Picassos in the Park

12th September 2014

Back in July my amazing BFF Laura and one of her lovely friends Chloe, organised and ran a 4 week art course every Saturday morning in London’s Kennington Park.

Picassos in the Park is aimed at 5 – 10 year olds and inspires the budding little artists to get creative through painting, drawing and collage. Each week focuses on a new artist and so far they’ve explored Van Gogh, Matisse, Monet and of course, Picasso.

The first course was so successful they’re running a second course beginning tomorrow. If you’d like more information check out their Facebook page or send them an email … and to see some of the cute artworks from July’s course have a look at Laura’s blog – Cellandia at home.

The thought of learning about art for the first time and experiencing the excitement of creating a masterpiece makes me wish I was 5 years old again!

Good luck with your new course girls! x



10th December 2013

Hello friends!

Meet our new nephew Luca Eli Joy.

This foxy little dude is baby brother to Maddox, #1 world champion of sleeping and quite possibly the coolest baby ever to be born.

Isn’t he amazing?

erin x

Wooden Blocks

22nd November 2013

I love these traditional Wooden Blocks on the MoMA Store.

What I love more though, is that they come in English, Chinese, Spanish, French, Hebrew, Japanese, Korean and Italian.

What an amazing way for little kids to learn the basics of different languages.

Ray-Ban Baby

28th June 2013

Oh guys, I know I’ve been slack with posting and I’m sorry.

London (and that cool little dude up there) have been keeping me so busy.

We’ve been eating, drinking, working, shopping and spending as much time with the Munchkin as possible.

This was us yesterday in St. James’s Park. How awesome are his new Ray-Bans? I’m also quite in love with the Mr Bean bear that we found in Hamley’s.

One more London weekend to go.

Lost My Name

24th June 2013

I’ve been waiting to post about the most amazing Lost My Name book so I could surprise our little Munchkin with his when he arrived today!

These books are incredible. They are absolutely gorgeous. They’re sweet and funny and beautifully illustrated and I’ve already bought 2. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love them ♥.

The story is based around a child (choose a little girl or boy) who must embark upon an adventure to discover the letters that make up their name. Whether it’s an A for Aadvark or a R for robot, each story is unique and tells of a magical journey.

Simply. Stunning.

Truly Lovely Den Kit

30th May 2013

I spotted this Truly Lovely Den Kit when we were at the Eden Project a couple of weeks ago and thought it was a simple but genius idea.

The kit contains “everything a girl would need to build a den anywhere in the world…” including:

• a tarpaulin
• a fleecy blanket
• a groundsheet
• a handmade mallet
• tent pegs + a tent peg bag
• 15m rope
• instructions

All packed neatly into a cool little shoulder bag.

This would make an awesome gift for an adventurous little traveller and if you’re looking for a boy, check out the less flowery Kids Den Kit.


30th April 2013

German science magazine, GEOlino wanted it’s young readers to learn about the effects of global warming in a child-oriented way, and so they came up with Meltdown. The first board game that uses real ice.

With the aim of rescuing a polar bear family from the permanent ice floes to safety on the mainland, it’s a race against time as the ice melts. The Arctic is made up of blue sponge and is used as the game board, absorbing the melted ice at the same time.

What a brilliant idea.

(Thanks S! x)

The Honest Company

29th April 2013

Love this little skull diaper by Jessica Alba’s The Honest Company.

Little Pieces Photography

26th April 2013

Little Pieces Photography is a newborn photography studio run by Australian photographer, Kelly Brown.

Her sweet images really captured my attention and although she’s been compared to Anne Geddes, another famous Australian baby photographer, Kelly’s images are simpler and more natural in their composition. Watching how she gently manipulates sleepy little babes into these postions is really quite stunning.

On May 9th – 10th – 11th, Kelly is running a course at CreativeLIVE in Seattle teaching the art of newborn posing. It’s free to watch online for anyone interested – all you need to do is enroll beforehand here.


25th April 2013

Love this Lion Nightlight by Jonathan Adler.

“Guaranteed to banish monsters.”

My First Year Poster

24th April 2013

Reading about the Redesigned Birth Certificate reminded me of this cool My First Year Poster I saw a while back on Etsy.

Cute huh?

Birth Certificate Redesign

24th April 2013

I love this redesigned UK Birth Certificate by IWANT design for ICON Magazine’s ReThink series.

Using the information found on the original birth certificate – mother, father, name, registrar – extras include birth location (with mapping co-ordinates for the digital version), time of birth, type of birth, physical attributes including weight, length, head circumference, hand and foot prints, blood type and eye and hair colour.

Astrological and astronomical details (moon cycle, ruling planet, weather), the etymology of the baby’s name, the birth flower and stone, the religion and the ruling monarch are a sweet touch. The certificates come in 4 colours to represent the season of birth and combine a mix of graphic icons and typography.

The certificate is then presented in a heavy, gloss, white envelope with the baby’s basic information embossed on the front with a wax seal. Beautiful.

This is something that would surely be displayed, rather than tucked away in an office filing cabinate.

I love design.

(via dezeen)


22nd April 2013

These acrylic stamps by Stamptastic are awesome because:

1. They’re clear which means they’re super easy to align.
2. The more you order the cheaper they become.

(Thanks Rosa)

My Neighbor Totoro

16th April 2013

Oh yes! Please can I have this My Neighbor Totoro sleeping bag? I know it’s for babies, but I want one anyway.

The adult version comes in a sofa style bed, which is also super cool and I’d like one of those as well, please.


