The Battle We Didn’t Choose

25th March 2013

The Battle We Didn’t Choose – My Wife’s Fight With Breast Cancer made me cry this morning.

For me, Angelo Merendino’s photographs read like a love letter to his wife Jen, who was diagnosed with breast cancer 5 months after they got married.

This is true love – at it’s best and worst, and Merendino’s images are as beautiful as they are sad.


Amelia’s World

25th March 2013

Robin Schwatz has been taking photos of her daughter with unusual animals (from elephants and kangaroos to monkeys and alpacas) since 2002 and Amelia’s World : Animal Affinity is a beautiful collection of these sweet encounters.

“My daughter and I share an affinity with the animal kingdom and we play out our fantasies and explore our eccentricities by creating a cultural space where animals not only co-exist with humans, but also interact as full partners.”

To check out more images, visit Schwatz’s site here.

(via TheNewYorker)

Holi One / Cape Town Style

22nd March 2013

…and here’s a bit of colour for your weekend!

Holi One was awesome. The best thing I’ve done by far in a long, long time.

This amazing photo was taken by Iain and the awesome video was put together by Justin.

Same time, same place next year guys?

Cold War Poland Neon

18th March 2013

Polish photographer Ilona Karwinska has been documenting Poland’s Cold War neon signage in an attempt to preserve some of the country’s history.

More of her beautiful photographs, and the fascinating stories behind the neon can be found here.

(via BBC)

The Wave

18th March 2013

Si and I decided that it would be a cool idea to buy a piece of art each year as an anniversary gift and this is #1. A print by Tasmanian surf photographer Stu Gibson.

We bought the file from Stu and printed it big (it measures just over 1m) at Orms on Metallic Lightjet paper.

It’s been making me smile all weekend.

Michael Elion

13th March 2013

Michael Elion is the South African artist who hung a gigantic, crystal covered heart between 2 palm trees in Camps Bay last year. It went up just in time for our wedding and featured in almost all of our guests photos at some point!

He’s also the artist who created a man-made rainbow in the middle of the city for Creative Cape Town.

This morning I saw a photo of him in a cherry picker hanging crystals from street poles. I’m guessing it was outside The Dog’s Bollocks as the photos were by yard_ct on Instagram. I’ll go and find them on the weekend and report back with pictures.


11th March 2013

Oooo, I think I’m going to reserve myself one of these awesome Instacubes.

Design Indaba 2013

28th February 2013

Yes, it’s that time of year again folks, when the best of the South Africa design world come out to play at Design Indaba.

Like always I wish I had some spare cash to actually see some of the conference (Jessica Hische is speaking on Saturday) but I’m happy enough to pop down tomorrow to get inspired, and I’ll put a post together next week of all of my favourite finds.

Stay tuned!

Hong Kong Microapartments

22nd February 2013

This interesting article over on Co.Design highlights the lack of housing in Hong Kong by the Society for Community Organization, whose mission is to promote equality amongst citizens.

Photographs taken from above of Hong Kong’s illegal microapartments help give a sense of what it’s like living in such a small space, as well as most likely helping you appreciate the space you do have.

The cost of property in Hong Kong has always been crazy though and this isn’t really a new thing. My parents live in a flat that’s roughly 150 square feet and it’s amazing what you can do with space if you’re clever about it. We’ve had 8 people (admittedly one was a little munchkin) quite comfortably eating dinner in there.

(via CoDesign)

Paper Love

21st February 2013

Exactly 1 year ago today I was on the beach hanging out with my awesome friends and family, drinking champagne and going crazy with excitement waiting to (finally!) marry my absolute best friend in the whole world.

It still makes me breathless to think about it.

Happy paper love baby. Keep on rocking my world.



14th February 2013

Just a bit more Valentine love…


Kate Moss / The Alphabetical Issue

5th February 2013

Over the years she’s graced 17 covers of i-D, including these four for The Alphabetical Issue (shot by Daniele + Iango) to kick off Spring 2013.

The ultimate über-model, Miss Moss nails it again.


4th February 2013

Just a little thumbs up to Beyoncé, my #1 girl crush for her amazing performance at the Superbowl yesterday.

