28th October 2014

Do you know where marble comes from?

No, neither did I until I watched this short film by Italian film maker, Yuri Ancarani.

‘Il Capo’ (The Chief) shows the boss of a marble quarry in the Italian Apuan Alps, directing diggers as they free ginormous slabs of marble from the mountains. It’s mesmerising and beautiful.

(Thanks Dad. via Nowness)


Suzelle DIY

15th September 2014

I heart Suzelle!

I found one of Suzelle’s DIY videos this afternoon and I haven’t been able to stop watching her.

Her DIY tips are funny, inspiring and (somewhat surprisingly) useful. I’ve been laughing all afternoon!

One of my favourites – How to peel a lot of apples.

Love it.

Hong Kong • July 1st Protest

3rd July 2014

This timelapse of protesters in Hong Kong on Tuesday is really something else.

It’s strangely beautiful and very inspiring.

(Thanks Mum)


3rd February 2014

Hello friends!

I’m back!

Happy New Year (can I still say that?) happy 2014, happy February (omg) and sorry for the wait on BTN updates this year – it’s been a bit of a mad start.

Here is an inspiring and amazing video to get back into the swing of things with, found by my sweet little sister.

(Thanks Han)

Balloon Rock ‘n Roll

21st November 2013

I know it’s been a bit quiet on BTN this week, but hopefully this beautiful timelapse will make up for it.

How amazing are hot air balloons?

(via SwissMiss)


13th November 2013

4 years ago when we lived in Sydney we went to watch Murray Fredericks’ doco (as they say in Oz) Salt.

I was reminded of his work this week, and thought there could be nothing better than waking up to a selection of his absolutely exquisite images shot at Lake Eyre in South Australia.

Take a look at more here.

Happy Thursday friends! x

Adventure Is Calling

29th October 2013

Today I love this video by photographer Shane Black.

Black and 2 friends left their jobs and went travelling for 2 months – covering 32 states, 13 national and state parks, and drove nearly 13,000 miles, capturing these beautiful timelapses along the way.

Our world is pretty amazing hey?

(via Gizmondo. Thanks Dad)

Side note: I very much liked the comment on Gizmondo by Captain Jack. Take a moment to read and think about it.

GoPro HERO 3+

22nd October 2013

I’ve always been a big fan of GoPro cameras and their latest ad only makes me want one even more.

The quality is unbelievable.

Michelle Williams x Louis Vuitton

30th July 2013

Behind the scenes with Michelle William’s for Louis Vuitton.

She’s beautiful.

Afrika Burn

13th June 2013

Inspiration for 2014.

Lots of timelapse + a trek to Afrika Burn.

This is what it’s all about…

Whitney Museum

5th June 2013

This Wired article about New York’s Whitney Museum logo redesign is an interesting read.

I love it’s flexibility (the W is responsive), it’s simplicity, and that it took 2 years to complete.

Because you just can’t rush these things you know.

Gold Panda: My Father in Hong Kong 1961

4th June 2013

I’ve never even heard of British Electronic artist Gold Panda (!!) but his latest video, produced by Israeli visual artist Ronni Shendar, My Father in Hong Kong 1961 is gorgeous as is the song.

It makes me miss Hong Kong and makes me want to listen to more of his music…

(via Nowness)

Rudimental / Waiting All Night

16th April 2013

Heartbreaking, inspiring and beautifully edited together, Rudimental / Waiting All Night is a short documentary featuring Kurt Yaeger, a famous BMX rider who lost his leg in an accident.

Please take 5 minutes out to watch this … and just remember how amazing life can be if you have courage, determination and some awesome friends to pick you up along the way.

(Thanks Justin)

Johnny Neon / Hearts

3rd April 2013

Eeeek! This video for Johnny Neon’s Hearts is amazing.

Dave – the director at Cape Town production house MacDuff – spent the weekend looking after his friend’s dog Lemon … and this is what they got up to.

(Look out for the bit on the beach when Lemon shakes everywhere. Brilliant!)

(Thanks Ewa)

Death Star Canteen

28th March 2013

Have a fun Easter weekend dudes! I leave you with the amazing Eddie Izzard.

See you next week,
erin x

Holi One / Cape Town Style

22nd March 2013

…and here’s a bit of colour for your weekend!

Holi One was awesome. The best thing I’ve done by far in a long, long time.

This amazing photo was taken by Iain and the awesome video was put together by Justin.

Same time, same place next year guys?

Cold War Poland Neon

18th March 2013

Polish photographer Ilona Karwinska has been documenting Poland’s Cold War neon signage in an attempt to preserve some of the country’s history.

More of her beautiful photographs, and the fascinating stories behind the neon can be found here.

(via BBC)

iPad vs Paper

14th March 2013

There’s just some things technology can’t replace…

(Thanks mum)

What Do I Desire?

12th March 2013

What do you desire? What makes you itch?

An excerpt from an inspiring lecture by British-born philosopher, writer, and speaker Alan Watts.

“Better to have a short life doing what you like doing than a long life lived in a miserable way.”

(Thanks Matt)

Wealth Inequality In America

4th March 2013

So, I knew it was bad, but really?

This powerful (and beautifully designed) infographic showing wealth inequality in America is well worth a watch.

(Thanks Matt)


4th March 2013

We saw Goldfish play at Kirstenbosch yesterday and it was awesome.

What a BEAUTIFUL place to have a show (and I can’t believe we didn’t go to a Summer Concert before!) Yikes.


22nd February 2013

TGIF (and I’ve got a long weekend away!)

Have a good one y’all. See you Tuesday x

(via swissmiss)

The Joy Of Air

20th February 2013

Love this short film by Bryan Smith, with words by Fitz Cahall.

Take flight, take flight
Believe in days
Unchecked by night
And middays kissed by moonlight
Dare to imagine
Dare to care
A dream built upon nothing more than air

PS. Sorry I disappeared for a few days!

Namibian Nights

11th February 2013

This gorgeous timelapse is for my awesome friends living out in the Namibian bush x

(Thanks Dad)


7th February 2013

British musician Bonobo has enlisted the genius of regular B3TAN Cyriak for his new video Cirrus. It’s beautiful (in a weird and wonderful way) and if you haven’t already seen it, also check out Cyriak’s Cows & Cows & Cows video which is awesome.

Black Sands is one of my all time favourite albums and judging by Cirrus, The North Borders will also be amazing.

The other exciting news is that the Roundhouse and Ninja Tunes are presenting a Bonobo curated all day event, with a new live show by Bonobo on May 18th … and we just happen to be in London. Booked. Hooray!