29th May 2013

On Monday we went for brunch with friends here.

Bistroteque is so cool it doesn’t even have a sign…I’m sure they rely on the clinking of cutlery and plates from upstairs to show customers the way.

It was minimal and sexy with amazing food. So amazing in fact, that we’re going to try to get back there for dinner next week.

We ate:
Eggs Benedict / Avocado on toast / Duck hash, mushrooms, poached egg and mustard sauce.

We drank:
Lattes / Cappuccinos / Raspberry Bellinis.


Busy Bee

23rd May 2013


I’m sorry for ignoring you! London has been keeping me busy, work has been keeping me busy and I’m only just about finding time to visit friends and sleep in between.

I have so many exciting things to blog about and it’s driving me crazy that I can’t find the time. I promise I’ll try a bit harder…

This Bee cushion is over on Society6 (who incidentally have free worldwide shipping from today until Sunday).

WILD Photo Competition

13th May 2013

I’m super excited to be able to tell you about the WILD Photography Competition today!

Last month one of my favourite charities, PhotoVoice invited photographers of all ages, backgrounds and abilities to submit a photograph of the natural world to be sold in support of PhotoVoice. Award winning wildlife photographer Steve Bloom was part of the judging panel that helped select the 50 winning entries for the WILD Print Sale and I feel privileged that my image Luna Dusk Silhouette (up there at the top!) was chosen. Eeek!

The photographs are now available to buy as 16″x 12″ Limited Edition prints for £50.00 and all the proceeds will go towards PhotoVoice.

On top of the WILD Print Sale there’s also the WILD Public Choice Prize and I’d absolutely love if you voted for my photograph!

All you have to do is click here, select an image and hit vote. Yay! Voting closes on Monday 20th May 2013 so be sure to vote before then.

And finally … the winning images will also be exhibited at the PICS Festival 2013 on Saturday 8th June in East London. There’s some really, really amazing images on show so please stop by to show your support if you can.

PICS Festival 2013
Rich Mix

35-47 Bethnal Green Road
London, E1 6LA
Saturday 8th June 12pm – 6pm

Click here for a map.

Read more about PhotoVoice and the work they do here.


2nd May 2013

So we’re off to Si’s motherland for 2 months today and I can’t wait.

London here we come!

I’ll be back on the 13th with some British love… so until then, stay happy my neon friends!

erin x

Here Is Today

30th April 2013

Here Is Today by British designer Luke Twyman is a very cool little site.

Have a play here…

Mrs Eliot Books

26th April 2013

Oh yes I am.

Loving this card collaboration series by London designer Mrs Eliot Books and photographer Xanthe Berkeley.

A Bird In The Hand Ring

26th April 2013

Thought this Bird Ring by i am acrylic was rather fun.

Birth Certificate Redesign

24th April 2013

I love this redesigned UK Birth Certificate by IWANT design for ICON Magazine’s ReThink series.

Using the information found on the original birth certificate – mother, father, name, registrar – extras include birth location (with mapping co-ordinates for the digital version), time of birth, type of birth, physical attributes including weight, length, head circumference, hand and foot prints, blood type and eye and hair colour.

Astrological and astronomical details (moon cycle, ruling planet, weather), the etymology of the baby’s name, the birth flower and stone, the religion and the ruling monarch are a sweet touch. The certificates come in 4 colours to represent the season of birth and combine a mix of graphic icons and typography.

The certificate is then presented in a heavy, gloss, white envelope with the baby’s basic information embossed on the front with a wax seal. Beautiful.

This is something that would surely be displayed, rather than tucked away in an office filing cabinate.

I love design.

(via dezeen)


22nd April 2013

These acrylic stamps by Stamptastic are awesome because:

1. They’re clear which means they’re super easy to align.
2. The more you order the cheaper they become.

(Thanks Rosa)

Tom Dixon

2nd April 2013

My love for British designer Tom Dixon came from working at Myla when I finished college.

The Bone – a Tom Dixon designed, resin vibrator – was one of our best selling products. People came into the shop just to look at it, and although it was a beautiful thing (and paved the way for a new wave of designer sex toys) it was also crazy expensive at £199. Customers bought it anyway.

Dixonary is the first comprehensive book of his work over the last 30 years, published by Violette Editions. With personal notes on each of the 150 pieces reproduced, he explains the inspiration behind his work and the design process.

This would be an amazing addition to any designers book collection.

Roy Lichtenstein

21st February 2013

Super excited to discover the Lichtenstein Retrospective will still be on when we get to London in May.

