Between Friends ♥ Yael Fachler

28th September 2012

Between Friends
Yael Fachler

Miss Yael Fachler is one of the most talented people I know. She’s small, sweet and a bad-ass photographer.

The thing about Yael is that if she’s not working on a shoot, she’s planning the next one, or organising an exhibition with one of the hundreds of creative people she’s friends with. She’s quietly motivated and she’s never afraid to take risks with the subjects she shoots. Sexy girls, sexy boys, nudity, quirky fashion and music bits and bobs in between.

In a few weeks she’s off on a 2 month America road trip and I can’t wait to see what she comes back with. I know it’s gonna rock.

Check out Yael’s work on her portfolio site and her photography musings over on Tumblr.

(To view a bigger version, please click the image above)


44 Stanley

18th September 2012

Hello! I’m home!

Zanzibar was amazing. Beautiful, relaxing and chilled (that’s another post all turquoise and aquamarine) and because our flight left super early on Saturday morning from Jo’burg, we decided to fly up the day before.

We spent the day hanging out in a rather awesome hotel, complete with private jacuzzi, champagne and Nelson Mandela next door! And since we were there we thought we should check out a bit of the city too. 44 Stanley was recommended to us by the lovely Maike, so we went to have a look. It was super cool and we killed a couple of hours wandering around and eating. Here’s what we found:

Bean There – an afternoon wandering is never complete without a good coffee stop. Jo’burg’s Bean There is just as sexy as Cape Town’s and the coffee rocks.

Anatomy Design – I fell in love with the skull screenprint in the window.

Lucky Fish was a gorgeous shop selling everything from cotton Indian bedspreads to handmade soap. Si bought me one of Fiona Goldthorpe’s Día de los Muertos Skull Soaps. It’s much too pretty to use so I’m going to find a box frame for it.

AOP Gallery – the Fiona Pole exhibition had just been hung when we stopped by. Her etchings are beautiful.

Vovo Telo – Mmmm. Pizza bread and juices to die for. Their awesome branding was done by South African illustrator Alta Stegmann and the best bit? They just opened a cafe at the V&A. Sweet.

Decade / Wasteland had some gorgeous vintage furniture that reminded me of pieces my grandparents used to own.

Frazer Parfum – I found some more beautiful Frazer Parfum bottles in Méchant & Gentil (oh! if only they didn’t cost a small fortune).

So 44 Stanley was the perfect start to our trip and definitely check out if you’re ever in Johannesburg.

(Thanks Maike x)

Gone Fishing

6th September 2012

See you on the 17th dudes. It’s honeymoon time!



5th September 2012

I’m channeling my inner Fifi du Vie today … with a little help from Stu Gibson.

Can you tell I’m excited?


4th September 2012

I love this 1554 Map of Africa by German Cartographer Sebastian Münster. Apparently it’s one of the earliest maps of the entire African continent.

Click on the image if you’d like to see a larger version.

Freedom Park :: Berlin

10th August 2012

My friend Chris just sent me this cool shot from Berlin’s nHow Freedom Park.

For the 50th anniversary of the building the Berlin Wall, the Dudes Factory and Lux Pop Art Group collaborated to present Freedom Park, a painting exhibition from a selection of the best contemporary artists in the world, onto original cement segments of the Berlin Wall.

The exhibition runs until the 09.11.14 – the 25th anniversary of the fall of the wall, with every year seeing more artists join the exhibition.

You can watch more about it here.

Thanks Chris (hope you guys have an awesome weekend!)

I Am Eleven

7th August 2012

Last night I stumbled across this awesome looking doco by Australian filmmaker Genevieve Bailey.

What started out as a short film, turned into seven years of travelling, interviewing numerous 11 year olds all over the world on their thoughts on the world, politics and their hopes for the future.

 I Am Eleven looks beautiful. An uncomplicated world shown through the eyes of children – if only life could be so simple.

(via CoolHunting)

The Ultimate Road Trip

27th July 2012

The compelling story of Gunther Holtorf and his 23 year road-trip is quite simply amazing.

What started off as an 18 month African adventure in 1989, continued as a lifetime of travel, and 800,000 kms later Gunther and his car Otto are still going strong.

I’m inspired and awe-struck. What an amazing man.

Watch a short video over on the BBC, that includes some amazing photographs by Gunther and Dave Lemke, a photographer who joined him for part of his journey.


27th July 2012

The Creative Director of Mother, Gustavo Sousa, has found a rather unique way of using the Olympic rings and their colours to display some of the world’s most intriguing statistics.

Whether it’s the Number of Billionaires, McDonald’s or People Living with HIV, Oceaniaeuropeamericaasiaafrica is a beautiful way of showing the major differences between the world’s continents.

