Suzelle DIY

15th September 2014

I heart Suzelle!

I found one of Suzelle’s DIY videos this afternoon and I haven’t been able to stop watching her.

Her DIY tips are funny, inspiring and (somewhat surprisingly) useful. I’ve been laughing all afternoon!

One of my favourites – How to peel a lot of apples.

Love it.


Nana x Pichulik

8th September 2014

On the 18th of August my Nana turned 90 years old. I can’t even imagine being 50, let alone 90.

For her birthday we sent her this Pichulik Brass Braid necklace. I thought if any 90 year old could pull off a necklace made of brass and yachting rope it would be Nana. She’s the second oldest person I know but still one of the most stylish.

I’m so happy we finally had an excuse to buy one of these local Cape Town necklaces, but more importantly that she loved it. Cool huh?


11th February 2014

Last week I discovered Durban designer BigKid. These awesome wall plaques are handmade from Jesmonite and sprayed in eco-friendly paint.

How cooooool are they?

Check out BigKid on Etsy to see the rest of the collection and if you live in Cape Town, Loop Street’s cool new store Stable also stocks them.

RIP Madiba

6th December 2013

“In War: Resolution,
In Defeat: Defiance,
In Victory: Magnaminity
In Peace: Good Will.” 

– Winston Churchill

Mister Moss

15th November 2013

Oh my!

I’ve been seeing hanging plants more and more often over the last few months and I think they’re great.

In Cape Town we have Opus but if you live in Melbourne you can order one of these Fibonacci Stands, complete with hanging Lemon Tree from Mister Moss.

How cool is he?

(via TheDesignFiles)

Hoi P’loy

8th November 2013

Eek I’m too excited!

So here’s the deal. We finally bought some coloured cord and this weekend I’ll be making some pendent lights. Yay!

After fretting because the coloured cord company I found in the States didn’t ship overseas and the one in London had rubbish colours, I eventually discovered an even better company right here in the Mother City.

Hoi P’loy is a small, but awesome studio specialising in vintage light bulbs and fabric covered electrical cable. They have a massive range of amazing colours, lots of fittings and accessories and their lightbulbs are just beautiful.

Oh, and their packaging is letterpressed. Seriously. Letterpressed packaging.

I am so in love with this brand — along with our Emerald, Beetroot and B/W Zigzag cord. Yippee!

Stay tuned for more light updates…


4th November 2013

I’m a big advocate of local talent which makes me happy to show off my sexy new phone cover by Cape Town company, Houdt.

It’s made of bamboo with a black rubber trim and I love it. And for R220 (£13.50) + free shipping in SA it definitely beats the last plastic cover I bought from Society6, which I was massively disappointed with.

Check out the rest of their products here.


18th October 2013

I love when I can post about neon and this one in particular is pretty awesome.

Neon is a Cornish based wetsuit company that lets you customise your suit in the colours you want.

A little bit hipster but so very cool, I can totally imagine them catching on here in Cape Town.

(Thanks Lynn x)

Whatiftheworld / Ecstatic Entropy

21st August 2013

John Murray’s Ecstatic Entropy opens at Whatiftheworld Gallery this evening and is on until the 12th October.

His large scale geometric pieces look worth a trip to Woodstock for sure.


29th July 2013

…thinking about booking tickets to Rocking The Daisies.

…getting excited (but not too much yet) about the possibility of a new flat.

…making a list of some DIY ideas to try out in said flat.

…experiencing blog envy.

…counting down the minutes until dinner here.


2nd July 2013

After 2 months away I have to admit it’s nice to be back.

Hello Cape Town! We missed you.

The Magic Of Mexico

19th June 2013

This morning my favourite online shop Yuppie Chef sent me an inspired email about The Magic of Mexico – a new range of cooking supplies they stock.

Perfect timing for our Spicy Vegetarian Tortilla Soup this evening!


Afrika Burn

13th June 2013

Inspiration for 2014.

