Where Love Is Illegal

3rd June 2015

All will be revealed tomorrow…

Where Love Is Illegal | Launching 4th June 2015


GIF Me A Break

21st August 2013

Si just forwarded me the most awesome Tumblr ever.

Jony Ive Redesigns Things

13th June 2013

The Jony Ive Redesigns Things Tumblr made me laugh out loud this morning.

(Thanks S!)

Kate Moross

7th June 2013

The Love Book design by Kate Moross made me feel all colourful and happy this morning.

New & Improved Flickr

23rd May 2013

We started using Flickr right before we left London in 2007 to go travelling, and it’s been my friend ever since.

Photojojo’s Timecapsule is just one of the reasons it’s so amazing – every 2 weeks we get an update of photos from the same time last year which is beyond cool. You can also send messages to yourself in the future.

Anyway, this week Yahoo launched their new and improved site and I have to say I love it. Admitedly I haven’t had a good play yet, but I love the layout and being able to view all of our photos in one long stream.

Flickr, you will forever have my heart (along with 7000 of our most favourite photos that I will continue to add too). xx

Here Is Today

30th April 2013

Here Is Today by British designer Luke Twyman is a very cool little site.

Have a play here…

To Do Lists

29th April 2013

This post is not really about Wunderlist vs TeuxDeux. It’s more about how sad I am that the folks at Teux Deux are now charging a subscription for their list making service.

I’ve been using TeuxDeux (the simple and beautiful brainchild of swissmiss) for a couple of years now. I started off on the web app, loved how simple it was to use and bought the iPhone app as soon as it was released. Recently they did some updates (great) and with them now comes a subscription fee (not great). They are offering 3 and 6 months free if you’re a previous TeuxDeux user, but after that it’ll cost you $3/month or $2/month if you pay for a year up front.

Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s a great app and I was more than happy to pay $2.99 for the iPhone app, however the prospect of being tied into a subscription for the privilege of list making does not get me excited and so last week I signed up to Wunderlist.

It’s not as simple or pretty as TeuxDeux, but it works well and pretty much does the same thing for free. I’ll give it a go and see how I get on … and if all else fails I think I’ll just go back to plain old fashioned list writing in my moleskine.

Maria Sibylla Merian

2nd April 2013

Today’s Google Doodle celebrates the 366th birthday of Maria Sibylla Merian, the German scientific illustrator and naturalist, known for her exquisite documentation of the metamorphosis of the butterfly and her studies in Suriname between 1699 – 1701.


Maps GL

27th March 2013

Maps GL is Google’s map technology using Web GL (which is a javascript library) to allow transitions between 3D scenes and photographs.

It’s pretty awesome and let’s you get up close and personal to all kinds of places you might otherwise never see.

All you need to do is enable Maps GL on your Google Maps and then take a photo tour of a place you want to explore.


Michael Elion

13th March 2013

Michael Elion is the South African artist who hung a gigantic, crystal covered heart between 2 palm trees in Camps Bay last year. It went up just in time for our wedding and featured in almost all of our guests photos at some point!

He’s also the artist who created a man-made rainbow in the middle of the city for Creative Cape Town.

This morning I saw a photo of him in a cherry picker hanging crystals from street poles. I’m guessing it was outside The Dog’s Bollocks as the photos were by yard_ct on Instagram. I’ll go and find them on the weekend and report back with pictures.


11th March 2013

Oooo, I think I’m going to reserve myself one of these awesome Instacubes.

Design Indaba 2013

28th February 2013

Yes, it’s that time of year again folks, when the best of the South Africa design world come out to play at Design Indaba.

Like always I wish I had some spare cash to actually see some of the conference (Jessica Hische is speaking on Saturday) but I’m happy enough to pop down tomorrow to get inspired, and I’ll put a post together next week of all of my favourite finds.

Stay tuned!


12th February 2013

I’m excited to finally share a site I designed last year with y’all, and although it’s a little more corporate than my usual BringMeJoy stuff I’d like to think it’s still rather pretty? Comments on a postcard please…

Check out the full Oresa site here.

(Kudos to the talented code-guru NickFrost for his unwavering enthusiasm and coding expertise on this project x)

How Google Was Made

21st January 2013

This video by Alex Koloskov and Genia Larionova is amazing.

It’s a short and super sweet look at an awesome design process.

(Thanks Kerry)

Google Doodle / 9th January

9th January 2013

Love today’s Google Doodle.

Happy 150th birthday to the London Underground!

‘Tis The Season For Get Togethers

19th December 2012

Aw! I love Wallace and Gromit!

This Google+ Hangouts ad is cute and Christmassy.


Found SEO App

17th December 2012

My amazing husband’s company has just released Found SEO, a free app to help identify common SEO errors and potential SEO issues that may affect your site’s ranking.

It’s simple, sleek and extremely useful. Canonicalisation (I’d never heard of it before either!) meta-data, links, the works!

Download it from the App Store here.


5th December 2012

WeLove is a new online community that allows users to share and review interesting places and various niches in a city.

There’s a free app that’s used to rate or love a place or niche – whether it’s coffee, street art, sushi joints, artisan beer brewers or delicious places for breakfast, and every time you love or rate a location (or someone loves or rates a location you’ve added) you collect points. The more points you collect, the more influential you become.

It’s still quite a new startup and currently only available for Cape Town and Jo’burg, but I have a feeling they’re going to be huge.


Drowning World

30th November 2012

Drowning World is a long-term photographic and video project exploring the global impact of flooding by photographer Gideon Mendal.

His somewhat controversial decision to release a selection of his Nigerian flood images on Instagram, alongside his more traditional images, means his photographs were available to a huge audience and created (with help from Twitter) an immediate awareness of the crisis.

It’s an interesting idea and one Mendal talks about in his interview with the BBC. To see more of his Instagram images, follow him on Twitter @gideonmendel.

(via BBC)


29th November 2012

This Printstagram 2013 Calendar is rocking my world.

The question is can I take another 256 Instagram photos between now and the 17th December to ensure delivery before Christmas?



26th September 2012

I know I’m a little bit late with this one, but I’ve just started to use Instagram properly and I love it!

Google Hurdles Game

7th August 2012

Oh! Google Doodle Hurdles rock! Have a play before it goes at … yep, you guessed it: www.google.com.

Medal Count

2nd August 2012

Medal Count is an awesome site by Animal that lets you keep track of Medals for the Olympics.

It has a nifty little interface, you can add your 4 most favourite countries onto your watch list (come on Hong Kong!) and they’ve even included a schedule of what’s on so you don’t miss anything. I like!

(via TheFoxIsBlack)

Google’s Olympic Spirit

27th July 2012