Geografías Y A Veces Ni Eso

17th June 2013

I am in love with this series, Geografías y a veces ni eso / Geography and sometimes not even that by Escuela de Cebras.


Birth Certificate Redesign

24th April 2013

I love this redesigned UK Birth Certificate by IWANT design for ICON Magazine’s ReThink series.

Using the information found on the original birth certificate – mother, father, name, registrar – extras include birth location (with mapping co-ordinates for the digital version), time of birth, type of birth, physical attributes including weight, length, head circumference, hand and foot prints, blood type and eye and hair colour.

Astrological and astronomical details (moon cycle, ruling planet, weather), the etymology of the baby’s name, the birth flower and stone, the religion and the ruling monarch are a sweet touch. The certificates come in 4 colours to represent the season of birth and combine a mix of graphic icons and typography.

The certificate is then presented in a heavy, gloss, white envelope with the baby’s basic information embossed on the front with a wax seal. Beautiful.

This is something that would surely be displayed, rather than tucked away in an office filing cabinate.

I love design.

(via dezeen)

Higher Desk

17th April 2013

I think the Higher Desk designed by Berlin / Shanghai design house Coordination is great.

Perfect for use in confined spaces, the minimal cork, lathed oak and lacquered steel table has an interchangeable, shorter leg that can be propped against a ledge / unit / stack of books to work more effectively within a space.

(via Dwell)

Johnny Neon / Hearts

3rd April 2013

Eeeek! This video for Johnny Neon’s Hearts is amazing.

Dave – the director at Cape Town production house MacDuff – spent the weekend looking after his friend’s dog Lemon … and this is what they got up to.

(Look out for the bit on the beach when Lemon shakes everywhere. Brilliant!)

(Thanks Ewa)

Miffy Dream Lamp

5th February 2013

I love this Miffy Dream Lamp by Dutch design studio Mr Maria.

(via FAB)

Piece Industries

22nd January 2013

I love these Skim boards by Cape Town based design studio, Piece Industries. I suppose you could ride one, but I think I’d prefer to hang it on my wall.

With a focus on merging extreme and freestyle sports with the creative expression of art, design, film and photography, they collaborate with local illustrators and board riders to create ridable pieces of art.

Helping to make the world more beautiful through design = the best philosophy ever.

Found SEO App

17th December 2012

My amazing husband’s company has just released Found SEO, a free app to help identify common SEO errors and potential SEO issues that may affect your site’s ranking.

It’s simple, sleek and extremely useful. Canonicalisation (I’d never heard of it before either!) meta-data, links, the works!

Download it from the App Store here.

Between Friends ♥ Steve Clark

23rd November 2012

Between Friends
Steve Clark

Steve Cheese is the owner and talented head designer at Design Lagoon, a digital agency with studios in the UK and Madrid.

His grungy style inspired the original SoulDive and Drool collections (here’s Si wearing SoulDive in Brasil) producing awesome screenprinted tees and hoodies. More recently he’s been concentrating on web and print design for Design Lagoon, rocking out work for the likes of MTV, Seas at Risk and O’Neill. Nice.

Keep up to date with his musings on Twitter and new work on Facebook.

Thanks dude!

A Creative Carthasis

9th November 2012

A Creative Carthasis is a poster exhibition put together by Irish Agency Sharp Suits aka Mark & Paddy in aid of Temple Street Children’s Hospital.

Ad creatives, designers, animators, directors and illustrators have designed their favourite worst feedback from clients, transforming quotes into A3 prints of genius.

Make It Pop is by far my favourite.

Unfortunately the exhibition is finished, but you might get lucky if you still want a print by emailing

(Thanks bub)


Dual Hemispheres Map

12th October 2012

Here’s a bit of Friday morning map love from the awesome design studio These Are Things.

I love that they’ve gone a bit renegade and put Australia on the left, which is technically correct but hardly ever done!

Don Quixote

1st October 2012

Wow, this cover for Don Quixote by Lobulo Design is gorgeous.

If you have some spare time to look around the Lobulo website there’s some amazing work on there. The papercut vaginas are particularly awesome.

(via TheGuardian)

Between Friends ♥ Justin Howes

24th August 2012

Between Friends
Justin Howes

Funny, creative and über-talented, Justin is one of those guys you can’t help but like.

