5th December 2012

WeLove is a new online community that allows users to share and review interesting places and various niches in a city.

There’s a free app that’s used to rate or love a place or niche – whether it’s coffee, street art, sushi joints, artisan beer brewers or delicious places for breakfast, and every time you love or rate a location (or someone loves or rates a location you’ve added) you collect points. The more points you collect, the more influential you become.

It’s still quite a new startup and currently only available for Cape Town and Jo’burg, but I have a feeling they’re going to be huge.



Between Meals / The Dog’s Bollocks

20th November 2012

On Saturday afternoon we finally made it to The Dog’s Bollocks and damn it was good (and so messy I couldn’t take a photo of the aftermath!) We’ve been for breakfast when The Yard is The Bitches Tits, but never for dinner. The first come, first serve policy with only 50 burgers cooked a night was the thing that enticed us up there and yes, the burgers were totally worth it. And we had loads of fun. And we’ll definitely be going back.

The Dog’s Bollocks – 6 Roodehek Street, Cape Town

What we ate:
Burgers. Big fat burgers.
I had a Mexican Chilli with Cheese (with a slight overkill of lettuce), Si had a Jalapeño Cheese and Rachel had a Peppered Mushroom.

What we drank:
Tap water. Although they sell bottles of red and white wine for R50 which is really reasonable.

Best bit:
Well the burgers were super tasty, nice and rare and my chilli was spicy which I loved, but in general the whole vibe of The Dog’s Bollocks is cool. I love that it’s so grungy and easy going….and I absolutely love the bathroom mirror.

Between Meals / Nopi

26th October 2012

Last night we went to Nopi for a treat with our lovely friends Flo and Luke. Last time we were in London we managed to get a table at Ottolenghi (we love their cookbooks!) and the food was just so good, so we were inspired to check out Nopi this time. It has a very similar style and vibe to Ottolenghi (they’re both run by Yotam Ottolenghi) and the food was as good and as unusual with crazy ingredients combined in weird and wonderful ways. The only downside? Bad, bad espressos.

Nopi – London

What we ate: (or more like what we didn’t eat!)
There were 4 of us and as we shared everything we really got to taste an amazing range of flavours. I ordered the Valdeón cheesecake, pickled beetroot and thyme honey to start and the Whole twice-cooked baby chicken with lemon myrtle salt and chilli sauce for a main. To have a look at the full menu, click here.

What we drank:
Cocktails and wine. I had a Saffron Chase, which was made with Chase English gin, Chase elderflower liqueur, lemon juice, saffron syrup & Champagne. (ohmygod!) and we had a lovely bottle of Italian red.

Best bit:
Aside from the awesome food, the bathroom was by far the coolest one I’ve ever been in. Check out the shot above! Wow.

Between Meals / Canteen

24th October 2012

Last night we had dinner at Canteen in Covent Garden with some friends. It’s similar to the Baker Street one where we ate once before, although it’s missing the awesome lights (they do have some neon though). Canteen’s Great British Food motto sums it up perfectly. The food is tasty, wholesome, and similar to what you’d expect from a cool gastro pub…with some awesome design thrown in for good measure.

Canteen – London

What we ate:
Beef Pie with mash, greens and gravy, Eggs Royale (yum), Fish and Chips and Fish Cakes.

What we drank:
Good old fashioned water that arrived in a simple, but lovely glass bottle.

Best bit:
The gorgeous branding, the great atmosphere and being able to eat breakfast for dinner.

Between Meals / San Julian

16th October 2012

On Friday we went to our favourite Mexican Restaurant in Cape Town, San Julian. It’s probably the most authentic Mexican we’ve had outside of Mexico (except for Wahaca in London), the tortillas are sooooo good and the chilli sauces hot, hot, hot! The best bit though is that we always reminisce about our Mexican travels over tequila and cerveza and get to practice our Spanish with Arturo = Perfecto.

San Julian on Rose Street – Cape Town

What we ate:
Nachos (yum!), Ceviche (yum!) and Sinaloa Chilorio Pork Tacos with lots of spicy sauce! Yum!

What we drank:
El Jimador shots washed down with Sangrita and Coronas.

Best bit:
Dreaming of Mexico while sipping on tequila.

Between Meals / Hudsons on Sommerset

27th September 2012

Last night we went out with the guys from work to Hudsons. It always has a cool vibe and the burgers are pretty tasty. Unfortunately my burger choice last night wasn’t that great (Blue cheese on a burger is a bit weird, it was the avo and biltong powder that convinced me) and my crunchy fries were teeth-chipping crunchy, but it was fun anyway.

Hudsons on Sommerset – Cape Town

What we ate:
Si had The Royale (250g burger, bacon, onion rings) + I ordered The La De Da (200g ostrich burger, blue cheese, avo, biltong powder) with crunchy fries.

What we drank:
Darling Brew Bone Crusher Wheat Beer, Caramel Vodkas and as always, no work dinner is complete without obligatory shots of Jägermeister.

Best bit:
Biltong dust, which is weirdly delicious. Whoever thought to sell the leftover powder at the bottom of the packet was a clever dude.

Between Meals / Reubens Restaurant • One&Only

26th September 2012

Since we’re lucky enough to eat out fairly often (and love love love to eat!) I thought it would be fun to start a restaurant section on BTN.

Welcome to the very first Between Meals. Enjoy!

Last Sunday I took Si to the buffet at Reubens for his birthday. We’ve eaten at Reubens in the Robertson Small Hotel and the food was great (although the portions were too big) and Reubens at the One&Only was also delicious with loads of tasty buffet options available to eat in whatever order you please!

Our waiter was super sweet too – he gave us some wines to try that he recommended and was really cool when I asked him to take a photo of us, happily snapping away from every angle of the table!

Reubens at the One&Only at the V&A Waterfront – Cape Town

What we ate:
It was a Sunday buffet lunch so we had a bit of everything. Cold meats, cheeses, delicious chicken liver paté, smoked salmon cańapes, pickled fish, seafood malay curry, pork belly and roast beef from the carvery with homemade apple and horseradish sauces, lamingtons, trifle, eclairs, fruit salad and apple pie for dessert … and a sweet chocolate muffin for the birthday boy.

What we drank:
Glass of Graham Beck Brut and a bottle of Mulderbosch Sauvignon Blanc 2011.

Best bit:
Eating outside in the sunshine and the amazing springbox capaccio canapé with goats cheese and a mini pickled onion.

Beluga Creations

20th September 2012

Beluga (one of our favorite CT sushi joints) have just launched Beluga Creations, their new Molecular Gastronomy kit and I would love to give it a try.

The starter kit comes with all the ingredients, utensils and instructional videos you’ll need to to cook 20 different recipes and additional ingredients (in super slick packaging) can be bought when you run out. I love that it’s so creative and pretty.

This is what the Caviar Group say: “Molecular Gastronomy is a modern style of cooking that combines food and science to take advantage of chemical and physical transformations for visually stunning and creative dishes.”

Look out Heston, here I come!