lil’sprout New Year Sale!

10th January 2013

Yay! It’s our first ever sale at lil’sprout!

This is kind of a big deal for me, my brother and sister-in-law, so take a look guys and let us know what you think.

We’ve got 20% off all our babygrows and tees, as well as our 7 Days of the Week Giftbox sets.

We’ve had the best feedback and support since we started lil’sprout, which has made it all worthwhile and also means our 2013 collection will be available towards the middle of the year. Can’t wait!

PS. How absolutely gorgeous is my little nephew Maddox up there? xx


Share Neon

8th January 2013

I went a bit crazy for Gap over Christmas and popped into their shops whenever I was walking past. The block coloured cardis, stripy jumpers and amazing scarfs were done in the most awesome colours…and then came the Share Neon Kids campaign! Eek!

Firstly, SHARE. I’ve decided this will be my new word for 2013. I love it.

Secondly, NEON! Can I just say it took about 5 minutes to get that shot in between shoppers in one of HK’s busiest shopping centers over the Christmas holidays.

And finally – how sweet are these guys?


18th December 2012

How awesome is this BIT Motorbike my parents bought Maddox for his birthday?

Miau Clip

6th December 2012

I absolutely adore this Miau Clip Dummy Holder designed by Heiko Hillig.

The maple wood finish means that babies can chew on it happily when they’re teething.

Kitty Egg Crayons

5th December 2012

These Baby’s First Colours – All Natural Kitty Egg Crayons would be perfect for my sweet nephew’s 1st birthday rainbow party on Sunday!

Eek! I’m excited!

Tito The Elephant

5th December 2012

Tito The Elephant over on Fab is pretty awesome.


28th November 2012

Love this sweet Rainbow Butterfly Garland by South African store Meekal.

Bird and Fish

27th November 2012

I absolutely adore this Bird and Fish bath set by iconic British designer Patrick Rylands.

(via CoDesign)


26th November 2012

I was feeling kind of crafty this weekend and so I made these name blocks for my sweet little cousin’s Christmas present.

Thought it might be fun to teach him some South African animals!

Customised Libraries

19th November 2012

I love getting Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop email every couple of weeks, and I love the products she writes about. I usually read them all with a pinch of salt however, because 9/10 times the things on them are so completely out of my price range it’s not even funny!

Last week it was a See version, with a mixture of holiday reading and gifts for all ages. These cute Customised Puffin Classics were on the list and would be great for any kid that loved to read, but with a $165 (£100) price tag, completely unaffordable for the average person.

It just got me thinking about how easy it would be to make this yourself. You could choose a sweet selection of books, buy some coloured paper and just print a little label yourself. Easy as pie (and sweeter and more thoughtful).

Vintage Letters

24th September 2012

Love these vintage letters from British reclaimed interiors store, Original House.

Santa Shoebox

21st September 2012

I read about the Santa Shoebox Project on the plane going to Jo’burg and I think it’s awesome.

It’s a super inspiring project that co-ordinates the donation, collection and distribution of Christmas presents to underprivileged children across South Africa. The best bit is that it’s personal and you can choose your child by their name, gender and age.

Santa Shoebox asks that you fill your decorated shoebox with the following items:

• Toothpaste and a toothbrush
• Bar of soap and a washcloth
• An outfit of clothing
• Educational supplies
• Sweets
• A toy

Anything else you’d like to give (and fits in the box!) is up to you.

Such a simple, cute initiative that’s easy to take part in and will make a little kid super happy at Christmas. What else could you ask for?

I’ll make sure to put some photos up when we’ve made our shoeboxes. Si has a 5 year old boy called Prince and I have a 4 year old girl called Emihle. Yay!

Between Friends ♥ Marta Rodkina-Sexton

31st August 2012

Between Friends
Marta Rodkina-Sexton

With 2 little boys, it’s amazing Marti has time to do anything creative, let alone start a new career. I think being a mother of 2 is inspiring enough as it is!

Russian born, London based Marta was a model before deciding she’d rather be behind the camera, and signed up to study Fashion Photography at London School of Fashion.

Fast forward a few years and inspired by her gorgeous boys, Marta started her own children’s clothing company sourcing vintage clothes and designing quirky and sweet, one-off pieces for kids.

6 years on her youngest is starting school, and although she still makes her Plus Fours on request (which are super, super cute!), she’s now concentrating on her true passion for teaching. That’s love, dedication and inspiration for you.

Thank you Marti!

(To view a bigger version, please click the image above)

Frog Feet

9th August 2012

Do you think these Frog Feet Booties come in large?

Monster Fridge

7th August 2012

If I didn’t have SO many magnets, I would love some of these Fridge Monster Stickers.

(via LaughingSquid)

I Am Eleven

7th August 2012

Last night I stumbled across this awesome looking doco by Australian filmmaker Genevieve Bailey.

What started out as a short film, turned into seven years of travelling, interviewing numerous 11 year olds all over the world on their thoughts on the world, politics and their hopes for the future.

 I Am Eleven looks beautiful. An uncomplicated world shown through the eyes of children – if only life could be so simple.

(via CoolHunting)

Wise Guys

25th June 2012

Love these Wise Guy Paper Owls by Mibo.


Happy Raindrops

15th June 2012

I refuse to let this London rain beat me!

Here are some happy raindrops to keep you all smiling.

Check out the rest of lil’sprout’s Weather Kids babygrows and tees here.

PS. How cute is little Cwen? She just turned 1!

Child’s Own Studio

18th May 2012

Oh my. Child’s Own Studio celebrates kid’s drawings by turning them into soft toys. I think this might possibly be the coolest thing I’ve ever seen.

I am in love with the happy purple sheep / scary red monster. Now I just need to wait for my sweet little nephew to get big enough to draw!

(Thanks Sherm)

Gotye by Two Kids in a Car

9th May 2012

Amazing! Two kids who saw and loved Gotye’s music video for Somebody that I used to know kept requesting it every time they went in the car, so a GoPro was set up in the back and filmed them singing it on a couple of car rides.

This is why kids are just so damn cool.

(I’m totally addicted to this song as well – I wish Si would let me play it this often!)

(via swissmiss)

Time Out

8th May 2012

I don’t have kids, but if I did I would probably buy this Five Minutes Time Out Timer Stool.

(via Freshome)


3rd May 2012

Twisted kids playgrounds by Danish company Monstrum. We never had these when I was a kid!

Check out more examples in their portfolio.

(via thisiscolossal)

Themis Mobile

25th April 2012

I love mobiles and this one is pretty awesome.

Designed by Clara von Zweigbergk a Stockholm designer and illustrator, the Themis Mobile is inspired by the polyhedron solid but it’s shapes are actually made of hollow paper which allows it to move lightly in the breeze. Beautiful.