Between Friends ♥ Steve Clark

23rd November 2012

Between Friends
Steve Clark

Steve Cheese is the owner and talented head designer at Design Lagoon, a digital agency with studios in the UK and Madrid.

His grungy style inspired the original SoulDive and Drool collections (here’s Si wearing SoulDive in Brasil) producing awesome screenprinted tees and hoodies. More recently he’s been concentrating on web and print design for Design Lagoon, rocking out work for the likes of MTV, Seas at Risk and O’Neill. Nice.

Keep up to date with his musings on Twitter and new work on Facebook.

Thanks dude!


Between Friends ♥ Vanessa Brady

22nd October 2012

Between Friends
Vanessa Brady

Super stylish and extremely creative, Vanessa is my Aussie / (honorary) British artist friend.

This talented lady is an artist and an art curator – and when she’s not painting she’s organising exhibitions for various galleries all over London.

Her larger than life canvases (which I’ve written about before) are gorgeous, her Interiors work is seriously divine…and she loves Pugs which makes me love her even more!

To check out more of Vanessa’s work take a look at her site and if you fancy getting something beautiful commissioned you can get in touch with her here!

Between Friends ♥ Yael Fachler

28th September 2012

Between Friends
Yael Fachler

Miss Yael Fachler is one of the most talented people I know. She’s small, sweet and a bad-ass photographer.

The thing about Yael is that if she’s not working on a shoot, she’s planning the next one, or organising an exhibition with one of the hundreds of creative people she’s friends with. She’s quietly motivated and she’s never afraid to take risks with the subjects she shoots. Sexy girls, sexy boys, nudity, quirky fashion and music bits and bobs in between.

In a few weeks she’s off on a 2 month America road trip and I can’t wait to see what she comes back with. I know it’s gonna rock.

Check out Yael’s work on her portfolio site and her photography musings over on Tumblr.

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Between Friends ♥ Robin Hammond

21st September 2012

Between Friends
Robin Hammond

Today’s Between Friends belongs to probably the bravest guy I’ve ever met. Being inspired by risk takers is a bit of a giveaway, although the grapefruit juice is definitely a curveball.

As a photojournalist Robin has spent a large chunk of his life travelling to some of the world’s poorest places. War-torn countries divided by poverty and corrupt beyond belief. He finds people who have no one else to tell their stories to and with his beautiful photography helps to raise awareness of their suffering.

Last year he won the prestigious Carmignac Gestion Photojournalism Award with his work on Zimbabwe, and the € 50,000 award meant he was able to travel there over a 5 month period (getting himself arrested twice and jailed for 3 weeks during the process) to take the photos he needed to raise awareness of the issues surrounding Zimbabwe today.

By supporting “a profession in the grip of a severe financing crisis, Carmignan Gestion hopes to give these key witnesses [ie photographers] of today’s world the means to go where others will not.”  

Your Wounds will be named Silence will be exhibited at L’Ecole des Beaux-arts de Paris from 9th November until 9th December and published as a book to accompany the exhibition.

L’Ecole des Beaux-arts de Paris
Chapelle des Petits-Augustins
14, Rue Bonaparte
75600 Paris

To view more of Robin’s work check out his website here.

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Between Friends ♥ Jacky Heggli

6th September 2012

Between Friends
Jacky Heggli

Jacky is one of the sweetest and most enthusiastic designers I’ve ever met.

After finishing her Visual Communications degree in the UK, she moved back to her home city of Hong Kong to work at a Creative Media Agency.

Being based in the middle of Central could truly make or break a designer’s spirit (it’s hectic and the HK design world is pretty cutthroat) but having already worked with big name clients like Red Bull I know this passionate young designer will go far … and I can’t wait to see what she does in the future!

Thank you Jacky! x

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Between Friends ♥ Marta Rodkina-Sexton

31st August 2012

Between Friends
Marta Rodkina-Sexton

With 2 little boys, it’s amazing Marti has time to do anything creative, let alone start a new career. I think being a mother of 2 is inspiring enough as it is!

Russian born, London based Marta was a model before deciding she’d rather be behind the camera, and signed up to study Fashion Photography at London School of Fashion.

Fast forward a few years and inspired by her gorgeous boys, Marta started her own children’s clothing company sourcing vintage clothes and designing quirky and sweet, one-off pieces for kids.

6 years on her youngest is starting school, and although she still makes her Plus Fours on request (which are super, super cute!), she’s now concentrating on her true passion for teaching. That’s love, dedication and inspiration for you.

Thank you Marti!

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Between Friends ♥ Justin Howes

24th August 2012

Between Friends
Justin Howes

Funny, creative and über-talented, Justin is one of those guys you can’t help but like.

In 2007 he set up Just Design Studio, working as it’s Creative Director for clients including Ogilvy, Channel 4Nespresso, Harley Davidson and Visa – yes, he’s that good!

The multi-discipline agency has been based in London for the past 5 years, and with plans for a Cape Town studio just around the corner he’ll be taking on the Mother City, making shit happen and available for after work beers very soon. Hooray!

Watch this space for more news to come…

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Between Friends ♥ Lynn Cockburn

17th August 2012

Between Friends
Lynn Cockburn A.K.A. Lynnda Needles

Lynn is probably the most creative and unique person I know. Give her some yarn or a length of rope and she’ll turn it into a belt … or a jumper … or a dress … or a plant holder. Do you remember our crocheted Stag’s Head? Yep, well that was her.

She’s ridiculously motivated (I’m not sure she actually sleeps!), she researches like a woman possessed, and she also happens to be super, super cool.

Half of quirky London knitwear label a minute silence – when she’s not creating pieces for AMS, she designs and makes cool knotted accessories (think camera straps, bracelets and necklaces) for her store, O NÓ.

Oh, and that’s all in between her day job as a knitwear designer.

Lynn, we salute (and love!) you. Thank you for giving us the first Between Friends.

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