Molly Jacques / The Art of Modern Calligraphy

16th October 2013

A few weeks ago I signed up for the talented Molly Jacques’ The Art of Modern Calligraphy course on Skillshare.

The self-study course can be done at your own pace and teaches you how to compose a one of a kind alphabet. This is the first time I’ve done an online course and I’m pretty excited.

I just need some internet in the new flat so I can get started!


Hey Shop

25th July 2013


I’m back from the bush and ready to rock.

Love Hey Shop’s ‘Hey E’ print today.

Kate Moross

7th June 2013

The Love Book design by Kate Moross made me feel all colourful and happy this morning.

Whitney Museum

5th June 2013

This Wired article about New York’s Whitney Museum logo redesign is an interesting read.

I love it’s flexibility (the W is responsive), it’s simplicity, and that it took 2 years to complete.

Because you just can’t rush these things you know.

I’m Sorry

31st May 2013

This card was designed especially for me.

It’s awesome on a whole new level.

Claire Heffer

30th May 2013

Fellow CSM graphic designer Claire Heffer has some sweet prints for sale on her Etsy shop.

I especially love the quotes and this Paul Coelho Universe Print in particular.

DIY Screen Printing Kit

30th April 2013

My über-talented designer friend Justin just sent me the link to this awesome DIY screen printing kit.

It’s not just a pretty box either – packed with everything you could possibly need to set up your own screen printing empire, it looks perfect for anyone who wanted to start screen printing (me/him). Think we’re going to split it.

Happiness Is Books

26th April 2013

Everybody loves a good book.

Happiness Is Books by The Little Illustrator.

My First Year Poster

24th April 2013

Reading about the Redesigned Birth Certificate reminded me of this cool My First Year Poster I saw a while back on Etsy.

Cute huh?

Birth Certificate Redesign

24th April 2013

I love this redesigned UK Birth Certificate by IWANT design for ICON Magazine’s ReThink series.

Using the information found on the original birth certificate – mother, father, name, registrar – extras include birth location (with mapping co-ordinates for the digital version), time of birth, type of birth, physical attributes including weight, length, head circumference, hand and foot prints, blood type and eye and hair colour.

Astrological and astronomical details (moon cycle, ruling planet, weather), the etymology of the baby’s name, the birth flower and stone, the religion and the ruling monarch are a sweet touch. The certificates come in 4 colours to represent the season of birth and combine a mix of graphic icons and typography.

The certificate is then presented in a heavy, gloss, white envelope with the baby’s basic information embossed on the front with a wax seal. Beautiful.

This is something that would surely be displayed, rather than tucked away in an office filing cabinate.

I love design.

(via dezeen)


22nd April 2013

These acrylic stamps by Stamptastic are awesome because:

1. They’re clear which means they’re super easy to align.
2. The more you order the cheaper they become.

(Thanks Rosa)

Chalkboard Charm

17th April 2013

I discovered The Elli Blog a few days ago, and fell in love with their beautiful customisable invites, announcements and stationery.

They also have some sweet downloadable ideas (like these monogram stickers) that can be customised to match your stationery, and I love that they’re giving them away for free.


A Long Forever

15th April 2013

So excited to see the guys over at Cats Let Nothing Darken Their Roar are now doing cards and custom prints.

A Long Forever Love is awesome.


12th April 2013

This weekend… Surf.

A trip to the beach.

Naked Silhouette Alphabet

3rd April 2013

Anastasia Mastrakouli’s Naked Silhouette Alphabet is as beautiful as it graceful.

Take a look at the complete alphabet here.

(Thanks Dad)


2nd April 2013

This Smile Print by The Lepolas made me smile this morning.

Couldn’t help it!

Matthew Winters

13th March 2013

Matthew Winter’s Lightboxes = one big resounding sigh of coooooooool.

Design Indaba 2013

28th February 2013

Yes, it’s that time of year again folks, when the best of the South Africa design world come out to play at Design Indaba.

Like always I wish I had some spare cash to actually see some of the conference (Jessica Hische is speaking on Saturday) but I’m happy enough to pop down tomorrow to get inspired, and I’ll put a post together next week of all of my favourite finds.

Stay tuned!


22nd January 2013

Man, I love Tattly.

How sweet is this new addition, Smitten?


17th January 2013

I’ve having a bit of an obsession with stamps at the moment so I thought I’d share the newest in my collection.

This one was a gift from my sweet friend Chloe who picked it up in India over the Christmas holidays. I think it might have to stay on the shelf though! It’s too pretty to ink.

The handwritten alphabet was a Christmas present from my 1 year old nephew. Doesn’t he have awesome taste! I’m going to get the letters dirty this weekend and stamp him a little card…

Owl + &:
I found these guys in the sale at Typo yesterday. I especially can’t wait to use the little owl to make some miniature love notes ♥

Ink Calendar

18th December 2012

Ink Calendar is a prototype design by Oscar Diaz.

The self-updating calendar’s ink spreads a little further each day, revealing the date, until the month is completed.

Each month has a different colour based on weather perceptions and seasons ranging from greens in Spring to reds and oranges in Summer.

What a clever idea.

(Thanks Hannah)

Hello Monday

3rd December 2012

I had a mailer from Shanna Murray this morning featuring her new Holiday Collection – although I don’t think any of it is actually live on the shop yet.

In the meantime these Be Kind and Be Brave ribbons made me happy this morning.

Words to live by.

Very Good

19th November 2012

Very Good tiles by Michelle Weinberg.

Very good indeed.