Kimiaki Yaegashi

1st November 2013

This Magic Lamp t-shirt by Japanese illustrator Kimiaki Yaegashi is amazing.



Lisa Congdon

21st October 2013

I just read this article on Fast Co. Design about illustrator Lisa Congdon’s work being stolen (let’s call it how it is) by an American wholesaler called Cody Foster & Co.

Multi-million dollar companies should pay for designs they use or make their own. Stealing work from independent artists and designers is not cool and should not be tolerated.

Please help spread her message to help her bring those motherf***ers down.

David Olenick

21st August 2013

This illustration by David Olenick made me laugh a lot this morning.

(via MMM)

Laura Jordan

16th August 2013

I saw a print by Laura Jordan through the window of a closed gallery in London one night and loved it from afar.

Her sketchy collages map the political, social and architectural landscape of contemporary London, New York, Hong Kong and Rio de Janeiro and are something quite different, and definitely very cool.

Jed Henry

16th August 2013

I’ve had the tab for Jed Henry’s Rickshaw Cart Woodblock open on Chrome for over a week now.

Backed by Kickstarter, the Ukiyo-e Heroes project is a collab between illustrator Jed Henry and traditional Tokyo woodblock carving studio, David Bull. The materials and techniques used are authentic to those used centuries ago in old Edo.

Amazing (and added to my Christmas/Birthday/Anniversary wishlist).

Lost My Name

24th June 2013

I’ve been waiting to post about the most amazing Lost My Name book so I could surprise our little Munchkin with his when he arrived today!

These books are incredible. They are absolutely gorgeous. They’re sweet and funny and beautifully illustrated and I’ve already bought 2. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love them ♥.

The story is based around a child (choose a little girl or boy) who must embark upon an adventure to discover the letters that make up their name. Whether it’s an A for Aadvark or a R for robot, each story is unique and tells of a magical journey.

Simply. Stunning.

Blanka Biernat

17th June 2013

I’m so excited to share with you a print I’ve just received from London based illustrator Blanka Biernat.

Blanka illustrates custom prints for couples and families, and when I spotted her work a couple of months ago I knew I had to get her to draw us!

Rather than just get a normal picture of us, I decided to ask her to draw us from a fancy dress movie party we went to a few years ago, when Si went as Johnny Depp in Fear and Loathing and I was Patricia Arquette in True Romance.

I absolutely LOVE our drawing.

Thank you Blanka! x


Kate Moross

7th June 2013

The Love Book design by Kate Moross made me feel all colourful and happy this morning.

Betty Black

30th May 2013

I came across Bristol illustrator Betty Black when we were there a couple of weeks ago.

Her black and white Nouveau / Geisha girls are kind of kinky.

Check out more of her work here.

John Eng Cheng

15th May 2013

John Eng Cheng is a LA based artist and designer who uses motifs from nature, heritage, pop-culture (pokémon anyone?) and religion to create surreal illustrations and paintings about life and relationships.

I really love this Four Winds piece … too bad I missed the chance to win it as a print giveaway!

Check out more of his work here.

(Thanks Anita)


Happiness Is Books

26th April 2013

Everybody loves a good book.

Happiness Is Books by The Little Illustrator.

Dinosaur Boy

17th April 2013

I love the Dinosaur Boy card I bought this morning by Cape Town illustrator Whimsy.

Now I need to get it stamped up and in the post for my munchkin nephew.

Sky Art

16th April 2013

Ahhh! I’m in love with French artist Thomas Lamadieu‘s Sky Art series.

How simple but clever they are.

Take a look at more of Lamadieu’s work here.

(via LaughingSquid)

Heart Of Gold

26th March 2013

Can’t wait to go and check out Jordan Metcalf and Daniel Ting Chong‘s latest collaboration at Salon 91.

Heart of Gold opens tomorrow and is on until April 20th.

Be sure to stop by if you’re on Kloof Street.

Design Indaba 2013

4th March 2013

I ended up popping into Design Indaba for a quick run around yesterday morning, and these were some of my favourite finds…

Farah Hernandez
I’m a sucker for succulents and the little guys potted in Sara Hernandez’s gorgeous ceramic hangings were absolutely divine.