Can a person be more sexy?

How Google Was Made

21st January 2013

This video by Alex Koloskov and Genia Larionova is amazing.

It’s a short and super sweet look at an awesome design process.

(Thanks Kerry)


16th January 2013

I’m having a bit of a naked day – apologies if you’re at work.

Juergen Teller x Kate Moss.

Sonya Poles, Montauk 2002

16th January 2013

When I spotted this print yesterday in the background of a photo on an interior website I knew I had to have it, or more accurately, buy it for my husband for our first wedding anniversary.

Little did I know the smallest available limited edition print would set me back $8000. Ouch.

After a bit of googling (“naked girl running with surfboard” got me some amazing hits!) I discovered the image was taken by New York photographer Michael Dweck and wow, is his work incredible.

Sonya Poles, Montauk 2002 is an image from his first major photographic work that was published in 2004 as The End: Montauk, N.Y. portraying the old fishing community of Montauk and its surfing subculture, at the very end of Long Island.

Beautifully suggestive, I just love, love, love the nostalgia of this image and it’s old school Summer vibe. Plus it would look amazing hanging above our bed.

Oh to be an art collector!

Wet Ladybugs

6th December 2012

What could be sweeter than these images of Ladybugs caught in the rain by Alejandro Ferrer Ruiz?

On Sunday the South African Ladybug’s were out in full force and so I had some time to examine a couple that landed on me while I was sitting on the beach. They’re such funny little things.

(via MMM)

New York Neon

5th December 2012

Neon, neon and more neon! Hooray!

New York Neon is a new book by photographer Thomas Rinaldi, documenting the big city’s (mostly pre-1970s) neon signage.

For gorgeous neon typography and lots of fluoro take a look at the images section on Rinaldi’s site … and I have to admit NYN has totally inspired me to spend some time over Christmas getting some cool neon shots in Hong Kong.

(via LaughingSquid)

Christmas Postcards

4th December 2012

I’m super excited to have collected our Christmas postcards and that they came out so great!

I only recently discovered that ORMS have added postcards to their huge range of services, so I thought they would be a fun alternative to cards this year. Can’t wait to get them in the post!

As a side note: Those of you that know us, know about our honorary surname but for those who don’t, my surname is Joy and Si’s is Raybould and so Joybould has always been this funny combination that people use when describing us together. We actually talked about changing our surname to Joybould when we got married…but we didn’t in the end. Think we’ll just stick to using it on the Christmas cards!

The Places That We Used To Be

3rd December 2012

This weekend I began a Tumblr blog with one of my sweet friends Jacky.

We wanted to somehow document the differences between the places we lived in and so The Places That We Used To Be is a weekly selection of photographs taken of a particular theme, in the place we are.

Check it out and let us know what you think!

Drowning World

30th November 2012

Drowning World is a long-term photographic and video project exploring the global impact of flooding by photographer Gideon Mendal.

His somewhat controversial decision to release a selection of his Nigerian flood images on Instagram, alongside his more traditional images, means his photographs were available to a huge audience and created (with help from Twitter) an immediate awareness of the crisis.

It’s an interesting idea and one Mendal talks about in his interview with the BBC. To see more of his Instagram images, follow him on Twitter @gideonmendel.

(via BBC)


29th November 2012

Oh me oh my.

I’m going a little crazy with all these amazing Instagram products.

This Stitchtagram Clutch is too cool for school.


29th November 2012

This Printstagram 2013 Calendar is rocking my world.

The question is can I take another 256 Instagram photos between now and the 17th December to ensure delivery before Christmas?


Sweet Hangings

28th November 2012

So after ripping down one of our massive wall displays last night and then having a bit of a redecorating crisis, I coincidentally came across this awesome idea on Apartment Therapy.

What a great way of displaying postcards and photos, which is more or less what our wall was made up of.

Home blogs + house envy + millions of creative ideas = perfect in my hour of need!

(via ApartmentTherapy)


Blue Balloons

26th November 2012

“Back at base, bugs in the software
Flash the message, “Some thing’s out there”
Floating in the summer sky
Ninety-nine blue balloons go by…”

(via DesignDautore)