Oceania: blue – Europe: black – Americas: red – Africa: yellow – Asia: green

(via CoDesign)

London Olympics / Colour

24th July 2012

The countdown to the Olympic Opening Ceremony is on, with only 3 days left until London kicks off it’s biggest party ever.

Despite having a rubbish logo (how on earth they agreed on that is beyond me), I’m super excited and can’t wait to watch the Opening Ceremony (one of our friends is actually in it!) on Friday night.

Here’s a colour inspired collection to celebrate the Olympics and a few other things that might come in handy if you’re lucky enough to have scored some tickets.

Let the Games begin!

1. Wallpaper* City Guide App – London – Make sure your phone is charged
2. Photojojo iPhone Ultimate Kit – 4 lenses, a mini tripod and a sexy case
3. Toms Classic Palmetto flat shoes – Comfy and pretty

4. Filey Bay North Yorkshire, 2007 by Rob Carter – English countryside at it’s best
5. Havaianas in Green/White – Celebrate Summer
6. Tattly Temporary Tattoo Camera 3

7. Cloud Key Holder – Because it’s not going to rain, is it?
8. Bobble Water Bottle – Fill up anywhere – these filters actually work
9. Canon IXUS 115 HS – Maybe with an extra charged battery?

10. Eastpack Backpack – Easy to find and good for keeping all your stuff together
11. Binoculars with Built-In Sun Filter – A little optimism never hurt anyone
12. Ray-Ban Wayfarers in Yellow – Hello, sunshine!

13. British Language & Culture Guide – ‘Av a Butchers, innit
14. Umbrella (just in case) – This is London afterall
15. Tattly Temporary Tattoo Sunglasses

iPad in the Sky

23rd July 2012

I’ve just been reading that Qantas plans to give all of it’s 767 passengers iPads to use for their inflight entertainment.

No more dodgy systems. Hooray!

Happy Friday

20th July 2012

It’s things like this that make the world a better place.

Heartwarming and awesome (it almost made me cry!) the Spanish town of Sabadell sure know how to organise a kickass flashmob.

Happy Friday everyone!

(via enmasse)

Lonesome George

26th June 2012

It’s with a sad heart I write that Lonesome George, the Galápagos Islands most famous resident died on Sunday.

We were lucky enough to visit the Galápagos a few years ago and we saw him while we were there (he’s the one in the top photo and on the Galapagos Parks logo). He was a Pinta Tortoise and the last of his kind. Unfortunately all the best efforts to help him find a mate never came to pass. Giant Tortoises are the most amazing creatures, so peaceful and gentle – we need to do whatever we can to help them survive.

If you’d like to make a donation, The Intrepid Foundation works alongside The Charles Darwin Centre on the Galápagos Islands conducting research and conservation projects.

Travelling Still

25th June 2012


Travelling Still is an ongoing photography project by Rob Carter – one half of British contemporary art couple, Rob and Nick Carter (who designed Metropolis for the Faberge Egg Hunt back in March).

I only discovered these photographs the other day after going for dinner at a friend’s and she had the book … and now I won’t be able to rest until I can own one of his prints!

All of the photographs are shot on a revolving-lens camera, which from what I can tell is more or less a panorama camera. The coolest thing though is that these shots have had no digital tweaking. What you see is what you get, whether it’s Mexico, Holland, Barbados, Tanzania, England, America, Sardinia, France, Japan, The Grenadines, Scotland, Mauritius or Hong Kong.

I’m so in love with this work – looking through all the different photos on has completely made my Monday morning. Now the only thing left to do is decide which one to buy!


14th June 2012

1DAY6CITIES is a global photography project dreamt up by my old college friend Daniel Alexander. On 11-11-11 last year, a collection of photographers in London, Dubai, Shanghai, Auckland, San Francisco and São Paulo gathered in their respective cities to shoot a still image every 30 seconds for 24 hours.

The cities were chosen because they are roughly an equal time difference apart which means that when combined the films show the sun travelling around the earth through the course of the day.

Check out the full film here.

For anyone in Auckland, the first exhibition of 1DAY6CITIES has just opened at the North Art Gallery and is on until the 27th June. Keep an eye out on their blog for exhibitions still to come.


7th June 2012

Leaving sunny Cape Town for London last weekend was difficult, but despite the rain (and gale force winds) there’s something about London itself that makes the weather (almost) bearable.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not feeling inclined to move back anytime soon, but every time we come I have a lot of fun.

Here’s a little round up of what’s been going down in London town:


The Jubilee

It’s the Diamond Jubilee and British patriotism is in full swing – there are flags everywhere. I’ve snapped a million photos of houses decorated with Union Jack flags, kids faces painted in red, white and blue, shop windows flying the colours and products everywhere (from couch covers at Ikea to gym clothes at Sweaty Betty) covered in the Union Jack.

