19th November 2012

WTF is sugru?

Well, you’ll have to watch this extremely amusing video to find out.

Bonus: I think I’ve just solved about 5 of our Christmas present ideas!


Food Work / Anderssen-Voll

8th November 2012

I stumbled across this awesome coffeepot the other day on KITKA, a design blog run by Toronto based store Mjölk.

Designed for a new Norwegian collective called Food Work by Anderssen & Voll, this little coffeepot is a beauty.


24th October 2012

As of 9pm last night, I am now the proud owner of an awesome new MacBookPro!

I was so excited to open it up! Half the fun is unwrapping such a beautiful product and the attention to detail is second to none. The sweet guy that helped us gave me a Personal Setup invite and this little card made me sigh. It’s quite simply perfection on paper.

#lucky #thankyou #ohsohappy

Silva Limited

11th October 2012

This handcut Bamboo Macbook case by Silva Limited is divine.

Christmas Wishlist #3

(via ohgizmo)

Día De Los Muertos

28th September 2012

Here’s my awesome Fiona Goldthorpe soap.

I told you it was way too pretty to use, and now it’ll make me happy every time I come home and drop my keys by the front door.

Happy Friday!

Iain Howlett @ The Dock

21st September 2012

Hello London friends!

If you have some time this weekend head down to The Dock in West London to check out Luminosity – an exploration of artificial light in all it’s forms.

Part of the London Design Festival, the Tom Dixon design store will be showcasing Luminosity – featuring my talented friend Iain Howlett‘s gorgeous Crystallites collaboration – launching some new product ranges and having a chocolate exhibition. Mmmm.

I wish we could go!

Portobello Dock
344 Ladbroke Grove,
London, W10 5BU

Saturday 22 September:  10am-6pm
Sunday 23 September: 11am-5pm

Neon Laptop Case

22nd August 2012

…and while we’re at it…

Yes please to this rather lovely Neon Laptop Sleeve also.


22nd August 2012

Yes please to this new Baguu Surf Sling.

(via CoDesign)

Google Eyes

13th July 2012

This Google Eye Contact Lens Case is too cute. He reminds me of WALL-E.


12th June 2012

As most of you know I have a bit of an obsession with Ikea and the trouble is there’s no Ikea in South Africa. The other trouble is the 23kg weight limit (46kg if I count Si and get rid of all our clothes!) I have to travel home with, which means I can’t realistically buy chairs or picture frames or chopping boards or most of the other fun things they sell if I go while I’m in London.

Last Monday however, after a 2 and a half year hiatus (through circumstance, rather than choice) I found myself in Ikea. It looked exactly the same as the last one I went to in Hong Kong which was comforting, although I didn’t expect anything else. I thought I could just go for a look…

I had fun wandering through the showroom and got ideas for kitchen storage we might need one day when we actually have a kitchen; I saw some great beds covered in cool sheets in cute bedrooms, and kitchens full of things I never even knew I needed.

I carried 3 cushions around before deciding I could probably only fit one in the bag back to Cape Town.

I found an amazing wooden chopping block for £5 (about R55) that would cost over R200 back home. Unfortunately it weighed about as much as it cost in kilos so I ended up putting it back.

I did eventually give in to the Ädelsten pestle and mortar which is made of marble and weighs about 5kg too, but my reasoning was we’ve been looking for a pestle and mortar for ages and after giving up on finding one in Africa (which I know is crazy), Ikea it was.

In the end I bought a can opener, a garlic press, the Blanda Bowls, some teatowels, the pestle and mortar, an Eivor cushion, a bag to carry everything in and last but by no means least, a bag of obligatory frozen meatballs to eat while we’re here. Very restrained I thought (and between you and me it’s probably lucky we have a 23kg luggage limit).

1. Ädelsten Pestle and Mortar
2. Tirup Armchair
3. Eivor Cushion
4. Pokal Mug
5. Kalaset Espresso Cups
6. White Ribba Frame
6. Black Ribba Frame
7. Blanda Blank Stainless Steel Bowls
8. Köttbullar Meatballs

(photo from the Skinny laMinx stall @ Neighbourgoods Market)


8th June 2012

I really don’t like umbrellas. I bought my first one in 5 1/2 years yesterday – it’s black, boring and a necessary evil.

These ones are pretty though, I wish I’d seen the Colour Wheel first.

Clockwise from top left:

Union Jack
Pink Love
Marimekko Picolo
Orla Kiely Flower
Colour Wheel



22nd May 2012

This is my new Bookhou bag. I cannot wait to get it!

Coffee Ground Lights

8th May 2012

These Decafe Lights by Raul Lauri are awesome. Made from good old fashioned left over coffee grounds they give a whole new meaning to the idea of renewable materials.

Winner of the sought-after Salon Satellite award at this year’s Salone Internazionale Milano, Lauri writes “The aim is to give a second life to coffee grounds as a biodegradable and renewable material.”

Check out more of his coffee ground products here.

(via Dwell)

PS. If you’re like Si and I and find yourself with a knock box full of coffee grounds every few days, check out this site for 21 different ways of reusing them.

Time Out

8th May 2012

I don’t have kids, but if I did I would probably buy this Five Minutes Time Out Timer Stool.

(via Freshome)

Mr P

27th April 2012

I just stumbled across this awesome Mr P Lick Mug. He’s rude and endearing at the same time – I love it.

Hammacher Schlemmer

27th April 2012

A solar powered iPad case that charges your iPad while it’s inside. Oh, it also comes with a stand, a USB port for charging other devices and a built-in HDMI output to connect to an HDTV. Yes please.

(via DesignTaxi)

Sneak Peek

26th April 2012

I’ve always been a massive Peeping Tom. I absolutely love looking through people’s windows when I’m walking down the street to see what their front rooms look like and it usually ends with Si dragging me away. These days there are so many awesome sites that let me spy into people’s homes and lives and get up close and personal with everything from the bathroom to the bedroom sheets – all from the comfort of my own computer. Yay!

Here’s a few of my favourite sites for awesome home inspiration.

Slanted Mansion
“A deep interest in emerging and established creatives and inspiration arriving from other non-styled, creative interior blogs and books…”

This is how the creatives roll in Cape Town.

The Glow
Can these woman be any more stylish? Wow.

Cute, quirky and colourful sneak peaking.

Alice Stirling Design
The posts are a little few and far between, but when they do come they’re always awesome.

(How amazing is the tablecloth in the image above?)

Themis Mobile

25th April 2012

I love mobiles and this one is pretty awesome.

Designed by Clara von Zweigbergk a Stockholm designer and illustrator, the Themis Mobile is inspired by the polyhedron solid but it’s shapes are actually made of hollow paper which allows it to move lightly in the breeze. Beautiful.


18th April 2012

The Amplifiear is an old-school style gramophone shaped device to help enhance the iPad’s sound. This clever little clip is the perfect example of simple, beautiful design.

Developed by Nonlinear Studio, they’ve got a Kickstarter project on the go and have already hit their target of $10,000.

(via CoolHunting)

Everything Happens For A Reason

11th April 2012

Love this Message Bag by baum-kuchen. Everything does happen for a reason.

Flannel Backpack

3rd April 2012

Love this Flannel Backpack by Modern Amusement.

Scrabble Typography

30th March 2012

Scrabble gets sexy with the new Scrabble Typography Limited Edition set.

The solid walnut letters, metal tile racks and gorgeous walnut and birch packaging has been designed beautifully, and with a limited run of 1200 (and only 180 left to pre-order!) I imagine a signed and numbered edition will be on the top of every typographer’s wishlist.

(via MattSetchellCreative)