28th November 2012

Love this sweet Rainbow Butterfly Garland by South African store Meekal.



26th November 2012

I was feeling kind of crafty this weekend and so I made these name blocks for my sweet little cousin’s Christmas present.

Thought it might be fun to teach him some South African animals!

Mini Marquee Sign With Lights

21st November 2012

Oh! This Mini Marquee Sign on Oh Happy Day is gorgeous!

There are complete instructions and everything. I think I’m going to make one.

(via OhHappyDay)


19th November 2012

WTF is sugru?

Well, you’ll have to watch this extremely amusing video to find out.

Bonus: I think I’ve just solved about 5 of our Christmas present ideas!

Stitched Screen Door

19th November 2012

I was taking my usual Friday afternoon DesignSponge break last week (I love being nosey and checking out other people’s houses in Sneak Peaks!) and look what I found!

This awesome stitched screen door is by Abbey Hendrickson, a blogger and freelance crafter living in upstate New York. Her new book, You Are Awesome: 21 Crafts to Make You Happy has just been released and this cool door screen is one of her DIY projects.

She was sweet enough to give the DesignSponge folk directions for making it, so if you have a fly screen door and fancy getting creative, check out the instructions here.

Wouldn’t this be the coolest thing to come home to everyday?

(via DesignSponge)

Between Friends ♥ Lynn Cockburn

17th August 2012

Between Friends
Lynn Cockburn A.K.A. Lynnda Needles

Lynn is probably the most creative and unique person I know. Give her some yarn or a length of rope and she’ll turn it into a belt … or a jumper … or a dress … or a plant holder. Do you remember our crocheted Stag’s Head? Yep, well that was her.

She’s ridiculously motivated (I’m not sure she actually sleeps!), she researches like a woman possessed, and she also happens to be super, super cool.

Half of quirky London knitwear label a minute silence – when she’s not creating pieces for AMS, she designs and makes cool knotted accessories (think camera straps, bracelets and necklaces) for her store, O NÓ.

Oh, and that’s all in between her day job as a knitwear designer.

Lynn, we salute (and love!) you. Thank you for giving us the first Between Friends.

(To view a bigger version, please click the image above)

DIY Glass Mobile

16th August 2012

The weather in Cape Town has been pretty crazy for the last week or so with storms, hail and gale force winds. On Saturday I happened to glance outside, just in time to watch the glass top on the outside table lift up and smash back down into a million pieces. Yikes.

Luckily it was made of safety glass and although it smashed, there were a few salvageable pieces which I decided to turn into a mobile.

It looks awesome when the light catches it and reflects through all the cracks.

What do you think?

Lynnda Needles

16th July 2012

I’m so excited to share the awesome new addition to our bedroom with you all this morning!

This amazing crocheted Stag’s Head was made by one of my coolest friends, Lynnda Needles and somehow I convinced her to ‘lend’ it to us when we were in London. Yay! She made it for an exhibition at the very cool Welcome Home store in Glasgow and now we have it hanging from our ceiling.

Lynn makes all kinds of amazing things. She’s a trained knitwear designer, she started up the quirky and gorgeous knitwear label AMS (a minute silence) with Danny Sangra (check him out, he’s also super cool); sells her knotted Japanese jewellery at O NO … and then makes crocheted awesomeness in her spare time. And she has a full time job. Amazing.

Check out more of her work over on her blog iamlynndaneedles.

We ♥ Lynnda Needles!

Vík Prjónsdóttir

22nd May 2012

The days are getting shorter and definitely colder in Cape Town and I would love love LOVE one of these Vík Prjónsdóttir’s Twosome Blankets for movie nights!

Can you imagine anything more amazing than cuddling under this on the couch?

On a side note: I found this picture on Remodelista, in an article about A Perfect Day in Toronto. Some of our good friends have just moved to Toronto and I think we might just have to visit. It also mentioned Bookhou – which got me all excited because Si bought me one of their bags for my birthday and it’s been waiting for me in London for 3 weeks already! I can’t wait to see it.

8-bit Skull

21st May 2012

I love looking through Minieco. I’m always inspired by the cute things Kate comes up with and amazed that she’s a full time mum as well – wow.

Last month I wrote about her 8-bit heart card and this month she’s gone one better with these little 8-bit skull popup cards. I love them and want to send one to everyone I know!

Download the skull template here, but if you want the whole shebang (space invaders and envelopes too!) go here.

Child’s Own Studio

18th May 2012

Oh my. Child’s Own Studio celebrates kid’s drawings by turning them into soft toys. I think this might possibly be the coolest thing I’ve ever seen.