Lots of timelapse + a trek to Afrika Burn.

This is what it’s all about…

Dinosaur Boy

17th April 2013

I love the Dinosaur Boy card I bought this morning by Cape Town illustrator Whimsy.

Now I need to get it stamped up and in the post for my munchkin nephew.


15th April 2013

Finally, the new Cape Town Topshop is opening at the V&A Waterfront this Thursday.

Hope it’s good!

Mat & May

15th April 2013

I discovered Mat & May last week and found some pretty cool bits and bobs in their store. Leather satchels and cute purses, as well as some sexy notebooks, cards and papers.

I love that these stationery-cum-nik-nak-cum-accessory style shops are having a revival. Aussie store Typo (at Canal Walk) is another great example and is perfect for finding fun little gifts in.

Dark Star Safari

8th April 2013

I bought Dark Star Safari for Si for his birthday. He read it and loved it, and I just finished it and loved every single word.

I think Paul Theroux is my new hero. His overland trip from Cairo to Cape Town was inspiring, funny and eye-opening.

Next up Sunrise with Seamonsters.

Mount Nelson

8th April 2013

I think the photos pretty much explain it all, but just in case – Afternoon Tea at the Mount Nelson rocks.

We ate:
Almost one of everything they had in miniature.
• Samosas • salmon pikelets • tomato tarts • spinach tarts • cheesecake • eclairs • hazelnut torte • macaroons • milk tart • lamingtons • red velvet cupcakes doughnuts • fruit • a mix and match of all kinds of chocolate bites … and of course • cucumber sandwiches.

We drank:
Lemon tea, Darjeeling tea + a sneaky glass of Simonseig Sparkling Brut.

Who won?
It was officially declared a tie.

The Great Cape Town Sweet Off

5th April 2013

Later today I’m heading to the Mount Nelson Hotel for Afternoon Tea with my sweet friend Steffi.

We’re sort of going to celebrate our birthdays, but the truth is she thinks she can eat more cake than me. I doubt this, so a sweet off challenge has been declared.

If I don’t pop, I’ll be back next week with a sweet report.

** All of these delicious creations are from Afternoon Crumbs, a super cute blog run by the sister of one of Si’s colleagues. Check it out for the cool photography and lots of tasty recipes.

Johnny Neon / Hearts

3rd April 2013

Eeeek! This video for Johnny Neon’s Hearts is amazing.

Dave – the director at Cape Town production house MacDuff – spent the weekend looking after his friend’s dog Lemon … and this is what they got up to.

(Look out for the bit on the beach when Lemon shakes everywhere. Brilliant!)

(Thanks Ewa)

Heart Of Gold

26th March 2013

Can’t wait to go and check out Jordan Metcalf and Daniel Ting Chong‘s latest collaboration at Salon 91.

Heart of Gold opens tomorrow and is on until April 20th.

Be sure to stop by if you’re on Kloof Street.

Holi One / Cape Town Style

22nd March 2013

…and here’s a bit of colour for your weekend!

Holi One was awesome. The best thing I’ve done by far in a long, long time.

This amazing photo was taken by Iain and the awesome video was put together by Justin.

Same time, same place next year guys?


20th March 2013

One of my lovely florist friends is doing a wedding in the Winelands today and guess who gets to be her assistant? Yup!

I’m sure I was a florist in a previous life… Can’t. Wait.

See you tomorrow folks!

In Rainbows

19th March 2013

I found some Michael Elion crystals making rainbows all over the street this morning.

Thank you world for giving us amazing artists to help make life more beautiful!


The Wave

18th March 2013

Si and I decided that it would be a cool idea to buy a piece of art each year as an anniversary gift and this is #1. A print by Tasmanian surf photographer Stu Gibson.

We bought the file from Stu and printed it big (it measures just over 1m) at Orms on Metallic Lightjet paper.

It’s been making me smile all weekend.