Something Peach

27th October 2014

I stumbled across Jinny Park’s blog, Something Peach a couple of weeks ago and have been meaning to share it with you guys since.

This Melbourne based designer has all kinds of sweet things on her site, including these awesome wrapping paper designs to download.



Super Green Smoothies

25th September 2014

Here’s a little shout out and congratulations to the lovely Maha on the launch of her and her sister’s new book!

Maha and her sister Sally Obermeder, founder of awesome Aussie blog swiish have just released their e-book, Super Green Smoothies. It’s full of colourful photos and yummy sounding recipes, and after buying a copy this afternoon I’m so excited to try them all out.

These 2 gorgeous ladies have somehow managed to make kale, spinach and brussel sprout smoothies sound sexy. I’m impressed!

Buy your own copy here.


Lisa Congdon

21st October 2013

I just read this article on Fast Co. Design about illustrator Lisa Congdon’s work being stolen (let’s call it how it is) by an American wholesaler called Cody Foster & Co.

Multi-million dollar companies should pay for designs they use or make their own. Stealing work from independent artists and designers is not cool and should not be tolerated.

Please help spread her message to help her bring those motherf***ers down.

Cable Lights

15th October 2013

These Cable Lights by designer Patrick Hartog are beautiful, plus the design is quite clever as you can adjust their height to suit.

If you feel like getting your hands dirty though there’s a great tutorial on Brit&Co on how to make something similar yourself. I suspect if you used the right bottle as a mould they would work out great. Concrete Pendant Lights tutorial here.

** Did you notice the awesome coloured cord on the Cable Lights? Love it!

GIF Me A Break

21st August 2013

Si just forwarded me the most awesome Tumblr ever.


29th July 2013

…thinking about booking tickets to Rocking The Daisies.

…getting excited (but not too much yet) about the possibility of a new flat.

…making a list of some DIY ideas to try out in said flat.

…experiencing blog envy.

…counting down the minutes until dinner here.

The Design Files

21st June 2013

I love this Mother’s Day Gift Ideas shoot over on The Design Files.

How awesome are the colours and styling in this shot?

Jony Ive Redesigns Things

13th June 2013

The Jony Ive Redesigns Things Tumblr made me laugh out loud this morning.

(Thanks S!)


11th June 2013

A few months ago I discovered Kelle Hampton (writer / photographer / mum) and I have been reading her blog, Enjoying the Small Things and following her on Instagram since.

The honest approach she takes when documenting her family’s life, with photographs, stories and thoughts is inspiring and a privilege to observe.

Bloom: Finding Beauty in the Unexpected is the story of her second daughter who was born with Down Syndrome. I didn’t cry like I thought I would and although it was sad, it was also funny and sweet. Mostly though it was inspiring, and eye-opening and I’m glad I read it.

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” – Mary Oliver

Check it out if you can.


Get Crafty / Easter Eggs

26th March 2013

I’ve been falling in love with DIY Easter egg projects over the last few days…

These are a few of my favourites:

1. Gorgeous intense coloured eggs at Design Mom

2. Tie-dyed coloured eggs at Design Mom

3. Minimal eggs at Pickles

4. Eggs au naturale at Design Sponge

5. Elastic band eggs at Design Mom

6. Bright egg surprises at Not Martha

(click through for tutorials and instructions)

What are you planning this Easter?

Neon Easter

19th March 2013

I came across these dip-dyed neon eggs this morning and man, I love them.

To rock a minimal, neon vibe with your decorating this Easter, check out the tutorial over on Oh Joy.


13th March 2013

I stumbled upon this lovely painting Hush, or Alice Keeps It Inside while doing some research for an Alice in Wonderland themed invite.

I think it’s the triangular dress that did it for me.

The Places That We Used To Be

3rd December 2012

This weekend I began a Tumblr blog with one of my sweet friends Jacky.

We wanted to somehow document the differences between the places we lived in and so The Places That We Used To Be is a weekly selection of photographs taken of a particular theme, in the place we are.

Check it out and let us know what you think!

The Real Advent Calendar

3rd December 2012

My funny husband has started getting into the Christmas spirit with his own Advent Calendar.

Love it.

For daily Advent thumpings check out The Real Advent Calendar.


28th November 2012

Only 3 days left until Advent begins so I’ve been having a look to see what kind of fun DIY calendar’s are knocking around this year.

These ones are by far my favourites, and all of them come with DIY instructions. Rock n roll around the Christmas tree!

The Easy Advent Calendar
This super stylish and (very!) easy going wall calendar would be perfect for any stationery lovers (with lots of wall space) out there.

The IKEA Margareta Tree
My favourite store in the world has gone and screenprinted a Christmas tree onto fabric! Love it! This would also work nicely for anyone looking for an alternative to a real tree.

A Mini forest
Eek! This mini tree advent calendar by Oh Happy Day is too cute for words. Gorgeous!

Angry Birds Macaroons

28th November 2012

These macaroons are way too cool not to share! I just wish I liked the taste of them more.

Mexican macaroon connoisseurs Theurel & Thomas are still one of my most favourite websites in the world, but it’s only because the macaroons look so colourful and pretty!

(via Neatorama)

Sweet Hangings

28th November 2012

So after ripping down one of our massive wall displays last night and then having a bit of a redecorating crisis, I coincidentally came across this awesome idea on Apartment Therapy.

What a great way of displaying postcards and photos, which is more or less what our wall was made up of.

Home blogs + house envy + millions of creative ideas = perfect in my hour of need!

(via ApartmentTherapy)



20th November 2012

(via Tumblr)

Luckily The Seats Go Back

16th November 2012

Do you remember Between Friends with the lovely Miss Yael Fachler?

Well, after a couple of delays (including a massive, inconsiderate superstorm) her American road trip has officially begun!

I’ve been checking out luckily the seats go back almost hourly to see where they are, what they’re eating and where they’re staying … and I feel like I’m tagging along in the backseat. Yay! Miss you hunny!

Happy To Serve You

18th October 2012

Lots of lovely benefits to drinking coffee designed by the awesome Melbourne based coffee blog, Happy To Serve You.

Keep that latte art coming!

Sexy Neon

16th October 2012

Saw this sexy little piece of neon over on So Bad So Good’s twitter feed.

Gotta love a bit of handwritten neon with hearts and sex involved.

Miss Levis 1970

2nd October 2012

Sexy 1970s Levis.

The Histories Of 11 Super Famous Logos, From Apple To Levi’s is a great article over on Co.Design and well worth a read.

Why don’t they make advertising like this anymore?

People vs. Places

1st October 2012

People vs. Places is a photo collaboration between Timothy Burkhart and Stephanie Bassos.

“Stephanie exposes a full roll of 35mm film of only “people,” and Timothy reloads the film again into the same camera, to imprint only “places” and locations to the same roll. These images are all the end result of our ongoing series and are unedited negatives straight from the camera.”

Serendipitous double exposures. Old school rules.

(Thanks Kerry – via CoDesign)

Sneak Peeks / Design Sponge

25th September 2012

I always love looking through Sneak Peek on the awesome Design Sponge blog.

I thought this shot from Sarah + Rupert‘s LA home was a really cool way of somewhat hiding the TV. Nice.

Billy Kidd

20th August 2012

Decaying Roses by the extremely awesome Billy Kidd.

(via TheFoxIsBlack)