Kim Keever

26th September 2014

I’ll leave you with these beautiful images over the weekend.

Kim Keever’s Abstract series is just divine.

I would absolutely love one for our wall.

(via It’s Complicated)



25th September 2014

I have a bit of a thing for images of mouths by Rankin so I was happy to find these (2012) ads for French WeightWatchers.

So stylish, sexy and French. Although they make me want to eat sweets so I’m not sure how convincing they work as advertising.

Subterranean London

5th September 2014

I thought these images from a new book called Subterranean London: Cracking the Capital were too amazing not to share, so I’ve finally come out of my blogging hibernation. Hello friends!

London is an amazing enough city above ground and although I knew of old tube stations and lines no longer in use, this book shows a beautiful insight into the city’s underground world. The work on the new Cross Rail system is also fascinating to see, as well as the old advertising that is still found in some of the stations.

Written by Bradley Garrett with a forward by Will Self, you can purchase a copy here.

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13th November 2013

4 years ago when we lived in Sydney we went to watch Murray Fredericks’ doco (as they say in Oz) Salt.

I was reminded of his work this week, and thought there could be nothing better than waking up to a selection of his absolutely exquisite images shot at Lake Eyre in South Australia.

Take a look at more here.

Happy Thursday friends! x

Untitled 4 (Surfers)

8th November 2013

I love this print, Untitled 4 (Surfers) by American artist Catherine Opie.

Happy Monday

4th November 2013

I though this was a pretty cool image to kick the week off with – a 1,000,000 x magnification of the explosive nature of sugar transportation in a fat cell.

It’s like a pretty little firework made of powder.

Check out the best of the rest Nikon Small World contest here.

GoPro HERO 3+

22nd October 2013

I’ve always been a big fan of GoPro cameras and their latest ad only makes me want one even more.

The quality is unbelievable.


2nd July 2013

Exactly one year ago my friend Yael lost her mum to cancer.

I can’t even imagine what she must have gone through in the last year, let alone while her mum was sick.

Over the last couple of months she’s spent time photographing still life scenes to express her thoughts and feelings and they are, as her work always is, beautiful.

What a simple and graceful show of creativity and love.


19th June 2013

Rando is an experimental photo sharing app without all the fuss and the glory of most of today’s photo apps.

There’s no one to appreciate your photo except the person who receives it.

A rando must be sent in order to be received, you’ll never know who received the rando, and they will never know who sent it. All you’ll know is the location of where it landed, and the receiver will know where in the world it was taken.

I like it.

(Thanks Luke)


17th June 2013

I also love this shot by my Dad.

He’s just joined 500px and I’m waiting in anticipation for more photo uploads.

Afrika Burn

13th June 2013

Inspiration for 2014.

Lots of timelapse + a trek to Afrika Burn.

This is what it’s all about…


11th June 2013

A few months ago I discovered Kelle Hampton (writer / photographer / mum) and I have been reading her blog, Enjoying the Small Things and following her on Instagram since.

The honest approach she takes when documenting her family’s life, with photographs, stories and thoughts is inspiring and a privilege to observe.

Bloom: Finding Beauty in the Unexpected is the story of her second daughter who was born with Down Syndrome. I didn’t cry like I thought I would and although it was sad, it was also funny and sweet. Mostly though it was inspiring, and eye-opening and I’m glad I read it.

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” – Mary Oliver

Check it out if you can.



3rd June 2013

Here’s a little peak at what I’ve been up to in London…


New & Improved Flickr

23rd May 2013

We started using Flickr right before we left London in 2007 to go travelling, and it’s been my friend ever since.

Photojojo’s Timecapsule is just one of the reasons it’s so amazing – every 2 weeks we get an update of photos from the same time last year which is beyond cool. You can also send messages to yourself in the future.

Anyway, this week Yahoo launched their new and improved site and I have to say I love it. Admitedly I haven’t had a good play yet, but I love the layout and being able to view all of our photos in one long stream.

Flickr, you will forever have my heart (along with 7000 of our most favourite photos that I will continue to add too). xx

WILD Photo Competition

13th May 2013

I’m super excited to be able to tell you about the WILD Photography Competition today!

Last month one of my favourite charities, PhotoVoice invited photographers of all ages, backgrounds and abilities to submit a photograph of the natural world to be sold in support of PhotoVoice. Award winning wildlife photographer Steve Bloom was part of the judging panel that helped select the 50 winning entries for the WILD Print Sale and I feel privileged that my image Luna Dusk Silhouette (up there at the top!) was chosen. Eeek!

