29th April 2013

The Charlotte bag by Epiphanie is very cool. Finally a camera bag that’s sexy but practical!

The padding inside looks great and it fits your camera + attached lens, 1 long lens, 1 short lens, chargers and a flash, while the pocket on the front flap can hold your wallet, phone and keys and the back pocket can hold an iPad.



My Neighbor Totoro

16th April 2013

Oh yes! Please can I have this My Neighbor Totoro sleeping bag? I know it’s for babies, but I want one anyway.

The adult version comes in a sofa style bed, which is also super cool and I’d like one of those as well, please.


South Beach Stripe

2nd April 2013

I am also crazy in love with these South Beach Stripe Rugs by Xavier&Me.

Black and white please!


27th March 2013

Corkcicle is my new favourite thing.

Stick it in the freezer and pop it into wine or bubbles to have a nice cold bottle for your picnic.


Silhouette Cameo

11th February 2013

My sister-in-law told me that she’d bought a Silhouette Cameo the other day and I’m ashamed to say I’d never even heard of it!

This amazing device is a little digital cutting machine. Genius.

If only I’d known about them when we were designing and having things lasercut for our wedding (and when I had to hand-cut these dogs last week for a client!)

This has just gone on my 2013 Wish List.

Little Sloth

7th February 2013

I am absolutely 100% crazy in love with this Little Sloth Necklace.

The Assembly Hall

1st February 2013

I am totally and utterly in love with this Seikai-ha Ceramic Canister.

Sonya Poles, Montauk 2002

16th January 2013

When I spotted this print yesterday in the background of a photo on an interior website I knew I had to have it, or more accurately, buy it for my husband for our first wedding anniversary.

Little did I know the smallest available limited edition print would set me back $8000. Ouch.

After a bit of googling (“naked girl running with surfboard” got me some amazing hits!) I discovered the image was taken by New York photographer Michael Dweck and wow, is his work incredible.

Sonya Poles, Montauk 2002 is an image from his first major photographic work that was published in 2004 as The End: Montauk, N.Y. portraying the old fishing community of Montauk and its surfing subculture, at the very end of Long Island.

Beautifully suggestive, I just love, love, love the nostalgia of this image and it’s old school Summer vibe. Plus it would look amazing hanging above our bed.

Oh to be an art collector!


14th January 2013

These Marimekko Räsymatto mugs are making me happy on a Monday.


17th December 2012

Embrace by British designer John Green is beautiful and clever.

I would love one in our converted warehouse apartment (one day!)

(via FAB)

Hello Monday

3rd December 2012

I had a mailer from Shanna Murray this morning featuring her new Holiday Collection – although I don’t think any of it is actually live on the shop yet.

In the meantime these Be Kind and Be Brave ribbons made me happy this morning.

Words to live by.


29th November 2012

Oh me oh my.

I’m going a little crazy with all these amazing Instagram products.

This Stitchtagram Clutch is too cool for school.


16th November 2012

These awesome new Moleskine Diary colours have presented me with a small dilemma. Green, Purple or Yellow, eek!

I’m usually an A4 standard black kind of girl, but I’m thinking it might be fun to shake it up a bit next year!

Everything Is Going To Be OK

16th November 2012

I bought this sweet little book for my sweet best friend the other day and I kind of wish I’d got one for myself too.

Such a nice reminder, just in case you ever forgot.

Electric Love

9th November 2012

I am in awe of these beautiful dream catches by Electric Love.

I think they’re amazing.

Christmas Wishlist #5

Loop Scarf

8th November 2012

Love this Triangle Loop Scarf from Bookhou.

Christmas Wishlist #4

Follow The Sky

12th October 2012

Eek! Too excited to have just ordered this am-ma-mazing iPhone cover from Society6!

Can’t wait to get it!

Christmas Wishlist #4 – tick!

Cats Let Nothing Darken Their Roar

2nd October 2012

I’m super excited to hear that the 2013 (and 8th edition) Cats Let Nothing Darken Their Roar Calendar is now on sale.

This year I’m getting one for sure.

Christmas Wish List #2.

Vintage Letters

24th September 2012

Love these vintage letters from British reclaimed interiors store, Original House.

Christmas Wish List

20th September 2012

Is it too early to begin my Christmas Wish List?

#1 Large Pouch by Bookhou.


Pendant Love

19th September 2012

I’ve got a bit of a thing for hanging pendant lights at the moment. If we had our own place, I’d hang one on either side of the bed.

Designed by Mattias Ståhlbom for entrepo.

Neon Green Pendant Light
Designed by EarthSeaWarrior at Esty.

Light Love

19th September 2012

These are gorgeous, although I can’t find where they come from.

Does anyone know?

(via Design&Architecture)

Neon Laptop Case

22nd August 2012

…and while we’re at it…

Yes please to this rather lovely Neon Laptop Sleeve also.

Papillion Belle

9th August 2012

Yes, oh yes to this Butterfly Ring by Papillion Belle. *Sigh*