Nina Du Plessis
These wooden geometric wall hooks were amazing … and very reasonable at R80 a hook.

Milame Design
Emma Atkinson’s ink drawings were cool and reminded me of one of my favourite prints by Supermundane.

Mona Pants
I completely fell in love with Simone le Roux’s creatures. She has some awesome illustrated characters on her Behance site, but the handmade dudes were A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

The Tale of Balaclava Bear / Sootcookie
I’m always drawn to Tanya Laing’s work and last year I picked up a Sootcookie ceramic paper plane which I love. The Tale of Balaclava Bear is a collaboration between her and Alex Goldberg and although I’m not so into the bears themselves, I think the story behind them is awesome.

The simple elegance of Jeanine Benjamin’s bracelets and rings were lovely. Too bad she didn’t have that triangle bracelet at the expo because I would’ve bought it for sure.

Mervyn Gers Ceramics
Although this brand felt a little commercial (and have designed ranges for some big name restaurants and vineyards around Cape Town) I couldn’t help but fall in love with these African/Chinese plates. The dragon, rhino and machine gun combinations were beautiful and bizarre.

Concrete jewellery, lighting and bowls with some lovely angles.

Simple Intrique
I spotted this folded African map on some Design Indaba signage before going into the expo and it was even more beautiful in real life.


29th January 2013

I began a new branding project this morning and in my researching came across this lovely illustration by French artist Marynn.

Her work is beautiful.

(via Trendland)


Valerie Mallory Gallery

23rd January 2013

The first Valerie Mallory Group Show is lined up for Tokyo. Neat.

The ever-talented Danny Sangra (who illustrated the awesome show poster) along with a collection of designers, artists, performance artists and photographers will be showing at the Common Gallery from the 16th Feb – 24th Feb 2013.

If you’re in Tokyo next month, add it to your list of must-dos.


22nd January 2013

I haven’t been into Salon91 in a while, so we popped in when we were walking past the other day and found the latest exhibition I’d Rather Be Swimming on.

There was a tonne of work in a variety of mediums so it was great to look around.

These were a few of my favourites:

Animal Tree – Silkscreen Print, Justin Southey
Crazed Waves 2 – Keel pen and ink on paper, Bruce Mackay
We Float – Watercolour and pencil, Carla Kreuser
Walk Softly, Paul Senyol

I’d Rather Be Swimming is on until the end of this week so check it out if you can.

Cape Town Tattoo Convention

21st January 2013

This coming weekend is the Cape Town 2013 Tattoo Convention.

I’m more of a piercing girl myself but I’d love to see what’s on.

Tomorrow night Homeward Bound – an exhibition celebrating the nautical roots of tattoo art opens at the Cape Town City Hall and looks amazing. The multi-media exhibition is comprised of a series of works by celebrated local and international photographers, illustrators, graphic designers, and tattooists. It’ll also be open this weekend.

Day Passes are R100 and Weekend Passes R250. Buy them here.


14th January 2013

These Marimekko Räsymatto mugs are making me happy on a Monday.

Hello Monday

3rd December 2012

I had a mailer from Shanna Murray this morning featuring her new Holiday Collection – although I don’t think any of it is actually live on the shop yet.

In the meantime these Be Kind and Be Brave ribbons made me happy this morning.

Words to live by.

Victoria Verbaan

27th November 2012

This morning I popped into Blank Space, a sweet little gallery and shop around the corner from our place and discovered Victoria Verbaan.

The South African artist paints a Doodle a Day which she then uploads to her site. I really love her style (and in particular the cute bum paintings!)

It looks like her new online store Victoria Verbaan & the Smoking Daxi will be up and running any day now, but if you can’t wait her daily illustrations are also sold in limited edition runs of 20 at Blank Space, 71 Roeland Street.


16th November 2012

Is this a pattern here?

This hand-pulled Facets screenprint by Sarah Evans is also rather lovely.

Hanna Viktorsson

9th November 2012

Love this Dia de los Muertos inspired illustration by Swedish illustrator Hanna Viktorsson.

(Thanks Matt)