Where Love Is Illegal

3rd June 2015

All will be revealed tomorrow…

Where Love Is Illegal | Launching 4th June 2015


Happy Halloween

31st October 2014

The pumpkin is dug out (but not yet carved), the seeds are ready and waiting to be roasted (a’la Jamie Oliver and Cellandia) and we’re heading off for dinner and a scary movie at the cinema tonight.

Hope you all have a Happy Halloween!

erin x

Hong Kong

1st October 2014

Today I am supporting Hong Kong in the struggle for democracy.

I am so proud of its students, its people and the power a peaceful and passionate protest can have.

So wish I could be there to show my support in person.

#UmbrellaRevolution #OccupyCentral #StayStrongHongKong

The Dog Street

1st October 2014

I’m so excited to share this post with you guys today! It’s been a long time in the making but one of my most favourite projects to date is now up and running!

The Dog Street is a serious labour of love by one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met – a kiwi girl called Margot. Some people would say she has a bit of a thing for dogs (to give you a small idea the tables at her wedding where named after dogs which I designed and made graphics for…!) and she really does.

While living in Hong Kong she took home 2 rescue dogs, Stanley and Rosy, and when her family moved back to New Zealand last year she thought nothing of taking them with her. Sadly Rosy is now in doggy heaven, but Stanley Keegan (General Dogsbody at The Dog Street and the inspiration behind the brand) is alive and well, if not a little grumpy in his old age.

Yesterday was the official launch of www.thedogstreet.com.

Margot and Stanley’s online store sells stylish but functional dog collars and leads and the WET DOG™ Collection is a waterproof, stinkproof range for all the cool dogs out there. Margot’s passion for dog rescue is tied into the Forever Home design, as well as through their promise to pay $1 from every collar sold to a monthly dog rescue charity.

I’m really rooting for this little startup and I hope you guys can spread the word to any dog owners out there. These collars aren’t just colourful and fun, they’re also super practical and the $1 for a collar campaign is awesome. PLUS they ship to anywhere in the world.

Because dog’s are for life. Not until they get too big, you have to move house, or you have a human baby.

Check out The Dog Street here and if you want to see what Stanley’s up to, you can follow his mutt-erings on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Nana x Pichulik

8th September 2014

On the 18th of August my Nana turned 90 years old. I can’t even imagine being 50, let alone 90.

For her birthday we sent her this Pichulik Brass Braid necklace. I thought if any 90 year old could pull off a necklace made of brass and yachting rope it would be Nana. She’s the second oldest person I know but still one of the most stylish.

I’m so happy we finally had an excuse to buy one of these local Cape Town necklaces, but more importantly that she loved it. Cool huh?

It’s been a while…

9th May 2014

So it seems like I’m apologising once more for being a terrible blogger. Oh dear.

There are a bunch of excuses I could use – some relevant (I’ve been crazy busy with work), some not so much (I’ve been away / I’m actually quite a lazy person / I haven’t been feeling inspired to blog) and they’re all true.

Arriving home from Hong Kong earlier this week I found myself super busy with work again, but I also realised that I need to give my personal design stuff a bit more time, love and energy…because you should live what you love, right? My mantraband reminds me of it every day.

So, I know BTN needs a serious update both in design and content, and that’s next on my list. Perhaps it can be the first thing I cross off my List33? Which I’ll explain about later…

Stay tuned my neon friends (and thanks for sticking around ♥)

erin x


10th December 2013

Hello friends!

Meet our new nephew Luca Eli Joy.

This foxy little dude is baby brother to Maddox, #1 world champion of sleeping and quite possibly the coolest baby ever to be born.

Isn’t he amazing?

erin x

Molly Jacques / The Art of Modern Calligraphy

16th October 2013

A few weeks ago I signed up for the talented Molly Jacques’ The Art of Modern Calligraphy course on Skillshare.

The self-study course can be done at your own pace and teaches you how to compose a one of a kind alphabet. This is the first time I’ve done an online course and I’m pretty excited.

I just need some internet in the new flat so I can get started!

Hello Neon!

14th October 2013

Oh wow it’s been a while dudes.

I don’t even have a September folder which means I did ABSOLUTELY NO POSTING AT ALL during September. Yikes.

Last post 21st August. The shame.

I won’t make excuses that a lot has been going on over the last couple of months (it has!), but I realise now how much I missed my neon.

So here’s a quick run-down of what’s been going on before I get back to the design love ♥

1. Namibia. We visited another awesome country, even more awesome friends and spent 2 weeks in the bush.  That photo was taken in the Kaokoveld, miles from anyone in the middle of the night, while we danced under the stars with glowsticks. Yes seriously.

2. We took a couple of trips out to the Winelands. I will definitely be making a separate post on our stay at Majeka House which we were lucky enough to be given as a gift.

3. We flew to England and Spain to visit family, to see our sweet friends and to work. It was hectic but awesome.

4. We came home and moved flats from here to here. The morning we got home from London we had to move and needless to say the day was a little bit mental. It all worked out ok though and man, did that bottle of bubbles taste good at the end of the day.

5. Rocking the Daisies. The following Thursday we went daisy rocking in some fields up in Darling. I lost my phone that weekend too so I’ve been feeling a bit out of touch since then. Luckily my sexy, new phone kicked in today. Hello Instagram, I’m back!

