29th July 2013

…thinking about booking tickets to Rocking The Daisies.

…getting excited (but not too much yet) about the possibility of a new flat.

…making a list of some DIY ideas to try out in said flat.

…experiencing blog envy.

…counting down the minutes until dinner here.


Grow Bottle

29th July 2013

I love a good upcycled product and these Grow Bottles really made me sigh this afternoon.

Aren’t they lovely?

Brushstroke Quilt

26th July 2013

This Brushstroke Quilt over at Anthropologie looks cosy and inviting.

Especially on such a grey Cape Town Friday.


2nd July 2013

After 2 months away I have to admit it’s nice to be back.

Hello Cape Town! We missed you.

Dip-dyed Neon

2nd July 2013

Neon + dip-dying + kitchen utensils = a fun DIY craft project + sweet gift idea.

Here’s how you can make your own.

(Thanks Miche)


28th June 2013

Last Friday night we went to Bob Bob Ricard for dinner.

I’ll have to write a separate Between Meals post about it because it was cool beyond belief, but before I do I want to share Penhaligon’s Quercus Candle.

It was burning in their bathroom and’

Is it to early to start a Christmas wish list?

You Are My Happy

21st June 2013

Happy Friday clouds by Southern Sky Art on Etsy.


The Design Files

21st June 2013

I love this Mother’s Day Gift Ideas shoot over on The Design Files.

How awesome are the colours and styling in this shot?

Exbury Egg

17th June 2013

The Exbury Egg is a studio space designed in collaboration between PAD studiothe SPUD group and British artist Stephen Turner.

Tethered like a boat, Turner will live and work in the pod over the course of a year while it takes on the patina of 730 tides, and 365 days of weathering by wind, rain and sun.


(via DesignBoom)

Rainbow Mugs

10th June 2013

Design supremo Massimo Vignelli created these Rainbow Mugs in 1975 … and their colours are making me happy on a Monday in 2013.

Isn’t that cool.

Thinking Swing

5th June 2013

I would like a Thinking Swing in Circus Black by Pop & Scott.

Pop Plant

4th June 2013

I love these Pop Plant succulents.

I bought a similar one (moulded from the base of a coke bottle) when we were in Yzerfontein a couple of months ago.

DIY concrete planters are actually quite simple to make – so if you feel like getting crafty check out this great DIY Ceramic Tutorial over on DesignSponge. Then you can get painting, dip-dying, stencilling, spraying to your hearts content.

Truly Lovely Den Kit

30th May 2013

I spotted this Truly Lovely Den Kit when we were at the Eden Project a couple of weeks ago and thought it was a simple but genius idea.

The kit contains “everything a girl would need to build a den anywhere in the world…” including:

• a tarpaulin
• a fleecy blanket
• a groundsheet
• a handmade mallet
• tent pegs + a tent peg bag
• 15m rope
• instructions

All packed neatly into a cool little shoulder bag.

This would make an awesome gift for an adventurous little traveller and if you’re looking for a boy, check out the less flowery Kids Den Kit.

Wooden Stool

24th May 2013

This Wooden Stool is lovely. It makes me want to half paint some stuff.


24th May 2013

We’ve been searching for decent chopping boards for a while now, so I’m happy to say we’ve finally found some.

These Bambu Cutting Edge boards are going to rock our kitchen and makes friends with the knives, and the turquoise and green give them just the right amount of cool. Can’t wait.

Busy Bee

23rd May 2013


I’m sorry for ignoring you! London has been keeping me busy, work has been keeping me busy and I’m only just about finding time to visit friends and sleep in between.

I have so many exciting things to blog about and it’s driving me crazy that I can’t find the time. I promise I’ll try a bit harder…

This Bee cushion is over on Society6 (who incidentally have free worldwide shipping from today until Sunday).

DIY Screen Printing Kit

30th April 2013

My über-talented designer friend Justin just sent me the link to this awesome DIY screen printing kit.

It’s not just a pretty box either – packed with everything you could possibly need to set up your own screen printing empire, it looks perfect for anyone who wanted to start screen printing (me/him). Think we’re going to split it.

Owl Love

29th April 2013

These owl lanterns are making me happy this morning.

Twitt – Utopia Owl Lantern
Twoo – Utopia Owl Candleholder 


25th April 2013

Love this Lion Nightlight by Jonathan Adler.

“Guaranteed to banish monsters.”

Higher Desk

17th April 2013

I think the Higher Desk designed by Berlin / Shanghai design house Coordination is great.

Perfect for use in confined spaces, the minimal cork, lathed oak and lacquered steel table has an interchangeable, shorter leg that can be propped against a ledge / unit / stack of books to work more effectively within a space.

(via Dwell)

My Neighbor Totoro

16th April 2013

Oh yes! Please can I have this My Neighbor Totoro sleeping bag? I know it’s for babies, but I want one anyway.

The adult version comes in a sofa style bed, which is also super cool and I’d like one of those as well, please.


Michael Wolf

15th April 2013

Michael Wolf’s photos for his book, Architecture of Density make me homesick for Hong Kong.

The images taken between 2003 and 2007, are an unsual take on Hong Kong’s crazy skyscraper living.

For more of his work take a look at his site here.

(via Co.Design)


12th April 2013

This weekend… Surf.

A trip to the beach.


12th April 2013

I came across these guys, Penny Farthing Design House the other day and I really love the things they sell.

Custom neon? Yes please.