In 2007 he set up Just Design Studio, working as it’s Creative Director for clients including Ogilvy, Channel 4Nespresso, Harley Davidson and Visa – yes, he’s that good!

The multi-discipline agency has been based in London for the past 5 years, and with plans for a Cape Town studio just around the corner he’ll be taking on the Mother City, making shit happen and available for after work beers very soon. Hooray!

Watch this space for more news to come…

(To view a bigger version, please click the image above)

Iconic Painters to Guess

8th August 2012

These colourful and minimal posters by Polish Studio Re:design, have been designed to make you guess the iconic painter. What a lovely thing to wake up to this morning.

(via VisualNews)

London 2012

7th August 2012

OK, so after some reading and research, apparently the thought behind London’s 2012 Olympic branding was a strategic plan to … to show something you could bump into on the street–using that language–as opposed to something that felt “official.”

Wolff Olins, the International branding consultancy behind London 2012 said: We set out to make these Olympics in 2012 to be noticed–to be different because they are different.

Hmmm, every Olympics is different, no matter where it’s held so I’m still skeptical.

For a more in depth explanation behind London’s look, check out The Surprisingly Smart Strategy Behind London’s Infamous Olympic Branding over on CoDesign.

Rio 2016

6th August 2012

And while we’re on the subject of Olympics…

…I love the Rio 2016 font, designed by Dalton Maag. It’s elegant and beautiful.

The logo, designed by Rio Agency Tátil is also very cool. Sigh. Why couldn’t London’s have been just a litttttle bit prettier?

(via DesignWeek)


27th July 2012

The Creative Director of Mother, Gustavo Sousa, has found a rather unique way of using the Olympic rings and their colours to display some of the world’s most intriguing statistics.

Whether it’s the Number of Billionaires, McDonald’s or People Living with HIV, Oceaniaeuropeamericaasiaafrica is a beautiful way of showing the major differences between the world’s continents.

Oceania: blue – Europe: black – Americas: red – Africa: yellow – Asia: green

(via CoDesign)

Le Miroir

10th July 2012

A very clever little video about life by Ramon and Pedro. Well worth a watch.

(via kuriositas)


20th June 2012

This made me laugh so much this morning!

Zombies, Run! is a Kickstarter funded app by London based Six to Start – a next-gen media game design company.

An immersive running game for your iPhone, iPod Touch or Android, you become a part of the zombie apocalypse and end up running for your life! The story is told through orders and voice recordings and you need to collect items and points along the way which you can use once you get home to build and grow your base. You can even add your own soundtrack.

If I was a runner, I would buy this for sure!


20th June 2012

Post-Itable by Milan based Soupstudio is rather genius. Never lose your doodles or that important phone number again!

(via DesignTaxi)


25th April 2012

These plant flèches (or arrows) by French studio Normal Studio are great.

Designed in collaboration with ENO (Editor of New Objects) – a curated collection of beautiful, useful everyday objects – you can purchase them here.

Yeah Just There

23rd April 2012

More geometric sexiness by Grant Orchard from London based Studio AKA.

Yeah Just There is a video promo for Orchard’s iPad wallpaper set and has similarities with Geometric Porn.

Both were initially rejected by Apple on the grounds they were too ‘sexy’, but after Orchard changed Yeah Just There’s app description from ‘If you squint your eyes and look long enough, all this becomes intensely erotic’ to ‘A little bit of this and that,’ and resubmitted it. A couple of months later it passed. Hmmm.

(via Co.Design)

The Hungry Workshop

4th April 2012

How AMmmmmA-ZING are these letterpressed aerograms by Melbourne studio The Hungry Workshop?

Native American Neon? Yes please!

(via OhJoy!)

The Real Cookbook

30th March 2012

Designed by Germany agency Korefe, this Real Cookbook made me smile. Happy Friday!

(Thanks S! and Flo)

Matt Setchell Creative

30th March 2012

My oh-so-talented friend Mr Matt Setchell has just launched his new site and I love it.

Super slick and sexy, Matt Setchell Creative is a boutique creative agency based in London, working with the likes of and Harrods.

He also happens to be Creative Director and founder of über-cool online magazine, Twenty6. Need I say more?

PS. The Matt Setchell ‘M’ logo is a BringMeJoy design! Woop!

Jelly Letters

21st March 2012

Rainbow jelly typography by Spanish design company m-inspira. Cool.

(via EatDrinkChic)