I am in love with the happy purple sheep / scary red monster. Now I just need to wait for my sweet little nephew to get big enough to draw!

(Thanks Sherm)

Mother’s Day

11th May 2012

Some people think that Mother’s Day is just another excuse for Hallmark to get their flowery cards out on the shelves, but I think it’s a sweet excuse to celebrate your mum…

…and so today is going to be all about mum’s with some inspiration and ideas for Sunday.

Kicking off are some sweet decorating ideas from cute Aussie store BLANK™.

Ah, I heart Divine Twine.

China Design

9th May 2012

Not only did the Chinese invent some of the the best food around, they were showing us how Graphic Design was done way back in the 20s and 30s.

These amazing vintage prints are from Chinese Graphic Design in the Twentieth Century by Scott Minick and Jiao Ping and are great examples of designers who were inspired by the the ideas of writer and artist Lu Xun, the guy who introduced modern woodblock techniques to China. I would love some of these on our walls.

For some more great examples check out 50Watts.

(via VisualNews)

Happy Friday

6th April 2012

Love these pop up love cards by Minieco.

Download the template here.

Happy Bunny

6th April 2012

Happy Easter Everyone!

This Origami Easter Bunny Tag is by Amy Moss.

Check out her awesome blog over at EatDrinkChic.

Wind & Willow Home

5th April 2012

Dip-dyed pretty. I think I might try some dip-dying this Easter weekend – I’m feeling crafty.

Wooden bowl set by Wind & Willow Home.


27th March 2012

These Printed Ceramic Tiles by ImageSnap are cool. Upload your Instagram or digital photos, chose your size and finish (Gloss or Matte) and away you go.

Best of all, the tiles are standard sizes so using them at home when you finally get around to re-tiling your bathroom shouldn’t be an problem!

(via DesignMilk)

Frances & Francis

26th March 2012

Monday morning blooms.

I love these delicate paper flowers made with real twigs by English company Frances & Francis.

(via DesignSponge)

1882 LTD

20th March 2012

Emily Johnson’s ceramic lights are beautiful. Hand crafted and made of Fine Bone China, 1882 has links back to Wedgwood and the original English ceramist’s of the late 1800s.

1882ltd.com is a slick little site worth checking out, especially if you fancy a rather interesting read about the history of pottery in the north of England.

Baker’s Twine

13th January 2012

Our wedding is getting closer (39days 02hours 23minutes 06seconds according to Si’s Dashboard Countdown Widget – yikes!) so I’ve been busy designing cards, making signs and getting things finished.

My Baker’s Twine finally arrived in the post a couple of days ago and I love it. Si vetoed bunting from the beginning, but a little Baker’s Twine won’t go amiss! I might have to make it my new favourite thing for 2012 and order some more colours so I can wrap this year’s birthday presents in it.



4th January 2012

A few years ago we spent a month in Oaxaca over New Year and it was one of my favourite places in Mexico by a mile. With a beautiful zocalo, gorgeous old buildings, quirky shops, fun bars and great restaurants, there was also a really cool art and graffiti scene with awesome stencils and images pasted all over the city walls.

This morning an article in Dwell caught my eye and I found myself reading a great story about a studio-cum-shop in Oaxaca called blackbox.

blackbox finds and collaborates with local artisans who use ancient techniques to churn out the same woven rugs, wooden carvings and pottery pieces again and again for uninspired tourists. By helping them bring their designs up to date and to use design as “a tool for social improvement”, new products (that wouldn’t look out of place in the MOMA store) are created using craftsmanship that’s been around for centuries.

I love the idea of developing these crafts – it helps ensure these techniques are not lost forever while producing some awesome new designs along the way.

Industrial designer Gustavo Fricke who opened blackbox says the shop’s overarching goal is: “To build trust and working relationships with these communities and give them a new channel for their work. I want the younger generation to feel proud of their skills, to realize: “Shit, man, this is cool and I made it. I learned this from my grandpa, and now this is giving me my bread.” ” 

Very cool.

(via Dwell)

Knit Stools

7th December 2011

These knit stools by Claire-anne O’Brien are gorgeous. My awesome friend Lynnda Needles would love them me thinks.

(via TheFoxIsBlack)

Wrap Up

29th November 2011

How awesome is this Pendleton Glacier National Park Blanket? I found it over on the National Geographic Gift Guide and although it’s expensive at $178, it’s also been in production since 1916. Good old fashioned design at it’s best, which says enough for me.

Get yours here.

Legotron Mark I

7th November 2011

How amazing is this Lego camera by Cary Norton? And what’s even more exciting is that is actually works!

(via DesignMilk)