It opens today at the Tate Modern until May 27th, and has just gone onto my list of Summer exhibition must-sees.


12th February 2013

I’m excited to finally share a site I designed last year with y’all, and although it’s a little more corporate than my usual BringMeJoy stuff I’d like to think it’s still rather pretty? Comments on a postcard please…

Check out the full Oresa site here.

(Kudos to the talented code-guru NickFrost for his unwavering enthusiasm and coding expertise on this project x)


7th February 2013

British musician Bonobo has enlisted the genius of regular B3TAN Cyriak for his new video Cirrus. It’s beautiful (in a weird and wonderful way) and if you haven’t already seen it, also check out Cyriak’s Cows & Cows & Cows video which is awesome.

Black Sands is one of my all time favourite albums and judging by Cirrus, The North Borders will also be amazing.

The other exciting news is that the Roundhouse and Ninja Tunes are presenting a Bonobo curated all day event, with a new live show by Bonobo on May 18th … and we just happen to be in London. Booked. Hooray!

Kate Moss / The Alphabetical Issue

5th February 2013

Over the years she’s graced 17 covers of i-D, including these four for The Alphabetical Issue (shot by Daniele + Iango) to kick off Spring 2013.

The ultimate über-model, Miss Moss nails it again.

Tony Plant

4th February 2013

What a shame for these beautiful designs by British artist Tony Plant to be washed away by the rising tide.

They remind me of work by one of my favourite artists, Andy Goldsworthy.

(Thanks Mum)

Agent Provocateur x Valentine’s Day

29th January 2013

I couldn’t help but laugh at Agent Provocateur’s Valentine’s ad featuring Poppy Delevingne. It’s a bit dumb, but Delevingne’s so sexy you can kind of overlook the silliness.

Juergen Teller: Woo

16th January 2013

Awesome! I read this morning on Twenty6 Magazine that The Institute of Contemporary Art will be showing Juergen Teller, Woo between the 23 January 2013 – 17 March 2013.

I fell in love with his photography when I was 15, when I fell in love with Kate Moss.

The exhibition will show the journey through Teller’s fashion and commercial photography from the 90s, featuring the likes of Kurt Cobain, Sinéad O’Connor and Kate Moss amongst others, as well as more recent landscapes and family portrait work.

Wish we were going to be in London.

(via Twenty6)

Max Raptor

9th January 2013

Finally I’ve got around to posting the design I did for British punk rock band Max Raptor.

Paying hommage to the Guatemalan folk saint Maximón with a bit of Día de los Muertos thrown in for good luck, the ‘MAXIMON’ Day of the Dead Sweater can be bought on the Max Raptor store.

These guys are seriously good so be sure to keep an eye out for their new album coming out later this year.

Google Doodle / 9th January

9th January 2013

Love today’s Google Doodle.

Happy 150th birthday to the London Underground!


18th December 2012

I would absolutely LOVE Branch as our Christmas tree (although another 2 foot on the top wouldn’t go undecorated!)

The handcrafted tree is made from sustainably sourced Ash, by London designer Demelza Hill.

(via swiss-miss)

Found SEO App

17th December 2012

My amazing husband’s company has just released Found SEO, a free app to help identify common SEO errors and potential SEO issues that may affect your site’s ranking.

It’s simple, sleek and extremely useful. Canonicalisation (I’d never heard of it before either!) meta-data, links, the works!

Download it from the App Store here.


17th December 2012

Embrace by British designer John Green is beautiful and clever.

I would love one in our converted warehouse apartment (one day!)

(via FAB)

Alistair McClymont / Everything We Are Capable Of Seeing

3rd December 2012

I’m so excited to tell you about our friend Alistair’s upcoming debut USA exhibition at The Contemporary Art Museum in Raleigh!

Everything We Are Capable Of Seeing (which is taken from the title of his nighttime rainbow piece above) will be on view from 1st February – 28th April 2013.

Anyone lucky enough to be in the beautiful state of North Carolina early next year should definitely go to check it out, and in the meantime you can read more about the exhibition here.

Here’s a small teaser 360° shot of all his pieces boxed up and ready to be shipped…

…and yes, one day we will own this McClymont original.

Bird and Fish

27th November 2012

I absolutely adore this Bird and Fish bath set by iconic British designer Patrick Rylands.

(via CoDesign)


16th November 2012

Love this Drip Screenprint on Etsy by London based store Pen&Gravy.