The photographs are now available to buy as 16″x 12″ Limited Edition prints for £50.00 and all the proceeds will go towards PhotoVoice.

On top of the WILD Print Sale there’s also the WILD Public Choice Prize and I’d absolutely love if you voted for my photograph!

All you have to do is click here, select an image and hit vote. Yay! Voting closes on Monday 20th May 2013 so be sure to vote before then.

And finally … the winning images will also be exhibited at the PICS Festival 2013 on Saturday 8th June in East London. There’s some really, really amazing images on show so please stop by to show your support if you can.

PICS Festival 2013
Rich Mix

35-47 Bethnal Green Road
London, E1 6LA
Saturday 8th June 12pm – 6pm

Click here for a map.

Read more about PhotoVoice and the work they do here.


29th April 2013

The Charlotte bag by Epiphanie is very cool. Finally a camera bag that’s sexy but practical!

The padding inside looks great and it fits your camera + attached lens, 1 long lens, 1 short lens, chargers and a flash, while the pocket on the front flap can hold your wallet, phone and keys and the back pocket can hold an iPad.


Mrs Eliot Books

26th April 2013

Oh yes I am.

Loving this card collaboration series by London designer Mrs Eliot Books and photographer Xanthe Berkeley.

Little Pieces Photography

26th April 2013

Little Pieces Photography is a newborn photography studio run by Australian photographer, Kelly Brown.

Her sweet images really captured my attention and although she’s been compared to Anne Geddes, another famous Australian baby photographer, Kelly’s images are simpler and more natural in their composition. Watching how she gently manipulates sleepy little babes into these postions is really quite stunning.

On May 9th – 10th – 11th, Kelly is running a course at CreativeLIVE in Seattle teaching the art of newborn posing. It’s free to watch online for anyone interested – all you need to do is enroll beforehand here.

Happy Earth Day

22nd April 2013

One of the world’s most celebrated photographers, Yann Arthus-Bertrand shows us just how diverse and beautiful our planet is.

Don’t ever forget it people! Happy Earth Day.

Angelina Jolie / David LaChapelle

16th April 2013

Angelina Jolie, Horseplay, Los Angeles, 2001.

One of my all-time favourite actors x one of my all time favourite photographers.

This image of Angelina Jolie by American photographer David LaChapelle is going on auction at Christie’s in London on 15th May, and is expected to fetch up to £35,000. Not bad.

Sky Art

16th April 2013

Ahhh! I’m in love with French artist Thomas Lamadieu‘s Sky Art series.

How simple but clever they are.

Take a look at more of Lamadieu’s work here.

(via LaughingSquid)

Michael Wolf

15th April 2013

Michael Wolf’s photos for his book, Architecture of Density make me homesick for Hong Kong.

The images taken between 2003 and 2007, are an unsual take on Hong Kong’s crazy skyscraper living.

For more of his work take a look at his site here.

(via Co.Design)

Studio Mobile

3rd April 2013

Shanghai photographer Maleonn came up with the idea for a mobile studio when he looked back at his work and realised that although the images he was taking meant a lot to the people he was photographing, they were actually quite detached from what was going on.

After seven months of preparation, painting, prop hiring and making, Maleonn began travelling with his Studio Mobile, and 25 Chinese provinces later he’s photographed 200,000 people.


You can find more images on his site here.

(via TheGuardian)

Robert Weingarten

3rd April 2013

Over the course of 2003 Brooklyn born photographer Robert Weingarten took a picture whenever he was home, from the same position overlooking Santa Monica Bay at 6:30am.

For the 6:30 AM Series he selected a camera that would make an image two-and-one-quarter inches square, a 350mm lens, and slow-speed, fine-resolution, color-saturated transparency film. The film he used was purchased at one time from the same production batch, and was stored at the same temperature and humidity for the duration of the project. What exquisite attention to detail.

The only variables were the shutter speed and the weather.

Isn’t it amazing how much difference a day can make.

(via My Modern Met)

Maps GL

27th March 2013

Maps GL is Google’s map technology using Web GL (which is a javascript library) to allow transitions between 3D scenes and photographs.

It’s pretty awesome and let’s you get up close and personal to all kinds of places you might otherwise never see.

All you need to do is enable Maps GL on your Google Maps and then take a photo tour of a place you want to explore.