Cats Let Nothing Darken Their Roar 2015

27th October 2014

It’s that time of year again guys. The 2015 Cats Let Nothing Darken Their Roar calendar is on sale.

They’re doing a special price for October which is even more incentive to get organised for next year.

Have a look at the new version here.

PS. I’m halfway through designing a BringMeJoy calendar for 2015 also. If it’s finished in time I’ll show you how it turns out…


The Dog Street

1st October 2014

I’m so excited to share this post with you guys today! It’s been a long time in the making but one of my most favourite projects to date is now up and running!

The Dog Street is a serious labour of love by one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met – a kiwi girl called Margot. Some people would say she has a bit of a thing for dogs (to give you a small idea the tables at her wedding where named after dogs which I designed and made graphics for…!) and she really does.

While living in Hong Kong she took home 2 rescue dogs, Stanley and Rosy, and when her family moved back to New Zealand last year she thought nothing of taking them with her. Sadly Rosy is now in doggy heaven, but Stanley Keegan (General Dogsbody at The Dog Street and the inspiration behind the brand) is alive and well, if not a little grumpy in his old age.

Yesterday was the official launch of

Margot and Stanley’s online store sells stylish but functional dog collars and leads and the WET DOG™ Collection is a waterproof, stinkproof range for all the cool dogs out there. Margot’s passion for dog rescue is tied into the Forever Home design, as well as through their promise to pay $1 from every collar sold to a monthly dog rescue charity.

I’m really rooting for this little startup and I hope you guys can spread the word to any dog owners out there. These collars aren’t just colourful and fun, they’re also super practical and the $1 for a collar campaign is awesome. PLUS they ship to anywhere in the world.

Because dog’s are for life. Not until they get too big, you have to move house, or you have a human baby.

Check out The Dog Street here and if you want to see what Stanley’s up to, you can follow his mutt-erings on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Nana x Pichulik

8th September 2014

On the 18th of August my Nana turned 90 years old. I can’t even imagine being 50, let alone 90.

For her birthday we sent her this Pichulik Brass Braid necklace. I thought if any 90 year old could pull off a necklace made of brass and yachting rope it would be Nana. She’s the second oldest person I know but still one of the most stylish.

I’m so happy we finally had an excuse to buy one of these local Cape Town necklaces, but more importantly that she loved it. Cool huh?

Wishbone Wall Hook

3rd February 2014

How sexy is this Wishbone Wall Hook by Brooklyn store Lief?

It’s also available in gold if you want a little extra luck.

I Wish We Had Ikea

22nd November 2013

Today I’m missing Ikea and all it’s weirdly named furniture.

This Karlstad couch + armchair would look great in the warehouse…

Bjorn Vases

30th October 2013

These sandblasted glass Bjorn vases are beautiful.

Take a look at the whole range on super cool Australian store Milk&Honey.

Brushstroke Quilt

26th July 2013

This Brushstroke Quilt over at Anthropologie looks cosy and inviting.

Especially on such a grey Cape Town Friday.

Hey Shop

25th July 2013


I’m back from the bush and ready to rock.

Love Hey Shop’s ‘Hey E’ print today.

Ray-Ban Baby

28th June 2013

Oh guys, I know I’ve been slack with posting and I’m sorry.

London (and that cool little dude up there) have been keeping me so busy.

We’ve been eating, drinking, working, shopping and spending as much time with the Munchkin as possible.

This was us yesterday in St. James’s Park. How awesome are his new Ray-Bans? I’m also quite in love with the Mr Bean bear that we found in Hamley’s.

One more London weekend to go.

You Are My Happy

21st June 2013

Happy Friday clouds by Southern Sky Art on Etsy.


The Magic Of Mexico

19th June 2013

This morning my favourite online shop Yuppie Chef sent me an inspired email about The Magic of Mexico – a new range of cooking supplies they stock.

Perfect timing for our Spicy Vegetarian Tortilla Soup this evening!


Rainbow Mugs

10th June 2013

Design supremo Massimo Vignelli created these Rainbow Mugs in 1975 … and their colours are making me happy on a Monday in 2013.

Isn’t that cool.

Thinking Swing

5th June 2013

I would like a Thinking Swing in Circus Black by Pop & Scott.

Christopher Wool

3rd June 2013

Untitled, (You Make Me) by Christopher Wool.

I bought this postcard from the Tate Modern Shop yesterday and it made me happy.

I’m Sorry

31st May 2013

This card was designed especially for me.

It’s awesome on a whole new level.

Craft Design Technology

31st May 2013

How pretty are these CDT Scissors by Craft Design Technology?

Be Optimistic

29th May 2013

I love that Best Made Company finally put their Be Optimistic slogan on a t-shirt.

Words to live by.

Busy Bee

23rd May 2013


I’m sorry for ignoring you! London has been keeping me busy, work has been keeping me busy and I’m only just about finding time to visit friends and sleep in between.

I have so many exciting things to blog about and it’s driving me crazy that I can’t find the time. I promise I’ll try a bit harder…

This Bee cushion is over on Society6 (who incidentally have free worldwide shipping from today until Sunday).

My First Year Poster

24th April 2013

Reading about the Redesigned Birth Certificate reminded me of this cool My First Year Poster I saw a while back on Etsy.

Cute huh?


15th April 2013

Finally, the new Cape Town Topshop is opening at the V&A Waterfront this Thursday.

Hope it’s good!

Mat & May

15th April 2013

I discovered Mat & May last week and found some pretty cool bits and bobs in their store. Leather satchels and cute purses, as well as some sexy notebooks, cards and papers.

I love that these stationery-cum-nik-nak-cum-accessory style shops are having a revival. Aussie store Typo (at Canal Walk) is another great example and is perfect for finding fun little gifts in.


12th April 2013

This weekend… Surf.

A trip to the beach.


12th April 2013

I came across these guys, Penny Farthing Design House the other day and I really love the things they sell.

Custom neon? Yes please.

South Beach Stripe

2nd April 2013

I am also crazy in love with these South Beach Stripe Rugs by Xavier&Me.

Black and white please!