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29th April 2013

This post is not really about Wunderlist vs TeuxDeux. It’s more about how sad I am that the folks at Teux Deux are now charging a subscription for their list making service.

I’ve been using TeuxDeux (the simple and beautiful brainchild of swissmiss) for a couple of years now. I started off on the web app, loved how simple it was to use and bought the iPhone app as soon as it was released. Recently they did some updates (great) and with them now comes a subscription fee (not great). They are offering 3 and 6 months free if you’re a previous TeuxDeux user, but after that it’ll cost you $3/month or $2/month if you pay for a year up front.

Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s a great app and I was more than happy to pay $2.99 for the iPhone app, however the prospect of being tied into a subscription for the privilege of list making does not get me excited and so last week I signed up to Wunderlist.

It’s not as simple or pretty as TeuxDeux, but it works well and pretty much does the same thing for free. I’ll give it a go and see how I get on … and if all else fails I think I’ll just go back to plain old fashioned list writing in my moleskine.

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  1. rena

    you know some people work hard to get these things made so we need to help them out:)

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