 target that will help him start production.

If you’d like to support his rude, but extremely beautiful cause you can check out his Indiegogo campaign here.

I Am Eleven

7th August 2012

Last night I stumbled across this awesome looking doco by Australian filmmaker Genevieve Bailey.

What started out as a short film, turned into seven years of travelling, interviewing numerous 11 year olds all over the world on their thoughts on the world, politics and their hopes for the future.

 I Am Eleven looks beautiful. An uncomplicated world shown through the eyes of children – if only life could be so simple.

(via CoolHunting)

Lisa Rodden

24th July 2012

Lisa Rodden‘s paper cut art is very cool.

These ones are part of her Kaleidoscope series. I’d love one for our wall.

(via DesignTaxi)


iPad in the Sky

23rd July 2012

I’ve just been reading that Qantas plans to give all of it’s 767 passengers iPads to use for their inflight entertainment.

No more dodgy systems. Hooray!

Abbey McCulloch

18th July 2012

I’ve just discovered Australian artist Abbey McCulloch and I think her drawings and paintings are awesome.

Weird, quirky and colourful, this is the kind of art I’d love for our flat.


10th July 2012

These cool photos were taken in Broken Hill, a tiny outback town in the middle of Australia, as part of the LEGO Festival of Play – celebrating 50 years of LEGO in Australia.

I had forgotten all about LEGO flowers!

The super-sized pine trees and flowers are 66x bigger than normal. Amazing.

…and on a side note – that hotel is the same one featured on the cover of Lonely Planet Australia we had while we lived in Sydney. Picturesque or what?

(via Alltop – Thanks Si)

Vanessa Brady

11th June 2012

I thought it was about high time I did a post on my amazingly talented and sweet artist friend Vanessa.

These 3 paintings are my favourites from her series The Sacred Feminine. Her work focuses on light, reflection and strong contrasting, with photography playing an instrumental part in her creative process. I think the way she paints light is amazing.

Check out her website for more work.

Stamped Elements

3rd May 2012

These Triple Stacked Necklaces made by Queensland based Stamped Elements are sweet. They would be perfect for a mum.

Rona Green

24th April 2012

These screenprinted, linocut, etched and woodcut illustrations by Australian artist Rona Green are amazing. Her tattooed, moustachioed, bad-ass animals are making me laugh this morning.

How cool are they?

Oye Modern

12th April 2012

All my favourite colours in one necklace! Yay!

The Hungry Workshop

4th April 2012

How AMmmmmA-ZING are these letterpressed aerograms by Melbourne studio The Hungry Workshop?

Native American Neon? Yes please!

(via OhJoy!)

Stuart Gibson

16th January 2012

I always admire surf photographers and Tasmanian photographer Stuart Gibson is no exception. Waves are powerful and beautiful things.

(These are also making me wish I was on the beach. Cape Town is 32 degrees today and rising…)

Country Road

5th January 2012

I love Australian label Country Road. I used to have one of their bags when I was 7!

The best thing is that they’re still around, they still make beautiful products and they also have stores in Cape Town.

This Slub Weave Tote would be perfect for a beachy weekend getaway.

Lady of the Dead

13th December 2011

Love this branding for an Australian Mexican Salsa company, Lady of the Dead. My favourite favourite skeletons.

Designed by Emma Brownson (an Aussie graphic designer no less!) I think it’s a cool take on Dia de los Muertos. The best thing though? After you finish munching your way through a jar of Salsa Verde, rinse it out and you’ve got yourself a fun backyard lantern.

(via TheDieLine)


1st December 2011

These maps by Cartoloji are interesting. I thought they looked a lot like camouflage. Did you guess that was Australia at the top and South Africa on the bottom?

They’re available in a wide range of countries, colours, sizes and 10% of each sale goes to the country that was bought through GlobalGiving.

(via DesignMilk)


27th October 2011

Ouch. Awesome photo though.

Watch Anja Konstantinova on Stylestalker.

Beached House

31st August 2011


This is my kind of beach house! Built by BKK architects and hidden somewhere on the Australian coast, they say that “Beached House continues BKK Architects interest in the curation of the domestic as a sequence of unfolding spaces that deny, and then release views.” Nice.

(via dezeen)

Vogue Australia

3rd August 2011

How nice to see Robyn Lawley grace the pages of Australian Vogue.

She’s the first plus size model in 52 years to appear in the magazine – although apparently size wasn’t factored into the decision to cast her. It was simply because she’s beautiful.

Skulls & Bones

3rd September 2010

I ♥ skulls. I think it’s a result of when we were in Mexico. Next week I think I’ll have a week of skulls…

This beautiful shot is by photographer Jay Harrison. The one underneath is a snap I took at Sculptures By The Sea in Bondi last year as well. Maybe I should’ve gone back at sunset…

That’s Cool But Can You Make It More Sh*t?

29th July 2010

I’ve been listening to LCD Soundsystem a lot lately. I wish I was in Sydney again because I’d go and see their retrospective with DFA Records. They’ve got all kinds of weird and wonderful artwork from albums, scribbles on napkins, photos and sketches…

“That’s Cool But Can You Make It More Sh*t?” is on until August 2nd in Sydney, then moves to NY and London.

Like Minded Studio

30th June 2010

This poster by Like Minded Studio recently caught my eye and reminded me that I want to do some more typographic based work.

Something for my long list of things to do…