31st January 2012

“Life is messy. Simplify with Clear.”

I’ve just been reading about a new To Do app called Clear. Don’t get me wrong, I love Teux Deux (the nifty little swissmiss To Do app) and use it on my computer all the time, but I never got around to sorting it out on my (very old and very slow) iPhone.

Clear looks even more simple than Teux Deux, and although some people are saying this app is before it’s time as it breaks a lot of current interface rules with no labels, icons or menus, for me it would be perfect. Just a bit long list in bright blocks of colour.

Have a watch of the video and see what you think.

(via FastCompany)



27th January 2012

Si just bought me machinarium to play on the iPad. Yay!

If the awards are anything to go by (Best Indie Game of the Year, Best Soundtrack of the Year) and the creatures are as cute as the little guys on this wallpaper – I don’t think I’ll be doing much else this weekend!

Happy Friday everyone!

iPod Nano Clock Faces

26th January 2012

I think I’m a little behind on this one, but these iPod Nano clock faces are cool. I love, love, love the Mickey Mouse one especially!


13th December 2011

Is it just me, or does there seem to be influx of stylus’ popping up all over the place?

A few weeks ago I wrote about Estylo, but today it’s all about Cosmonaut. Chunky but pretty, it’s marketed at everyone – from kids to the elderly – and is meant to be used more like a dry erase marker than a pen or pencil.

How long before an Apple iStylus is released I wonder?

(via uncrate)


30th November 2011

Developed by designer Samuel Wilkinson, Biome is a terrarium that contains an app capable of managing water, light, nutrient levels all easily controlled by your iPad.

Although it’s still only a prototype, isn’t it a beautiful way of merging technology with nature?

(via CoDesign)


Estylo 1.1

18th November 2011

A Rainbow Pencil Stylus? Awesome!

Designed to be used on capacitive touch screens like the iPad, Estylo is the first and only wooden stylus of it’s kind and as well as being eco-friendly, the magnetic versions have also been designed to connect onto the side of the iPad. Clever. These would be great for anyone wanting to sketch or draw on their iPad.

With the project up on Kickstarter, I’m happy to say that Plai have reached their target goal and funding is now being spent on research and development for the Estylo 2.

Christmas Wish Listed.

Them Birds

18th October 2011

This awesome Alfred Hitchcock x Angry Birds mash up Them Birds was created by illustrators Dan Eijah Fajardo / aka Dandingeroz and Pedro Kramer / aka Badbasilisk.

Head over to Threadless to give it a 5/5 if you’d like to see it printed on a tee.

Optimistic Weather

13th October 2011

I love this Optimistic Weather App by Nation, a London digital studio.

If we were living back in London and I had an Android phone I’d get it for sure.

Contra Jour

12th October 2011

Contra Jour is my new favourite iPad game. The cute little dude combined with a sleepy Amelie style soundtrack is so sweet! I love it.

Check it out on the iTunes Store.


30th August 2011

My PostSecret book (from the lovely S!) is one of the few books I take with me when we move. Now they’ve made PostSecret app. Brilliant.

To Do

26th August 2011

I just found a set of To Do lists over at Mrs. Easton and I don’t really know what else to say except wow! They were made by her brother and there’s loads of them. I think they look like pieces of art.

Here’s a screenshot of my Teux Deux app by Swissmiss as a comparison. Hmmm…maybe I need to go back to the old school. It seems a whole lot more fun, don’t you think? (although I love Teux Deux and it’s super pretty as well…)