The Dog Street

1st October 2014

I’m so excited to share this post with you guys today! It’s been a long time in the making but one of my most favourite projects to date is now up and running!

The Dog Street is a serious labour of love by one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met – a kiwi girl called Margot. Some people would say she has a bit of a thing for dogs (to give you a small idea the tables at her wedding where named after dogs which I designed and made graphics for…!) and she really does.

While living in Hong Kong she took home 2 rescue dogs, Stanley and Rosy, and when her family moved back to New Zealand last year she thought nothing of taking them with her. Sadly Rosy is now in doggy heaven, but Stanley Keegan (General Dogsbody at The Dog Street and the inspiration behind the brand) is alive and well, if not a little grumpy in his old age.

Yesterday was the official launch of

Margot and Stanley’s online store sells stylish but functional dog collars and leads and the WET DOG™ Collection is a waterproof, stinkproof range for all the cool dogs out there. Margot’s passion for dog rescue is tied into the Forever Home design, as well as through their promise to pay $1 from every collar sold to a monthly dog rescue charity.

I’m really rooting for this little startup and I hope you guys can spread the word to any dog owners out there. These collars aren’t just colourful and fun, they’re also super practical and the $1 for a collar campaign is awesome. PLUS they ship to anywhere in the world.

Because dog’s are for life. Not until they get too big, you have to move house, or you have a human baby.

Check out The Dog Street here and if you want to see what Stanley’s up to, you can follow his mutt-erings on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Wave Mug

6th November 2013

Cape Town Summer is on the way which means weekends at the beach and coffee in the morning on the balcony.

This Wave Mug would be perfect, don’t you think?

** Even though it’s made in Staffordshire, just down the road from Si’s nan’s house in the UK!


4th November 2013

I’m a big advocate of local talent which makes me happy to show off my sexy new phone cover by Cape Town company, Houdt.

It’s made of bamboo with a black rubber trim and I love it. And for R220 (£13.50) + free shipping in SA it definitely beats the last plastic cover I bought from Society6, which I was massively disappointed with.

Check out the rest of their products here.


1st November 2013

These cute ceramic cloudy plates over on The Handmade Lover come in 4 beautiful colours.

I’d love one of each to hold my jewellery bits and bobs!

Jesper Ståhl Stockholm Cutlery

17th October 2013

I am totally in love with this cutlery set by Jesper Ståhl for Design House Stockholm.


Rainbow Mugs

10th June 2013

Design supremo Massimo Vignelli created these Rainbow Mugs in 1975 … and their colours are making me happy on a Monday in 2013.

Isn’t that cool.

Craft Design Technology

31st May 2013

How pretty are these CDT Scissors by Craft Design Technology?


24th May 2013

We’ve been searching for decent chopping boards for a while now, so I’m happy to say we’ve finally found some.

These Bambu Cutting Edge boards are going to rock our kitchen and makes friends with the knives, and the turquoise and green give them just the right amount of cool. Can’t wait.


25th April 2013

Love this Lion Nightlight by Jonathan Adler.

“Guaranteed to banish monsters.”

Higher Desk

17th April 2013

I think the Higher Desk designed by Berlin / Shanghai design house Coordination is great.

Perfect for use in confined spaces, the minimal cork, lathed oak and lacquered steel table has an interchangeable, shorter leg that can be propped against a ledge / unit / stack of books to work more effectively within a space.

(via Dwell)

My Robot Nation

15th April 2013

Have you ever thought about making your own robot? I mean … not just any old robot, but the coolest and most awesome robot you could ever possibly imagine?

Well … now you can. Hooray!

My Robot Nation lets you design and create your very own robot which they 3D print and send to you. How amazing is that?

You can choose from 5 different size options, and from what I tell the possibilities are pretty much endless.

(Thanks S!)

Tom Dixon

2nd April 2013

My love for British designer Tom Dixon came from working at Myla when I finished college.

The Bone – a Tom Dixon designed, resin vibrator – was one of our best selling products. People came into the shop just to look at it, and although it was a beautiful thing (and paved the way for a new wave of designer sex toys) it was also crazy expensive at £199. Customers bought it anyway.

Dixonary is the first comprehensive book of his work over the last 30 years, published by Violette Editions. With personal notes on each of the 150 pieces reproduced, he explains the inspiration behind his work and the design process.

This would be an amazing addition to any designers book collection.

Pretty Pegs

28th March 2013

Pretty Pegs make amazing sofa and bed legs that can be used to jazz up IKEA furniture.

These SEVA ones are my favourite. Dip dyed feet are the way to go!


27th March 2013

Corkcicle is my new favourite thing.

Stick it in the freezer and pop it into wine or bubbles to have a nice cold bottle for your picnic.


The Sheffield Kevlar Shear

14th March 2013

Although these Sheffield Kevlar Shear‘s are beautiful, I think it’s wrong on every level to charge an extra $24 for a left-handed pair.

Shame on you Best Made Company.

Missoni vs Ikea

13th March 2013

This Missoni Cartagena Pillow caught my eye this morning because we have the Ikea EIVOR Cushion on our bed.

And with $170/£112 vs $11/£7 you just gotta wonder how much softer / better / more worth it the Cartagena pillow is?

I know it’s fun to have nice things, but damn, there’s nice and then there’s NICE!

Hop & Peck

12th March 2013

I’m just a tiny little bit in love with these Oak Egg Cups.

They would make awesome Easter gifts.


11th March 2013

Oooo, I think I’m going to reserve myself one of these awesome Instacubes.

Miffy Dream Lamp

5th February 2013

I love this Miffy Dream Lamp by Dutch design studio Mr Maria.

(via FAB)

Diatomite Clock

23rd January 2013

This Diatomite Clock, exclusive to MoMA and designed by Yuichi Nara is gorgeous. Sleek and simple time-telling is fine by me.


11th January 2013

In Hong Kong we visited a cool little coffee shop called Brio Espresso that stocked the unbelievably beautiful Ovopur water filter.

I’m kind of fussy about my water and I think it’s extremely important to find a solution for providing water that not only tastes good, but is also eco-friendly in your home.

Ovopur is a gravitational filter system that combines the unique shape of an egg and the thermal properties of porcelain to preserve and revitalise water, and the aquacristal cartridge that sits inside the Ovopur is made up of 4 different filtration levels.

It’s a beautiful and very useful thing – the perfect product actually – and if we had a house it would be the second thing I’d buy, after a comfy couch!


18th December 2012

I would absolutely LOVE Branch as our Christmas tree (although another 2 foot on the top wouldn’t go undecorated!)

The handcrafted tree is made from sustainably sourced Ash, by London designer Demelza Hill.

(via swiss-miss)

How To Design Like Apple

17th December 2012

One Minute MBA map out 60 second visual concepts aimed at students studying online MBA courses.

There’s a bunch of bunch of them ranging from How Millionaires Go Broke to Money Laundering.

How to Design Like Apple is their latest video and worth a 60 second watch. Even if you’re not into Apple – watching the concept illustrated is cool enough on it’s own.

(Thanks Emily)

Terrarium Domsai Dim

10th December 2012


Please can I have a Domsai Dim Terrarium for Christmas?

The terrariums designed by Matteo Cibic are described as “Tamagotchi’s for your desk” and are tailor-made for each cactus with a 4-6 weeks delivery time.

Miau Clip

6th December 2012

I absolutely adore this Miau Clip Dummy Holder designed by Heiko Hillig.

The maple wood finish means that babies can chew on it happily when they’re teething.