Pantone Colour Flashcards

8th April 2013

These Pantone Colour Flash Cards are brilliant. 18 cards with 2 tones of each of the 9 basic colours including Lollipop Purple, Starfish Orange, and Grasshopper Green.

“Each card features a solid colour on one side, such as Duckling Yellow (Pantone 1215). When you flip the card over, additional colours in the same colour family (yellow) are introduced in the context of an illustrated pattern, so that a child can pick out which shade is Duckling Yellow.”

Never underestimate the importance of teaching kids about colour.

Get Crafty / Easter Eggs

26th March 2013

I’ve been falling in love with DIY Easter egg projects over the last few days…

These are a few of my favourites:

1. Gorgeous intense coloured eggs at Design Mom

2. Tie-dyed coloured eggs at Design Mom

3. Minimal eggs at Pickles

4. Eggs au naturale at Design Sponge

5. Elastic band eggs at Design Mom

6. Bright egg surprises at Not Martha

(click through for tutorials and instructions)

What are you planning this Easter?

Amelia’s World

25th March 2013

Robin Schwatz has been taking photos of her daughter with unusual animals (from elephants and kangaroos to monkeys and alpacas) since 2002 and Amelia’s World : Animal Affinity is a beautiful collection of these sweet encounters.

“My daughter and I share an affinity with the animal kingdom and we play out our fantasies and explore our eccentricities by creating a cultural space where animals not only co-exist with humans, but also interact as full partners.”

To check out more images, visit Schwatz’s site here.

(via TheNewYorker)

Wheely Bug

13th March 2013

The weekend we were away for our anniversary I saw a Wheely Bug at the place we were staying. Designed in Australia, they make the perfect transitional ride-on toy for kids who aren’t big enough to jump on bike yet.

Isn’t it awesome?

Take your pick from a wheely fun bumblebee, ladybird, pig, cow, mouse or lion!

Hop & Peck

12th March 2013

I’m just a tiny little bit in love with these Oak Egg Cups.

They would make awesome Easter gifts.

Design Indaba 2013

4th March 2013

I ended up popping into Design Indaba for a quick run around yesterday morning, and these were some of my favourite finds…

Farah Hernandez
I’m a sucker for succulents and the little guys potted in Sara Hernandez’s gorgeous ceramic hangings were absolutely divine.

Nina Du Plessis
These wooden geometric wall hooks were amazing … and very reasonable at R80 a hook.

Milame Design
Emma Atkinson’s ink drawings were cool and reminded me of one of my favourite prints by Supermundane.

Mona Pants
I completely fell in love with Simone le Roux’s creatures. She has some awesome illustrated characters on her Behance site, but the handmade dudes were A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

The Tale of Balaclava Bear / Sootcookie
I’m always drawn to Tanya Laing’s work and last year I picked up a Sootcookie ceramic paper plane which I love. The Tale of Balaclava Bear is a collaboration between her and Alex Goldberg and although I’m not so into the bears themselves, I think the story behind them is awesome.

The simple elegance of Jeanine Benjamin’s bracelets and rings were lovely. Too bad she didn’t have that triangle bracelet at the expo because I would’ve bought it for sure.

Mervyn Gers Ceramics
Although this brand felt a little commercial (and have designed ranges for some big name restaurants and vineyards around Cape Town) I couldn’t help but fall in love with these African/Chinese plates. The dragon, rhino and machine gun combinations were beautiful and bizarre.

Concrete jewellery, lighting and bowls with some lovely angles.

Simple Intrique
I spotted this folded African map on some Design Indaba signage before going into the expo and it was even more beautiful in real life.

Pink Cheeks Studios

22nd February 2013

I absolutely love these Personalised Animal Dolls by Pink Cheeks Studios on Etsy.

Nichol Brinkman makes these cute little guys by hand, using photos of your favourite little (or big!) person, along with info like their favourite animal and favourite clothes.

In addition to the toys she also makes the most amazing mobiles … and if you send her photos and a description of your family + dog/cat/pet goldfish she’ll make you an awesome family mobile, customised in the colours of your choice.

What a sweet gift one would make.

(via the awesome KelleHampton)

Miffy Dream Lamp

5th February 2013

I love this Miffy Dream Lamp by Dutch design studio Mr Maria.

(via FAB)

50% Off lil’sprout – 3 Days Left!

29th January 2013


For the last 3 days of the lil’sprout sale we’ve got 50% off all babygrows and tees! Woop!

All our products are 100% cotton and label free so they’re extra comfy – there’s rainbows and clouds, little snowflakes and lightning, raindrops and wind and sunshine, so hurry while we’ve still got some left!


17th January 2013

I saw my first Hellolulu bag when I was in Hong Kong at Christmas and fell in love with their simple but slick products. They come in an awesome selection of colours which totally adds to their cool too.

This Conn – Campus Backpack has a padded sleeve inside that’s the perfect size to carry a 15″ laptop. How tricky to choose a colour though! Blue with a green inside or purple with a blue inside?

Their funny little logo is also very cute and I’m digging the Happiness Manifesto on their website:

Happiness Manifesto – Chuck away unnecessary bulk and weight, add a dash of fresh color, a touch of delightful texture and sum it up with clever, creative designs, and you will get Hellolulu.

Neon Yellow Toe Cap Vellies

15th January 2013

Eek! These Neon Toe Kids Vellies are too cool for school.

Made by Schier Shoes who are based in Namibia, vellies are ancestors of the modern-day desert boot and these ones are made of vegetable-dyed Kudu leather.

The best bit?

They come in big sizes too!

(via OhJoy!)