4th November 2013

I’m a big advocate of local talent which makes me happy to show off my sexy new phone cover by Cape Town company, Houdt.

It’s made of bamboo with a black rubber trim and I love it. And for R220 (£13.50) + free shipping in SA it definitely beats the last plastic cover I bought from Society6, which I was massively disappointed with.

Check out the rest of their products here.



19th June 2013

Rando is an experimental photo sharing app without all the fuss and the glory of most of today’s photo apps.

There’s no one to appreciate your photo except the person who receives it.

A rando must be sent in order to be received, you’ll never know who received the rando, and they will never know who sent it. All you’ll know is the location of where it landed, and the receiver will know where in the world it was taken.

I like it.

(Thanks Luke)

Jony Ive Redesigns Things

13th June 2013

The Jony Ive Redesigns Things Tumblr made me laugh out loud this morning.

(Thanks S!)

To Do Lists

29th April 2013

This post is not really about Wunderlist vs TeuxDeux. It’s more about how sad I am that the folks at Teux Deux are now charging a subscription for their list making service.

I’ve been using TeuxDeux (the simple and beautiful brainchild of swissmiss) for a couple of years now. I started off on the web app, loved how simple it was to use and bought the iPhone app as soon as it was released. Recently they did some updates (great) and with them now comes a subscription fee (not great). They are offering 3 and 6 months free if you’re a previous TeuxDeux user, but after that it’ll cost you $3/month or $2/month if you pay for a year up front.

Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s a great app and I was more than happy to pay $2.99 for the iPhone app, however the prospect of being tied into a subscription for the privilege of list making does not get me excited and so last week I signed up to Wunderlist.

It’s not as simple or pretty as TeuxDeux, but it works well and pretty much does the same thing for free. I’ll give it a go and see how I get on … and if all else fails I think I’ll just go back to plain old fashioned list writing in my moleskine.

iPad vs Paper

14th March 2013

There’s just some things technology can’t replace…

(Thanks mum)


17th January 2013

I saw my first Hellolulu bag when I was in Hong Kong at Christmas and fell in love with their simple but slick products. They come in an awesome selection of colours which totally adds to their cool too.

This Conn – Campus Backpack has a padded sleeve inside that’s the perfect size to carry a 15″ laptop. How tricky to choose a colour though! Blue with a green inside or purple with a blue inside?

Their funny little logo is also very cute and I’m digging the Happiness Manifesto on their website:

Happiness Manifesto – Chuck away unnecessary bulk and weight, add a dash of fresh color, a touch of delightful texture and sum it up with clever, creative designs, and you will get Hellolulu.

How To Design Like Apple

17th December 2012

One Minute MBA map out 60 second visual concepts aimed at students studying online MBA courses.

There’s a bunch of bunch of them ranging from How Millionaires Go Broke to Money Laundering.

How to Design Like Apple is their latest video and worth a 60 second watch. Even if you’re not into Apple – watching the concept illustrated is cool enough on it’s own.

(Thanks Emily)


5th December 2012

WeLove is a new online community that allows users to share and review interesting places and various niches in a city.

There’s a free app that’s used to rate or love a place or niche – whether it’s coffee, street art, sushi joints, artisan beer brewers or delicious places for breakfast, and every time you love or rate a location (or someone loves or rates a location you’ve added) you collect points. The more points you collect, the more influential you become.

It’s still quite a new startup and currently only available for Cape Town and Jo’burg, but I have a feeling they’re going to be huge.


Owl Of Joy

4th December 2012

Owl of Joy has kept me giggling with his rephrased proverbs since I installed him.


Lazerwood Keys

30th November 2012

Charlie Sorrel had a good rant about these Lazerwood Keys over on Cult of Mac, but I think they’re quite beautiful.

They also do a rather nice selection of wooden iPhone covers. Much better (and somehow cheaper?) than the rubbish plastic covers we had delivered from Society6.

(via CultOfMac)


29th November 2012

This Printstagram 2013 Calendar is rocking my world.