My favourites so far are the Limited Edition Union Jack tea-towels I picked up from Ikea yesterday (look out for an Ikea post coming soon…) and the Union Jack Dr Martins I’ve seen people wearing – oh, and of course THE most adorable little Harry Street ♥ in his Union Jack jumper. Eek!



She’s an icon and she’s everywhere. I love her hats and I think she’s kind of cute – especially when she smiles. This piece by British art collective Prefab77 popped up in Dublin recently and although it’s intended as a bit of monarchy mockery, it’s still rather cool. Let it Reign, a collection of Elizabeth II screenprints is Prefab77’s Limited Edition Jubilee offering.


David Beckham

Gracing the cover of July Elle is *drumroll please* Mr David Beckham. It’s the first time in British Elle’s 27 year history a man has been on the cover – and actually, they gave him 3. Need I say more?


The Photographers Gallery

We went to check out the newly opened Photographers’ Gallery on Monday. I wasn’t that impressed by the layout of the new site, but the images on show were great, as always. Canadian photographer Edward Burtynsky’s exhibition Burtynsky: Oil is on until the 1st July.


The Tube

I don’t like the tube much, especially at 8:30 in the morning during rush hour. What is kind of cool though, is that the Central Line is now on Twitter. Keep track of updates and delays on the track @centralline – clever.


My Bookhou Bag (for you Sherm)

I wrote about my new bag that was waiting for me a couple of weeks ago. I finally got it yesterday and it’s everything I could have possibly asked for – and more, more, more! Hooray! Thank you bub and thank you Bookhou – I will be shopping with you again!


23rd May 2012

I find this map put together by tech firm BlueMoon fascinating.

It shows the world’s most and least touristed places with photos geo-tagged by Panoramio users. Yellow indicating lots of ‘touristiness’ and grey indicating that no photos have been uploaded in these areas. Central Africa, Northern Canada, Northern Russia and The Amazon seem good bets if you’re looking for somewhere off the beaten track.

(via HuffingtonPost)

Vík Prjónsdóttir

22nd May 2012

The days are getting shorter and definitely colder in Cape Town and I would love love LOVE one of these Vík Prjónsdóttir’s Twosome Blankets for movie nights!

Can you imagine anything more amazing than cuddling under this on the couch?

On a side note: I found this picture on Remodelista, in an article about A Perfect Day in Toronto. Some of our good friends have just moved to Toronto and I think we might just have to visit. It also mentioned Bookhou – which got me all excited because Si bought me one of their bags for my birthday and it’s been waiting for me in London for 3 weeks already! I can’t wait to see it.

So Where’s Home?

21st May 2012

I never even knew that there was a phrase to describe people like me. Apparently I am a Third Culture Kid or a TCK for short, because I spent a significant portion of my childhood overseas.

I was born in Australia and left to live in Hong Kong when I was 8. I still consider Hong Kong my home although I haven’t lived there for ages, but I also consider Sydney my home (even though I was born in Melbourne), London and now Cape Town.

I thought this video was interesting, although I didn’t agree with not knowing where home was or feeling like I didn’t belong anywhere. I honestly believe that home is where your heart is and that your heart doesn’t necessarily have to be in one place… and who says you need to have one home anyway?

(via MadadorNetwork)


3rd May 2012

I found this amazing painted Tequila bottle over on Bangers and Nash, a cool CT blog run by Bangers and Nash no less, featuring sexy girls, cool things going on around town and random tumblr images that are always pretty good.

Check it out here.

Make It Count

10th April 2012

Very clever and very inspirational. Make every minute count.

(Thanks Han)

Google Art Project

4th April 2012

Wow! The Google Art Project is awesome and I only heard about it today. Whoops!

Launched just over a year ago, this online art gallery features 151 museums in 40 countries, and has 30,000 works of art available to view and explore in amazing detail.

From the Musée d’Orsay in Paris to San Francisco’s de Young Museum, you can take a virtual tour of any of the museums on the site (put together with Google StreetView cameras!) and spend hours browsing some of the world’s most prized art collections.

You gotta love technology.

This Wild Idea

14th March 2012

This Wild Idea is a photography project by Theron Humphrey, a photographer from Georgia who’s now on Day 226 of his 365 Day drive around America.

Using photography as a way of connecting with people, Humphrey began a year long trip with the aim of meeting 1 new person every day and telling their story.

His photographs are beautiful, solem and tell the stories of these people exquisitely.

Also worth checking out is his very cool blog Maddie On Things.


Time is Nothing

30th January 2012

Time is Nothing is not your usual timelapse.

17 Countries. 343 Days. 6237 Photographs. You’ll recognise a lot of the landmarks, and the landscapes are beautiful, but the cool thing is how much of the video is focused on people and how gorgeous the music is.

I loved seeing so many of the places we’ve been and it made me want to go to the ones we haven’t yet. Read more about Kien Lam’s travels here.

Definitely worth a watch.

(Thanks Dad)