Pick 2

19th June 2013

Yes my friends, you can only pick 2 – because 3 is not always the magic number.


BringMeJoy / Moo

11th June 2013

I’m so excited to pick up my latest Moo Cards, although I’m a little miffed you still have to pay a £2.50 ‘delivery’ fee for collecting them yourself.

I’ll let you know when they’re available to buy!


24th May 2013

I’m pretty chuffed with my new Côte&Ciel laptop sleeve. This, inside my Wanderlust Tote makes up my new computer bag.

Way more fun that your average backpack, no?

DIY Screen Printing Kit

30th April 2013

My über-talented designer friend Justin just sent me the link to this awesome DIY screen printing kit.

It’s not just a pretty box either – packed with everything you could possibly need to set up your own screen printing empire, it looks perfect for anyone who wanted to start screen printing (me/him). Think we’re going to split it.


22nd March 2013

This week I’ve been busy doing all kinds of fun things – flower arranging, invite designing, some crazy art working, report designing (not quite as fun!) and now it’s the weekend and I haven’t put anything on here today.

Instead I will leave you with one of my new posters. Keep it real dudes.

See you next week! x


12th February 2013

I’m excited to finally share a site I designed last year with y’all, and although it’s a little more corporate than my usual BringMeJoy stuff I’d like to think it’s still rather pretty? Comments on a postcard please…

Check out the full Oresa site here.

(Kudos to the talented code-guru NickFrost for his unwavering enthusiasm and coding expertise on this project x)

Harlette Lingerie – i-D Magazine

23rd November 2012

How exciting!

This month’s i-D Magazine features Lara Stone and Laetitia Casta (shot by Daniele + Iango) wearing pieces by one of my clients, Harlette Lingerie.

Rock on the sexy supermodel!


24th October 2012

As of 9pm last night, I am now the proud owner of an awesome new MacBookPro!

I was so excited to open it up! Half the fun is unwrapping such a beautiful product and the attention to detail is second to none. The sweet guy that helped us gave me a Personal Setup invite and this little card made me sigh. It’s quite simply perfection on paper.

#lucky #thankyou #ohsohappy

Hello London!

22nd October 2012

We’re back in London and having an awesome time – even though it’s drizzly, cold and so foggy you can’t see 2 feet in front of you!

Tubes, chocolate skulls, sexy neon and Chilli Beef Ramen = the perfect start to a 2 week trip.


20th June 2012

Post-Itable by Milan based Soupstudio is rather genius. Never lose your doodles or that important phone number again!

(via DesignTaxi)

Secret Project

8th June 2012

I’m out to finalise my secret project and I’m very excited! Cross your fingers for me!


28th March 2012

My super helpful husband pointed me towards Docracy this morning. It’s a cool little site that will come in handy for anyone needing an easy solution when despairing over job contracts.

Have a look at the Freelance Bundle that includes documents for Copyright, Web Design, NDAs and Print Design amongst others that can be edited and used with clients.