Mister Moss

15th November 2013

Oh my!

I’ve been seeing hanging plants more and more often over the last few months and I think they’re great.

In Cape Town we have Opus but if you live in Melbourne you can order one of these Fibonacci Stands, complete with hanging Lemon Tree from Mister Moss.

How cool is he?

(via TheDesignFiles)


Weekend DIY / Hanging Airplants

18th October 2013

If I get some time in between more unpacking this weekend, I want to try to make some of these awesome hanging airplants for our kitchen.

What a pretty way of displaying our little Tillandsias … which are looped over racks on the wall and looking a bit sad at the moment!

Check out the DIY project on Design Sponge.

Grow Bottle

29th July 2013

I love a good upcycled product and these Grow Bottles really made me sigh this afternoon.

Aren’t they lovely?

Pop Plant

4th June 2013

I love these Pop Plant succulents.

I bought a similar one (moulded from the base of a coke bottle) when we were in Yzerfontein a couple of months ago.

DIY concrete planters are actually quite simple to make – so if you feel like getting crafty check out this great DIY Ceramic Tutorial over on DesignSponge. Then you can get painting, dip-dying, stencilling, spraying to your hearts content.

Truly Lovely Den Kit

30th May 2013

I spotted this Truly Lovely Den Kit when we were at the Eden Project a couple of weeks ago and thought it was a simple but genius idea.

The kit contains “everything a girl would need to build a den anywhere in the world…” including:

• a tarpaulin
• a fleecy blanket
• a groundsheet
• a handmade mallet
• tent pegs + a tent peg bag
• 15m rope
• instructions

All packed neatly into a cool little shoulder bag.

This would make an awesome gift for an adventurous little traveller and if you’re looking for a boy, check out the less flowery Kids Den Kit.

Maria Sibylla Merian

2nd April 2013

Today’s Google Doodle celebrates the 366th birthday of Maria Sibylla Merian, the German scientific illustrator and naturalist, known for her exquisite documentation of the metamorphosis of the butterfly and her studies in Suriname between 1699 – 1701.


Living Wreath

27th March 2013

This gorgeous wreath made me so happy when I saw it. What a beautiful gift it would make.

For instructions on how to make your own, click here.

(via HGTV)

Terrarium Domsai Dim

10th December 2012


Please can I have a Domsai Dim Terrarium for Christmas?

The terrariums designed by Matteo Cibic are described as “Tamagotchi’s for your desk” and are tailor-made for each cactus with a 4-6 weeks delivery time.

Hydrangea Wreath

10th December 2012

This Dried Hydrangea Wreath is gorgeous and way more inspiring than your average wreath!

I would love to hang this on our door for Christmas.

Happy Braai Day

24th September 2012

In respect for my current adopted country, we’ll call it Braai Day (my inner Aussie is shaking her head like crazy) and despite the weather being a bit grey for Heritage Day, I’m hoping these colourful bits will brighten your braai!

1. Weber Tool Set
2. Smokey Joe Weber
3. Weber Salt & Pepper Mills
4. Joseph Joseph Timer
5. Bodum Basting Kit
6. Country Road Lehria Cushion
6. Country Road Marlo Cushion
7. Country Road Cassa Throw


12th June 2012

As most of you know I have a bit of an obsession with Ikea and the trouble is there’s no Ikea in South Africa. The other trouble is the 23kg weight limit (46kg if I count Si and get rid of all our clothes!) I have to travel home with, which means I can’t realistically buy chairs or picture frames or chopping boards or most of the other fun things they sell if I go while I’m in London.

Last Monday however, after a 2 and a half year hiatus (through circumstance, rather than choice) I found myself in Ikea. It looked exactly the same as the last one I went to in Hong Kong which was comforting, although I didn’t expect anything else. I thought I could just go for a look…

I had fun wandering through the showroom and got ideas for kitchen storage we might need one day when we actually have a kitchen; I saw some great beds covered in cool sheets in cute bedrooms, and kitchens full of things I never even knew I needed.

I carried 3 cushions around before deciding I could probably only fit one in the bag back to Cape Town.

I found an amazing wooden chopping block for £5 (about R55) that would cost over R200 back home. Unfortunately it weighed about as much as it cost in kilos so I ended up putting it back.

I did eventually give in to the Ädelsten pestle and mortar which is made of marble and weighs about 5kg too, but my reasoning was we’ve been looking for a pestle and mortar for ages and after giving up on finding one in Africa (which I know is crazy), Ikea it was.

In the end I bought a can opener, a garlic press, the Blanda Bowls, some teatowels, the pestle and mortar, an Eivor cushion, a bag to carry everything in and last but by no means least, a bag of obligatory frozen meatballs to eat while we’re here. Very restrained I thought (and between you and me it’s probably lucky we have a 23kg luggage limit).

1. Ädelsten Pestle and Mortar
2. Tirup Armchair
3. Eivor Cushion
4. Pokal Mug
5. Kalaset Espresso Cups
6. White Ribba Frame
6. Black Ribba Frame
7. Blanda Blank Stainless Steel Bowls
8. Köttbullar Meatballs

(photo from the Skinny laMinx stall @ Neighbourgoods Market)

Happy Monday

21st May 2012

Here’s a little ray of sunshine on a Monday morning.

London based guerrilla gardener Steve Wheen creates teeny tiny gardens inside potholes and cracks found in various cities. Love them. If I found one of these walking along the street it would make my day!

(via OddityCentral)


25th April 2012

These plant flèches (or arrows) by French studio Normal Studio are great.

Designed in collaboration with ENO (Editor of New Objects) – a curated collection of beautiful, useful everyday objects – you can purchase them here.

Jung Hwajin

27th March 2012

How simple and sweet is this Polaroid planter by Korean designer Jung Hwajin?

(via dornob)


2nd February 2012

I’ve been having a bit of thing for succulents and cactus recently, and although a Yukka is neither (!) it reminded of this photo I took a couple of years ago. Pretty.


14th December 2011

I am so in LOVE with these ceramic air plant holders by Michael McDowell – aka Mudpuppy.

Dear Santa,
Please can I have one for Christmas?
Love erin x


30th November 2011

Developed by designer Samuel Wilkinson, Biome is a terrarium that contains an app capable of managing water, light, nutrient levels all easily controlled by your iPad.

Although it’s still only a prototype, isn’t it a beautiful way of merging technology with nature?

(via CoDesign)


Egg Bird Feeder

21st November 2011

This Egg Bird Feeder by J Schatz is sure to brighten any Monday morning! The Hummingbird Feeders and Bird Houses are just as beautiful too.

(via Dwell)

Hotel Para Plantas

28th July 2011

From the 1st July to the 31st August, residents of Madrid going on holiday can rest easy that their plants are being well cared for, by checking them into Hotel Para Plantas at the Isla Azul Shopping Center.

The brainchild of experiential marketing agency Ogilvy Action, plant owners can drop off their leafy friends for a free full-board and have them looked after by a team of professional botanists. All “guests” are given special treatment to suit their needs, there are security cameras to make sure your plants aren’t neglected and audio downloads available to stimulate growth and scare off pests!

Functionally the campaign aims to drive more customers to the shopping center with positive PR and a chance for shoppers to win €500 when they register their details. Very clever.

I wish we had a plant hotel in Cape Town.