Let’s Appreciate The Planet

9th December 2013

I love this poster series by Ukrainian graphic designer jDstyle.

See the whole series here.

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Exbury Egg

17th June 2013

The Exbury Egg is a studio space designed in collaboration between PAD studiothe SPUD group and British artist Stephen Turner.

Tethered like a boat, Turner will live and work in the pod over the course of a year while it takes on the patina of 730 tides, and 365 days of weathering by wind, rain and sun.


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Truly Lovely Den Kit

30th May 2013

I spotted this Truly Lovely Den Kit when we were at the Eden Project a couple of weeks ago and thought it was a simple but genius idea.

The kit contains “everything a girl would need to build a den anywhere in the world…” including:

• a tarpaulin
• a fleecy blanket
• a groundsheet
• a handmade mallet
• tent pegs + a tent peg bag
• 15m rope
• instructions

All packed neatly into a cool little shoulder bag.

This would make an awesome gift for an adventurous little traveller and if you’re looking for a boy, check out the less flowery Kids Den Kit.


30th April 2013

German science magazine, GEOlino wanted it’s young readers to learn about the effects of global warming in a child-oriented way, and so they came up with Meltdown. The first board game that uses real ice.

With the aim of rescuing a polar bear family from the permanent ice floes to safety on the mainland, it’s a race against time as the ice melts. The Arctic is made up of blue sponge and is used as the game board, absorbing the melted ice at the same time.

What a brilliant idea.

(Thanks S! x)

Tony Plant

4th February 2013

What a shame for these beautiful designs by British artist Tony Plant to be washed away by the rising tide.

They remind me of work by one of my favourite artists, Andy Goldsworthy.

(Thanks Mum)


11th January 2013

In Hong Kong we visited a cool little coffee shop called Brio Espresso that stocked the unbelievably beautiful Ovopur water filter.

I’m kind of fussy about my water and I think it’s extremely important to find a solution for providing water that not only tastes good, but is also eco-friendly in your home.

Ovopur is a gravitational filter system that combines the unique shape of an egg and the thermal properties of porcelain to preserve and revitalise water, and the aquacristal cartridge that sits inside the Ovopur is made up of 4 different filtration levels.

It’s a beautiful and very useful thing – the perfect product actually – and if we had a house it would be the second thing I’d buy, after a comfy couch!

Wet Ladybugs

6th December 2012

What could be sweeter than these images of Ladybugs caught in the rain by Alejandro Ferrer Ruiz?

On Sunday the South African Ladybug’s were out in full force and so I had some time to examine a couple that landed on me while I was sitting on the beach. They’re such funny little things.

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17th October 2012

Midway is a film by photographer, director and activist Chris Jordan shot on the Midway Atoll in the North Pacific Ocean.

“The MIDWAY media project is a powerful visual journey into the heart of an astonishingly symbolic environmental tragedy. On one of the remotest islands on our planet, tens of thousands of baby albatrosses lie dead on the ground, their bodies filled with plastic from the Pacific Garbage Patch.”

With filming continuing throughout this year and a Kickstarter campaign to raise $100,000 (they ended up raising $112,273) the completed film is due for release next year. I can’t wait to watch it.

(Thanks Lauz)


13th August 2012

My Dewent pencils with their funny names were always my most favourite art supplies … Rose Madder Lake, Burnt Sienna and Kingfisher Blue.

My Dad used to scalpel off a side at the bottom of each pencil and write my name on every one before school started again after the Summer. Love.

Anyway, I thought these pencil sculptures were all pretty great. Hope you like.

Dave Rittinger’s Color Pencil Tree
(via designboom)

Pascale Marthine Tayou’s Reverse City
(via mmm)

Jonna Pohjalainen Coloured Pencils
(via Mr.Kate)

Non-Sign II

20th July 2012

This ‘billboard’ caught my eye this morning and at a first glance I thought it was a Starling murmuration.

Designed by Seattle-based art and architecture firm Lead Pencil Studio, Non-Sign II (on the US-Canada border at Blaine, Washington) was built with stainless steel rods and is meant to resemble TV static.

The somewhat ‘anti-advertising’ board has been created as a frame to look onto the world beyond, rather than taking attention away from the landscape as a typical billboard would normally do.

Unique and beautiful.

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Lonesome George

26th June 2012

It’s with a sad heart I write that Lonesome George, the Galápagos Islands most famous resident died on Sunday.

We were lucky enough to visit the Galápagos a few years ago and we saw him while we were there (he’s the one in the top photo and on the Galapagos Parks logo). He was a Pinta Tortoise and the last of his kind. Unfortunately all the best efforts to help him find a mate never came to pass. Giant Tortoises are the most amazing creatures, so peaceful and gentle – we need to do whatever we can to help them survive.

If you’d like to make a donation, The Intrepid Foundation works alongside The Charles Darwin Centre on the Galápagos Islands conducting research and conservation projects.

Hout Couture

10th May 2012

I think these will be my new sunglasses.

Hout Couture is a Cape Town based company who pledge that “for each pair of wooden sunglasses sold, an indigenous or fruit tree will be planted through Eco-Schools projects in South Africa.”

Even more reason to purchase a pair.

PS ‘Hout’ means ‘wood’ in Afrikaans.

GreenZero Chargers

18th January 2012

Eco-friendly chargers are nothing new, but I thought these GreenZero charges by Bracketron were particularly cool. Green for the home, black for travel.

They detect when your device is fully charged and in turn shut off the incoming power. Good for the environment, good for you.

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Frozen Planet

25th November 2011

I am having such an awesome time watching the newest BBC Series Frozen Planet. My mouth is pretty much open for the entire hour!

Do people understand how amazing our little world is?

Scrap Lights

3rd November 2011

How awesome are these scrap cardboard lights by Seattle based studio graypants, inc.?

Creating a beautiful atmosphere through light and shadow while instilling new spirit into salvaged pieces of corrugated cardboard, this is definitely what great design is all about.

Check out the full Scrap Light range here.

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Nest Learning Thermostat

25th October 2011

Whoever knew climate-control could be sexy?

Thankfully, Tony Fadell, the man behind the invention of the iPod did and as a result we now have the gorgeous Nest Learning Thermostat. This little product is not only pretty, it also contains software that analyses and tracks your energy usage. Over time it learns to predict your energy needs and starts adjusting itself to work with your lifestyle. Amazingly, it’s this intuitive programming that can save you 30% – 40% off your energy costs.

Good for you + Good for the environment = Win

Have a watch of the video should you need any extra convincing.

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10th October 2011

Poetree is a simple, beautifully designed funeral urn by Margaux Ruyant.

A tree can be planted into the ashes of a loved one and when it’s big enough, the whole urn can in turn be planted into the ground where the cork pot disintegrates into the soil. All that’s left behind is a tree and the ceramic memorial ring. Beautiful.

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30th June 2011

These Nectar/Perch bookends would be a sweet edition to any bookshelf. Handmade from sandcast recycled aluminum means they’re eco friendly as well. Awesome.

Vinyl Love

8th June 2010

London based designers HU2 have created a whole range of amazing wall vinyls. They’re creative and cool and I LOVE the eco-reminders like this laptop sticker.

I want them all!