6. DIY. Our new flat is the first unfurnished place we’ve ever moved to, and although unfurnished is a little daunting (250sqm of warehouse nothing) it means my creative juices have been rocking. I’m dreaming of tables and lights and new pictures for the walls and fixer-upper furniture and homemade curtains, and … the list is endless and all consuming!

7. Work. Over the last 6 months I’ve been the busiest I’ve ever been in my whole freelance career. It’s been challenging but I’m just rolling with it and everyday I’m grateful that I’m able to work for myself.


So, phew… that’s what’s been happening (amongst other things) and so you see why I haven’t posted since August.

My list of things to do continues to be long, but to be honest it’s always long. I’ve got heaps of stuff to still share but I’ll be back tomorrow, and I promise to never make you wait so long again.

Thanks for your patience my lovely neon friends,

erin x

It’s been a while…

16th August 2013

Sorry I’ve been ignoring you guys.

In between working and making plans to move, I’ve been getting a little obsessed over DIY projects for our new place, scouring gumtree for fridges and couches and trying to sort out some personal projects on top of my work work.

I also need to sit down and edit my Namibia photos once and for all.

The list is long my neon friends…but I’m getting there.

Thank you for your lovely patience.

xx erin


29th July 2013

…thinking about booking tickets to Rocking The Daisies.

…getting excited (but not too much yet) about the possibility of a new flat.

…making a list of some DIY ideas to try out in said flat.

…experiencing blog envy.

…counting down the minutes until dinner here.


5th July 2013

Sorry for the lack of posts this week guys, work has been crazy and on Sunday morning we’re embarking upon a 4×4 Namibian adventure!

See you in a couple of weeks – wide eyed, desert wizened and bronzed by Africa.



2nd July 2013

After 2 months away I have to admit it’s nice to be back.

Hello Cape Town! We missed you.


28th June 2013

Just a little shout out to our favourite new parents – Miss Cellandia and Mr Dine Recruitment.

With so much love and joy gorgeous Olivia has been welcomed into our world.

You guys rock! x

Pick 2

19th June 2013

Yes my friends, you can only pick 2 – because 3 is not always the magic number.

BringMeJoy / Moo

11th June 2013

I’m so excited to pick up my latest Moo Cards, although I’m a little miffed you still have to pay a £2.50 ‘delivery’ fee for collecting them yourself.

I’ll let you know when they’re available to buy!

The Chocolate Library

7th June 2013

Look what arrived in the post for me yesterday!

Personalised alphabet chocolate from The Chocolate Library. Love it!

Such a sweet thought from the gorgeous Cellandia.


3rd June 2013

Here’s a little peak at what I’ve been up to in London…



24th May 2013

I’m pretty chuffed with my new Côte&Ciel laptop sleeve. This, inside my Wanderlust Tote makes up my new computer bag.

Way more fun that your average backpack, no?

New & Improved Flickr

23rd May 2013

We started using Flickr right before we left London in 2007 to go travelling, and it’s been my friend ever since.

Photojojo’s Timecapsule is just one of the reasons it’s so amazing – every 2 weeks we get an update of photos from the same time last year which is beyond cool. You can also send messages to yourself in the future.

Anyway, this week Yahoo launched their new and improved site and I have to say I love it. Admitedly I haven’t had a good play yet, but I love the layout and being able to view all of our photos in one long stream.

Flickr, you will forever have my heart (along with 7000 of our most favourite photos that I will continue to add too). xx


2nd May 2013

So we’re off to Si’s motherland for 2 months today and I can’t wait.

London here we come!

I’ll be back on the 13th with some British love… so until then, stay happy my neon friends!

erin x

DIY Screen Printing Kit

30th April 2013

My über-talented designer friend Justin just sent me the link to this awesome DIY screen printing kit.

It’s not just a pretty box either – packed with everything you could possibly need to set up your own screen printing empire, it looks perfect for anyone who wanted to start screen printing (me/him). Think we’re going to split it.

To Do Lists

29th April 2013

This post is not really about Wunderlist vs TeuxDeux. It’s more about how sad I am that the folks at Teux Deux are now charging a subscription for their list making service.

I’ve been using TeuxDeux (the simple and beautiful brainchild of swissmiss) for a couple of years now. I started off on the web app, loved how simple it was to use and bought the iPhone app as soon as it was released. Recently they did some updates (great) and with them now comes a subscription fee (not great). They are offering 3 and 6 months free if you’re a previous TeuxDeux user, but after that it’ll cost you $3/month or $2/month if you pay for a year up front.

Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s a great app and I was more than happy to pay $2.99 for the iPhone app, however the prospect of being tied into a subscription for the privilege of list making does not get me excited and so last week I signed up to Wunderlist.

It’s not as simple or pretty as TeuxDeux, but it works well and pretty much does the same thing for free. I’ll give it a go and see how I get on … and if all else fails I think I’ll just go back to plain old fashioned list writing in my moleskine.

Happy Birthday

27th March 2013

Happy 32 neons to me!

I love birthdays!


22nd March 2013

This week I’ve been busy doing all kinds of fun things – flower arranging, invite designing, some crazy art working, report designing (not quite as fun!) and now it’s the weekend and I haven’t put anything on here today.

Instead I will leave you with one of my new posters. Keep it real dudes.

See you next week! x