The question is can I take another 256 Instagram photos between now and the 17th December to ensure delivery before Christmas?



18th October 2012

Ohmygoodness, ohmygoodness!

I’ve just discovered Castagram, a site that lets you create customised iPhone and iPad cases with your Instagram photos.

Eek! Where to begin?

Christmas Wishlist #5

(via swissmiss)

Follow The Sky

12th October 2012

Eek! Too excited to have just ordered this am-ma-mazing iPhone cover from Society6!

Can’t wait to get it!

Christmas Wishlist #4 – tick!


26th September 2012

I know I’m a little bit late with this one, but I’ve just started to use Instagram properly and I love it!

iPad in the Sky

23rd July 2012

I’ve just been reading that Qantas plans to give all of it’s 767 passengers iPads to use for their inflight entertainment.

No more dodgy systems. Hooray!


20th June 2012

This made me laugh so much this morning!

Zombies, Run! is a Kickstarter funded app by London based Six to Start – a next-gen media game design company.

An immersive running game for your iPhone, iPod Touch or Android, you become a part of the zombie apocalypse and end up running for your life! The story is told through orders and voice recordings and you need to collect items and points along the way which you can use once you get home to build and grow your base. You can even add your own soundtrack.

If I was a runner, I would buy this for sure!

Simplicity Isn’t That Simple

25th May 2012

We salute you Sir Ive.

For a very interesting read, check out his interview over on The Telegraph.

Hammacher Schlemmer

27th April 2012

A solar powered iPad case that charges your iPad while it’s inside. Oh, it also comes with a stand, a USB port for charging other devices and a built-in HDMI output to connect to an HDTV. Yes please.

(via DesignTaxi)

Yeah Just There

23rd April 2012

More geometric sexiness by Grant Orchard from London based Studio AKA.

Yeah Just There is a video promo for Orchard’s iPad wallpaper set and has similarities with Geometric Porn.

Both were initially rejected by Apple on the grounds they were too ‘sexy’, but after Orchard changed Yeah Just There’s app description from ‘If you squint your eyes and look long enough, all this becomes intensely erotic’ to ‘A little bit of this and that,’ and resubmitted it. A couple of months later it passed. Hmmm.

(via Co.Design)


18th April 2012

The Amplifiear is an old-school style gramophone shaped device to help enhance the iPad’s sound. This clever little clip is the perfect example of simple, beautiful design.

Developed by Nonlinear Studio, they’ve got a Kickstarter project on the go and have already hit their target of $10,000.

(via CoolHunting)

Paper | FiftyThree

4th April 2012

Paper looks like a great little app for drawing, sketching and writing and I love how you can create Moleskin style sketchbooks to keep your drawings organised.

Designed by FiftyThree, a collective of 5 guys making “beautiful, practical, meaningful stuff” they have a very pretty website as well.

Geometric Porn

27th March 2012

Oo oo oo. Geometric Porn by Luciano Foglia. Genius.

This sexy little app was rejected by Apple Inc. Why?

“Feb 1, 2012 05:47 PM Apple: Reasons for Rejection: 16.1: Apps that present excessively objectionable or crude content will be rejected. We found that many audiences would find your app concept objectionable, which is not in compliance with the App Store Review Guidelines.”

Shame! I love it!

(Thanks S!)


20th March 2012

It’s my birthday in one week and the DIA lightbox frame is at the top of my wish list.

Super slick, sexy and all-round very cool, your photos are projected onto the transparent high-res LCD screen which gives the quality of a digital Ektachrome®. Images can be automatically uploaded with wifi or literally *wait for it* flicked across from an iPad or iPhone. Stunning. I wonder if they’re planning on producing larger format frames?

The Invincible Summer

15th March 2012

Another beautiful print by Matthew Kavan Brooks with this sweet and inspiring quote by Albert Camus.

If you’d like this as a print, a cover for your iPhone or iPad, on a tee, a hoodie (practically anything!) check out the very cool Society6 for all the options.