2nd April 2013

Crystal Web Cushion by Xavier&Me.


Missoni vs Ikea

13th March 2013

This Missoni Cartagena Pillow caught my eye this morning because we have the Ikea EIVOR Cushion on our bed.

And with $170/£112 vs $11/£7 you just gotta wonder how much softer / better / more worth it the Cartagena pillow is?

I know it’s fun to have nice things, but damn, there’s nice and then there’s NICE!

Pink Cheeks Studios

22nd February 2013

I absolutely love these Personalised Animal Dolls by Pink Cheeks Studios on Etsy.

Nichol Brinkman makes these cute little guys by hand, using photos of your favourite little (or big!) person, along with info like their favourite animal and favourite clothes.

In addition to the toys she also makes the most amazing mobiles … and if you send her photos and a description of your family + dog/cat/pet goldfish she’ll make you an awesome family mobile, customised in the colours of your choice.

What a sweet gift one would make.

(via the awesome KelleHampton)

Little Sloth

7th February 2013

I am absolutely 100% crazy in love with this Little Sloth Necklace.

Dinosaur Designs

1st February 2013

I just came across some awesome resin pieces at Tina Frey Designs and they reminded me of my necklace I put on this morning from Dinosaur Designs.

It clacks like bones when I walk and I don’t wear it often enough.

Agent Provocateur x Valentine’s Day

29th January 2013

I couldn’t help but laugh at Agent Provocateur’s Valentine’s ad featuring Poppy Delevingne. It’s a bit dumb, but Delevingne’s so sexy you can kind of overlook the silliness.


29th January 2013

On Saturday I very nearly bought myself some new Havaianas but decided at the last minute to be good and save some money.

And what do you know? My navy ones just broke.

I’m thinking black with white stars

50% Off lil’sprout – 3 Days Left!

29th January 2013


For the last 3 days of the lil’sprout sale we’ve got 50% off all babygrows and tees! Woop!

All our products are 100% cotton and label free so they’re extra comfy – there’s rainbows and clouds, little snowflakes and lightning, raindrops and wind and sunshine, so hurry while we’ve still got some left!

Diatomite Clock

23rd January 2013

This Diatomite Clock, exclusive to MoMA and designed by Yuichi Nara is gorgeous. Sleek and simple time-telling is fine by me.


22nd January 2013

Man, I love Tattly.

How sweet is this new addition, Smitten?


17th January 2013

I saw my first Hellolulu bag when I was in Hong Kong at Christmas and fell in love with their simple but slick products. They come in an awesome selection of colours which totally adds to their cool too.

This Conn – Campus Backpack has a padded sleeve inside that’s the perfect size to carry a 15″ laptop. How tricky to choose a colour though! Blue with a green inside or purple with a blue inside?

Their funny little logo is also very cute and I’m digging the Happiness Manifesto on their website:

Happiness Manifesto – Chuck away unnecessary bulk and weight, add a dash of fresh color, a touch of delightful texture and sum it up with clever, creative designs, and you will get Hellolulu.


15th January 2013

I’m sure you’ve all read my posts about Yuppiechef in the past and it’s because of awesome little touches like this handwritten notecard/reusable postcard (plus another cute magnet for our fridge) they included in our order, that makes me love them so much.

Oh, and also that I placed my order on Sunday night and it was delivered Monday lunchtime. How’s that for service?

Thanks guys! Keep on rocking online shopping in South Africa!

Painted Antlers

18th December 2012

How about hanging a pair of Painted Antlers over the fireplace this Christmas?

Aren’t they gorgeous!

YuppieChef / Jolly Cookathon

6th December 2012

Most of you already know how much I love YuppieChef and this little box of happiness they sent me yesterday for being one of the 10 Jolly Cookathon winners, has only made me love them more.

The attention to detail (and the details themselves!) are so good. Handwritten notes, lucky coins, certificates and magnets! It’s clever, cute and über-personal. I love it all and can’t wait to find some things to buy with my voucher. Woop!

If you want to see what we cooked – take a look at our YuppieChef entry here.

Tito The Elephant

5th December 2012

Tito The Elephant over on Fab is pretty awesome.

Christmas Postcards

4th December 2012

I’m super excited to have collected our Christmas postcards and that they came out so great!

I only recently discovered that ORMS have added postcards to their huge range of services, so I thought they would be a fun alternative to cards this year. Can’t wait to get them in the post!

As a side note: Those of you that know us, know about our honorary surname but for those who don’t, my surname is Joy and Si’s is Raybould and so Joybould has always been this funny combination that people use when describing us together. We actually talked about changing our surname to Joybould when we got married…but we didn’t in the end. Think we’ll just stick to using it on the Christmas cards!

Hello Monday

3rd December 2012

I had a mailer from Shanna Murray this morning featuring her new Holiday Collection – although I don’t think any of it is actually live on the shop yet.

In the meantime these Be Kind and Be Brave ribbons made me happy this morning.

Words to live by.


28th November 2012

Love this sweet Rainbow Butterfly Garland by South African store Meekal.

Victoria Verbaan

27th November 2012

This morning I popped into Blank Space, a sweet little gallery and shop around the corner from our place and discovered Victoria Verbaan.

The South African artist paints a Doodle a Day which she then uploads to her site. I really love her style (and in particular the cute bum paintings!)

It looks like her new online store Victoria Verbaan & the Smoking Daxi will be up and running any day now, but if you can’t wait her daily illustrations are also sold in limited edition runs of 20 at Blank Space, 71 Roeland Street.

Loop Scarf

8th November 2012

Love this Triangle Loop Scarf from Bookhou.

Christmas Wishlist #4

Food Work / Anderssen-Voll

8th November 2012

I stumbled across this awesome coffeepot the other day on KITKA, a design blog run by Toronto based store Mjölk.

Designed for a new Norwegian collective called Food Work by Anderssen & Voll, this little coffeepot is a beauty.

The Rachel Zoe Collection

17th October 2012

One of my clients just pointed me in the direction of The Rachel Zoe Collection Look Book on the Bloomingdales website.

The products produced as animated gifs are gorgeous. Subtle and beautiful.