Neon [ MUM/MOM ] Love

11th May 2012

I’m super happy to be able to give you guys another neon freebie!

I’ve done a ‘MUM’ version and a ‘MOM’ version for those of you in the States (and the West Midlands apparently).

Download a copy of each of them here.



[ Rainbow Africa ]

19th April 2012

Today I’m super excited to share with you my very first neonGIVEAWAY yay!

I always love finding blogs with things to download, whether it’s a template or a cute design, so today I’m giving away a design I made for our Christmas card the year before last.

I’ve had a few requests from people asking to use this design recently (after I posted it here a while ago) and I always just email it out to them, but now anyone can download it from here as a jpg or eps file. Enjoy!

Download the JPG here.
Download the EPS here.


Africa Day

25th May 2011

Today my adopted continent is celebrating Africa Day, which commemorates the 1963 founding of the Organisation of African Unity.

Here’s a design I made for a christmas card last year…colourful and appropriate!


[UPDATE: Rainbow Africa is now available to download as a neonGIVEAWAY so feel free to get your fix here.]